Sunday, August 31

st. paul

The GOP convention is going to have to take on a different tone.

Bush and Cheney have announced that they are skipping Monday night to manage the federal response to Gustav.

My guess is that McCain will be making his acceptance speech via satellite from Louisiana while Palin holds down the fort in Minnesota.

direct hit?

Looks like New Orleans. At least they have Bobby Jindal now.

Gustav is a reported 900 miles wide. Katrina was only 400 miles across. I think we might look back a week from now and say that Katrina was a warm up act for Gustav.

More about Jindal. The organization and readiness of state government is a sharp contrast to the ineptness of Blanco, Nagin and the Democrats.

Not only have they been shuttling residents out of town via bus, they've also provided kennels for animals. They structured a electronic bracelet system to keep track of residents once they arrive in Memphis and Shreveport.

This is a far cry from former Gov. Blanco taking a nap while FEMA was urging mandatory evacuations. A far cry from the failure by Louisiana Democrats three years ago to call in the National Guard.

People take this seriously now.

Friday, August 29

category 4?

CNN is openly rooting for a hurricane -- and they are hyping it as a Category 4 storm -- to hit New Orleans so they can do a replay of Katrina. They keep running it... 'A Nation's Shame.'

What is shameful is that Democrats Ray Nagin and Kathleen Blanco never have taken responsibility for their failures before, during and after Katrina.

And not only did President Bush cover for Nagin and Blanco, he took the heat for their failings. That's never been reported, either.

miss alaska

Read Time Magazine's interview with Gov. Palin here.

'blackberries and breast pumps'

Great interview with the McCain's and the Palin's in People Magazine.


Governor Palin has 16 years more executive experience than Barack Obama. It's funny to now hear Democrats suddenly concerned about the nation at war. And suddenly the Vice Presidency 'really matters,' even though it's never mattered until now.

I'll remind stupid Liberals who believe Sarah Palin isn't qualified that she's plenty qualified. Not only has she run a town and America's biggest state, she's overseen a budget larger than some countries, she commands Alaska's National Guard, she's been to Iraq, run a commercial fishing operation and her state shares a border with Russia. And then there's the part about ANWR and energy, of which she knows a little something about.

She's more qualified to be President than Obama and Biden.

The Wall Street Journal agrees:
"Governor Palin's credentials as an agent of reform exceed Barack Obama's. Mr. Obama rose through the Chicago Democratic machine without a peep of push-back. Alaska's politics are deeply inbred and backed by energy-industry money. Mr. Obama slid past the kind of forces that Mrs. Palin took head on. This is one reason her selection -- despite its campaign risks -- seems to have been so well received by Republicans yesterday. They are looking for a new generation of leaders."


What to do about the Convention? What about Gustav?

Apparently the GOP is considering a delay on the festivities, scheduled to begin Monday.

It could strike anyplace in the Gulf of Mexico between Florida and Texas.

two mavericks

Alaska Governor, and the next Vice President of the United States, Sarah Palin.

She hunts,
Ice fishes,
Plays hockey,
Cuts budgets and pork projects,
She is a former sportscaster,
And a lifetime member of the NRA,
A mother of five, including a Down's Syndrome child.
She is an exciting choice, a reformer, a maverick.

The timing and release of this information, at a time of their choosing, highlights the tremendous discipline and political acumen of the McCain campaign.

RFL Flashback: Here's what I said about Palin back on May 30.

Thursday, August 28


Look what's happened to Liberal talk show blabbermouth Bernie Ward.

There is justice in the world.



The best McCain ad yet.

mile high (live)

I'm one of the Magic Negro's minions here. I'm watching his acceptance speech with the 80,000 people in Denver.

Barack Obama says eight years is enough. 'Eight Is Enough' is a long gone, dead and canceled television series thirty years ago. Like Jimmy Carter. But let's talk about these past eight years under President Bush.

Eight years of safety. Eight years of tax cuts. Eight years of economic prosperity. Versus what? A community organizer?

Judgment? Sorry Barack, your judgment sucks. Reverend Wright. Bill Ayers. The Surge.

Sorry Barack, government 'sitting on its hands...' with regard to Katrina, without calling into question the deficiency of Louisiana Democrats? Nope. Won't fly here.

Democrats love to refer to themselves as ' progressive,' yet, they stand in the way of progress on social security, on education, energy independence -- although you claimed tonight you'll do it in 10 years -- and illegal immigration.

McCain's been in Congress for 25 years. Yeah, so what? Biden's been in Congress for 35 years.

Handouts, handouts, handouts. I'm going to start calling Barack Karl Marx.

