Thursday, June 12

today's supreme court decision

Today's 5-4 Supreme Court decision granting hearings to Gitmo detainees is a huge victory to the enemies of America. It is not, as every media report is gleefully reporting, "a blow to Bush." And that's really what this comes down to in the final analysis. A bunch of hateful Liberals wanting to prove that Bush has been a failure, when, in fact, he's been exactly the opposite.

Newsflash: We're winning the war. And we've won Iraq.

Predictably, Justice Anthony Kennedy, the European sympathizer, provided the swing vote that ascribed rights to non citizens, potentially signed the death warrant of 280 million Americans.

Which will make it easier, as opposed to harder, for terrorists to do what they do. And that is the intended consequence of this decision. I'm not saying that Stevens, Breyer, Ginsberg, Souter and AK desire tragedy to befall the United States. But their ideology led them to this choice. And that ideology subscribes to the notion of a weaker Commander in Chief. Their ideology despises George W. Bush and believes all of his policies to be illegitimate.

The country is the big loser here, as a result of judicial activism, which is another great reason to vote for John McCain. The next president very likely will replace three Justices on the Court.


OpenID Alex said...

Gave you a chance, based on the blurb, but right-wing wacko it is. Restoring the freedom and the rule of law in the US is not about hurting Bush, it's about finally getting our balls back and acting like Americans instead of running around undoing two hundred years of liberties because we're scared of a handful of terrorists. I am sick of terrorist appeasers turning this country into an echo of the middle easy by removing our liberties and sense of fair play, something that used to be a hallmark of America around the world.

9:13 AM  
Blogger Kent said...

Fair doesn't, or shouldn't, come into the equation, Alex. Life isn't fair and neither is war.

How does granting habeas corpus to non-American citizens "get our balls back"? It makes America weaker, not stronger.

Your comment doesn't address the decision or my post. The Left wing members of the Supreme Court did not decide to "restore the freedom and the rule of law in the US," they decided to allow foreign terrorists access to American courts and American lawyers.

Granting "due process" to non citizens. A dark day in our history, indeed. A day that will come back to haunt us.

10:28 AM  

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