Sunday, June 29

'objective' journalism

They are at it again: In the name of doing more damage to the Bush Administration, the NYT is doing more damage to America, by outing the al Qaeda hunt in Pakistan, code-name Operation Cannonball.

The clear editorial position of this supposed 'hard news' piece from Mark Mazzetti and David Rohde comes in the 13th paragraph: We haven't gotten bin Laden because of Iraq. It was a distraction, resources were diverted, blah, blah, blah. Stupid Liberal crap!

Meanwhile, I'm sure the families of our special op's forces appreciate this 'objective' reporting from the Bush hating, America hating, military hating NYT.

Does anybody not think the American military is actively searching for senior al Qaeda members? Not a day has passed since 9/12/01 that we haven't been scouring the planet looking for bin Laden.

Mazzetti and Rohde even engage in Monday Morning Quarterbacking, the pastime of cowards and whiners, discussing how "Bush didn't push Musharaf" hard enough, forgetting that Musharaf has been ducking bullets since even before Bush took office.

They even quote Richard Armitage, the Administration's former point man on Pakistan. Remember Armitage? He's the guy who actually did OUT Valerie Plame, NOT Scotter Libby. Armitage, re: current American policy in Pakistan, says "We're kind of drifting." Way to be a team player, Dick.


Anonymous Andrew C said...

If the New York Times can be judged by any measure at all, let's take a look at their business sense.

NYT editorializes against the War in Iraq, counting the days since Bush declared victory on the deck of the USS.Abraham Lincoln. Their stock falls.

NYT supports John Kerry for President, for all the wrong reasons. Kerry loses. Their stock falls.

NYT reveals the money following techniques of the intelligence community, and then reveals the wiretapping that has kept us safe from terrorists (and helped bag a few) since Bloody Tuesday. Their stock falls.

NYT rejoices at the 'thumping' handed to Bush in the 2006 midterms. Gas prices begin their upward creep, after having settled and stabilized from the Katrina mess. Their stock falls.

NYT fires a cadre of conservative writers. Their stock falls.

NYT becomes little more than a bulletin board for elitist liberals. Their stock falls.

Judging by their business performance, I'd say these clowns have no business reading, much less reporting, the news.

5:31 PM  
Blogger Kent said...

I enjoy the New York Times for arts and entertainment, but the political reporting has one goal: Smear George W. Bush.

Every story in the 'A' section and 97% of the editorial pages libel the President and the Administration.

10:18 AM  

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