Oh, really? 'Some of the proposals will cost money'? Really?

Fulfilling America's Promise? Or handing out freebies to everyone?

And you claim you are going to cut taxes? How can you cut taxes when you propose to double capital gains taxes?

Debate? You've been ducking McCain all summer.

Iraq was 'a distraction'? Really? Is that why all the terrorists were in Iraq?

Hey -- watch out. I actually agree with Barack here. Iraq is sitting on $79 billion of oil wealth, they should reimburse us.

The agreement stops there.

I don't remember much in the way of foreign policy stuff in this speech, something about 'McCain not following bin Laden into a cave,' which is ridiculous considering that the Democrats allowed bin Laden to become what he became, but along the way tonight, Obama said that McCain 'doesn't get it.' What Democrats don't get is that national security trumps economics.

Let's be real. While George Bush, Dick Cheney and the Republicans have protected Americans and America from Jihad, Obama and his Democrats have undermined the President and Vice President, undermined the troops, the war effort and leaked national security secrets to our enemies.

Obama is an attractive candidate, but he's recklessly unqualified, morbidly bereft of specificity, and amazingly arrogant in his approach to the world's highest elective office.

President McCain.

Post mortem: The AP says "Obama Spares Details," in acceptance speech.

well done

One thing I never expected from McCain: Amazing advertising.

Every single spot is better than the last. Irreverent, relevant, prescient and now incredibly gracious.

John McCain congratulating Obama on becoming becoming the first African American presidential nominee is beyond gracious.

Such graciousness won't go unnoticed by Blue Dogs and Independents.

Win or lose, McCain is a class act. Something the Democrats know nothing about.

beyond the rhetoric

Expect to hear plenty of lies tonight from Obama. On taxes. On energy. On foreign policy. And on McCain.

And while Obama pretends to be president, remember that most votes in the Senate are unanimous, meaning Obama voted with McCain 90% of the time.


I'm hoping President McCain picks Vice President Tim Pawlenty.

stiff arm strategies

Obama, as of late, deals with adversity 'the Chicago way,' with a bit of thuggery. Some examples:

ABC News producer Asa Eslocker was arrested yesterday for taking pictures of so-called 'Democratic' Senators and donors leaving a private meeting at a downtown Denver hotel.

Stanley Kurtz, (pictured above) a center right journalist has been doing what journalists once did, snooping around. And for that, the Obama campaign is targeting him...

... While strong arming television stations and asking the Justice Department to prevent the airing of a commercial produced by the American Issues Project that links Obama to Ayers.

Those tolerant Liberals. They really champion the right of freedom of speech.

barack and britney

The ostentatious Greek revival/curved, columned White House-looking portico stage on which Obama will accept the so-called 'Democratic' nomination tonight? It was built by the same people who built the stage for Britney Spears' most recent tour.
"We've done Britney's sets and a whole bunch of rock shows, but this was far more elaborate and complicated and we had to do it in far less time," said staging supervisor Bobby Allen, of RDA Entertainment."
The McCain campaign is suggesting people wear togas to the event tonight. Classic. I'm glad President McCain has such a great sense of humor, otherwise this would be really annoying.

'better than expected'

The Democrats are lying to you about the economy.

Not only is the economy fine, as John McCain says it is, GDP (the best barometer of economic health) increased 3.3% this spring.

The economy is good, albeit slowing. It's not as good as it was, but still good. And saying it is bad is, well, a lie.

Wednesday, August 27

bloody noses

Joe Biden is an okay guy. Like everyone else, he has his shortcomings. But nothing is in jeopardy in America.

Sorry, Joe. You used to stutter and you overcame that. Good for you.

You overcame the death of your wife and daughter. Good for you.

But your opinions and actions, in the aggregate, have been wrong, Senator.

You opposed the 1991 Gulf War to liberate Kuwait. You were wrong about that. You have been wrong about Iraq in recent memory. Had we listened to you, we would have lost Iraq. We wouldn't have had the Surge, we wouldn't have victory in Iraq now.

Quite frankly, Joe, now you are Obama's running mate, you are a whore, much the same way Joe Lieberman was a Gore-whore in 2000.

Despite your acceptance speech, Joe, Obama will not allow us to be energy independent. That's a crock.

Despite your acceptance speech, our country is not less safe, Joe. If that were true we would have been attacked since 9/11. That hasn't happened. So, by that standard alone, the Bush Presidency has been a success.

'We'll be able to lead again'? Joe, I don't know what parallel world you inhabit, but we ARE leading. In case you haven't noticed the world follows our lead.

The fact that you allow your wife, your son, your mother and your grand kids to be used as props in this circus, tells us all that we need to be know about you, Senator.


Bill Clinton talked about his supposed successes tonight.

But Somalia, Haiti, genocide in Rhwanda, Bosnia... All were huge failures of the first two years of Bill Clinton.

Clinton also had the chance to sign the Kyoyto Treaty. He declined.

What about 9/11? Clinton was President while Osama bin Laden set up terrorist training camps in Afghanistan.

Bill Clinton, the 'successful President,' who failed America, who weakened America, who left America vulnerable, who is responsible for 9/11.

Why does anybody care what this hick from Arkansas has to say? After Jimmy Carter, he was the worst President in American history.

President McCain.

audacity alert

Now Obama fancies himself to be a Greek god?

I think when we look back on campaign '08, Obama's acceptance speech is going to be remembered as a turning point for the McCain victory.

this weekend

Kay Bailey Hutchison?


Obama didn't know that Russia has a UN Security Council veto.

In my mind, this should disqualify him from the presidency.

orange pantsuit

Hillary Clinton has never been better than she was last night. She sounded genuine, strong, passionate, committed, determined.

It was a great speech, there was no pressure and she had nothing to lose.

How bad does this hurt Barack?

Apparently, Clinton thinks enough of the Magic Negro to endorse him, but she failed to tell us why.

Is it because of his experience? Is it because of his character? Is it because of his deep and longstanding commitment to a signature issue?

She told us none of those things, leaving me to wonder if her speech last night wasn't just more Clinton political theatre, positioning herself early for 2012?

Yeah, she's voting for McCain.


Illegal aliens are living in fear that they might be deported? Good.

It's about time.

Tuesday, August 26

our pal hillary

What to wear, what to wear...


Gallup has McCain up two percentage points post Biden.


I dig John McCain and all, but I sure as hell wish he'd stop talking about Vietnam and his years as a POW. We got it. We respect it. We know all about it.

Please Senator McCain, let others speak of heroism, your valor. Don't turn into John Kerry on us. Please.

st. louis?

Watching Ted Kennedy last night in Denver I couldn't help but think about Mary Jo Kopechne and Chappaquiddick.

I suspect that Teddy, now on the downside of his life sick with cancer, probably thinks about her quite a bit, too.

But at least Kennedy knew where he was last night. The same cannot be said for Barack Obama.

Monday, August 25

hunter biden

Did you hear OBiden's son is a lobbyist?

How rich is that?

more biden

Fred Barnes, a guy I respect, says this about OBiden:
"Mr. Biden was instantly credited with the ability to appeal to white working-class voters who voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries but have balked at backing Mr. Obama. It's been nearly three months since Mr. Obama locked up the Democratic nomination, and those voters haven't budged.

"I doubt if Mrs. Clinton could persuade many of them to vote for Mr. Obama even if she were the vice presidential candidate. But Mr. Biden, whose presidential candidacies in 1988 and 2008 attracted embarrassingly little support, won't have a chance. He's never demonstrated any ability to influence the presidential choice of voters."
And remember I commented briefly on Biden's hair? Lo and behold if there isn't a Avi Zenilman piece at about that very same, uh, thing.
"It is a fraying, combed-back helmet that barely covers a longtime fact of Washington life: The senator from Delaware has taken steps to pre-empt baldness.

The most common hypothesis is that he received a hair transplant, where follicles from the bushier back of the head are grafted onto fading spots closer to the front of the dome."

When he had darker hair it was pretty obvious, he had larger plugs,” said Dr. Michael Beehner, medical director of the Saratoga Hair Transplant Center in New York. “With the lightening of his hair, it looks much, much better now.”

"The stylists Politico spoke to, while not enamored with Biden’s haircut, thought the work had turned out well.

“I think he should darken the hair on the top of his head,” e-mailed Christina, a stylist who generally works with celebrities. “One of the reasons being, with it being lighter than the rest of the hair it makes it appear to be thinner.”

“In my view, his haircut and style do not complement his squarish face shape,” added Sky Vega, a stylist in New York. “A forward comb with a serrated fringe would soften that.”

tension so thick...

So they aren't unified?

The Obama and Clinton camps are still slugging it out, according to Politico. And many Clinton advisors are leaving Denver early, before Obama's acceptance speech on Thursday night with Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen.

It seems that the Obama people are angry that the Clinton people are fanning the flames about Hillary not being vetted to be Veep, even though she told Obama not to vet her if he wasn't going to seriously consider her. And the Clinton people are mad that the Obama people aren't being more accomodating.

An Obama supporter compared it to "Japanese soldiers in the South Pacific still fighting after the war is over.

And egomaniac Bill Clinton wanted one more shot at reinventing history about the roaring economy of the 1990's (you know, the one he had absolutely nothing to do with?) instead of jumping aboard the Obama express.

Yes, the theme Wednesday night is "Securing America's Future," the night convention speakers will seek to advance the notion that Obama would be a better commander in chief than John McCain. (Good luck with that.)

Meanwhile, "large numbers of Clinton backers — 30 percent in a recent ABC/Washington Post poll — are still not backing Obama over McCain."

on leave

Michelle Obama is currently on leave from her $317,000 a year job as Vice President of the University of Chicago Medical Center, where part of her job duties were to administer a program called the Urban Health Initiative, which steers the uninsured away from the hospital's emergency room.

Other Obama campaign staffers also have worked on this program, including chief strategist David Axelrod and Obama friend Valerie Jarrett.

Those Democrats. They really look out for the little guy, don't they?

tall grass and fairies

Remember those huge wildfires that hit San Diego last October? Almost a year later, people are moving on and rebuilding their lives and homes. And guess what is is regrowing? The brush and tall weeds that feed those wildfires.

San Diego city government wants to tear down additional brush but they can't and do you know why? Because it is nesting season for the California gnatcatcher, an endangered bird.

Also here in San Diego, endangered fairy shrimp are delaying the opening of a new school for as long as year. The school "must either be redesigned to avoid damaging the vernal pools where the shrimp live or land must be bought elsewhere to conserve the tiny crustaceans' habitat."

This environmental crap, this insane Liberalism, has gotten way out of control.

Sunday, August 24

sunday morning

I think this is huge. We've heard it before but its well worth hearing it again. John McCain was the guy who said we needed more troops in Iraq. He said we needed a surge. And he wrote a private letter to President Bush. And in that letter he wrote "The question is one of will more than capacity. If we are not willing to provide the troops necessary for victory, however, victory will be impossible."

That is the widsom, the depth of experience of John McCain. He was right. He made a tough call, a politically risky calculation for the sake of being right. For the sake of winning a military conflict. For the sake of national security and national pride.

In stark contrast, there is the other side. The Democrats voted for the war, then claimed to be misled about it. They support the troops, they say, yet they seek to de-fund the troops of weapons, ammunition, vehicles and other vital tools of their trade. They support the troops, they say, yet they accuse them of being baby killers and rapists and cold blooded killers and torturers. They opposed the McCain surge, saying it would fail. And after it worked they called the General in charge of the surge a liar. They seek to win elections at any cost, national security be damned, national pride at Jimmy Carter malaise-like levels.

When confronted with hard questions, McCain gives quick, decisive answers. He doesn't do nuance. Life begins at conception. Agree or disagree, he doesn't waver. He thinks what he thinks and know what he knows. Does evil exist in the world and how should we respond to it? It exists and it must be defeated. He doesn't want the government to take people's money. He wants taxes low, personal responsibility high, energy independence now and school choice for everyone.

The Democrats are all nuance. All they do is talk. They don't know the answers to the hard questions so they punt, they fumble around, afraid of offending the electorate. When does human life begin? That's above their pay grade. They don't think, they feel. And what they don't feel, they don't know. Does evil exist in the world and how should we respond to it? It exists in the poll tested arenas of child abuse and Darfur, (but not in the form of radical Islamic extremism) and it is God's task to deal with it. They want taxes high so that everybody can lay claim to being a victim, as they prevent the usage of natural resources and keep kids trapped in failing schools just to keep the unions happy.

That just about sums it up, don't you think?

Saturday, August 23

also ran, part iv

I watched a little bit of the Biden roll out from Springfield, IL and Obama looked and sounded a bit frazzled, even self conscious. Barack wasn't his usual cool, swaggering self. He even introduced his new running mate as 'the next President of the United States.'

The AP's Ron Fournier writes that 'the pick of Biden is status quo, not change,' and he's coming under attack from the nuts on the Left. DorkyKos is calling him 'McCain's mole at the AP.'

It's an understatement to say that Biden is an insider, an establishment figure, and he's really the exact opposite of Cheney, who was working in the private sector when tapped by Bush in '00.

also ran, part iii

The case against Joe Biden.

also ran, part ii

'It is a measure of how badly things have gone the last month for the Obama campaign,' Time Magazine says, explaining the choice of Biden for VP.

also ran

Even the AP is ripping Biden, calling him a 'long winded orator.'

And it's pointed out quite early in the story that he's a senior citizen who has pursued the presidency 'twice before.'

They rip Biden for 'lifting lines from a speech' of a British politician in 1988.

They rip the 'failure' of the Obama campaign 'to deliver on the promise' of informing supporters 'first' via text message of the VP choice. The much-hyped text finally, and mercifully, went out this morning at 3 AM, long after the story broke.

Wow. The piece even quotes the McCain campaign citing Biden's past comments about Obama lacking presidential qualifications, as well as his disinterest in being vice president.

The tone of the reportage is negative, like he's a turkey. Is the MSM disappointed? Did they want a sexier choice?

Friday, August 22

down 5.4%

Oil is down to 2004 levels.


... Okay, now the buzz is that it's Joe Biden. Supposedly lots of activity at his house tonight and apparently a private plane flew from Chicago to Delaware today.

If true, good choice for Obama. Biden would be his Cheney. (Though Biden doesn't hold a candle to Cheney on intelligence or integrity.) Obama-Biden also gives the GOP a tantalyzing target. Remember, Biden has ripped Obama for being naïve on his world view, saying famously an American president doesn't need 'on the job training.'

Politicians are forced to eat their words all the time because political realities change. But other Biden comments are going to come back to haunt him if he indeed is the choice.

On McCain: 'He's a personal friend. I'd be honored to run with him or against him because I think the country would be better off.'

On Obama: 'I doubt whether American voters are going to elect a one-term guy who has only served four years in the Senate.'

This guy knows a thing or two about foreign policy. Not that he's correct about much, except he agreed with McCain on Iraq.

Biden frequently sticks his foot in his mouth and says offensive things. He said last year that he wouldn't accept the VP slot if offered, preferring to stay in the Senate as Chairman of the Foreign Relations committee. And that hair! Holy crap! All one length, he sweeps it back to form a whale tail in the back. It looks ridiculous. Like that boob Joe Wilson. Same haircut.

An Obama-Biden ticket is going to be a gaffe machine. He talks too much and will likely cost the Democrats several 24 hour news cycles. I can't wait. Should be muy fun!

snooze fest

If true, this is one boring, safe, predictable choice. I was wondering if a printing vendor might not slip up at the last minute.

For starters, as I opined a few weeks ago, it sounds bad phonetically: 'Obama-Bi.' What a winning ticket this isn't. (Hell, 'McCain-Pawlenty' doesn't sound all that hot, either, but McCain's choice is almost guaranteed to be more interesting than this.)

Evan Bayh? He's a dorky white dude. He's kind of effeminate, he's a terrible debater, he's no bulldog, he's a little lamb. The Vice Presidential debate, depending on McCain's choice, might be like the Cheney-Lieberman debate back in '00, remember that?

Lieberman, orthodox Jew, waxing on national television about how his wife wanted him to retire from politics and then Cheney delivered the death blow by saying: 'I'm here to help you do that, Joe.'

Yes, I know VP's selections don't usually matter all that much. Yes, I know VP selections rarely make any discernable difference. Some VP selections don't help, Dukakis-Bentson, for instance. Even some VP selections hurt, Bush-Quayle comes to mind.

Whomever becomes Obama's running mate, it will be a bad choice (and losing ticket) if said running mate doesn't have foreign policy experience. If Obama really wants to be taken seriously, he's got to convey that he knows there are tough times ahead for the 44th President in terms of Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, China and fanatical Muslim terrorism.

I suppose the gold standard will always be Bush-Cheney, but Obama Bayh?

I think I can hear the faint sound of crickets. More on this later...


The credentials for the DNC convention reportedly feature a photo of Obama over an upside down American flag.

How disgusting. How tasteless. How par for the course for today's so-called 'Democratic' party. An upside down flag is the international symbol for distress. Some Democrats might believe the nation is in distress.

To the extent that the United States is in a state of distress, the Democrats are the primary culprits, from spending, assisting terrorists, preventing the utilization of our natural resources, failing schools, advocating double and triple taxation on everything, illegal immigration, right on down the line, on issue after issue, the Democrats are to blame for every single thing wrong about America today.

But none of that stuff is distressing to Reid or Pelosi or to Obama. What is distressing to them is that John McCain is winning.

jonah goldberg cracks me up

Stating the obvious, cultural Liberals don't win American Presidential elections.

And dogs generally don't like grapes.

maybe not

Obama's 'Yes We Can' has suddenly become 'Uh, We Might Not.' And why? Because at long last people have started paying attention.

That 'attention' thing was bound to be a big problem for Barack. Up to a few weeks ago he could claim that he'd visited all 57 states and it didn't matter.

Now, when he praises Chinese infrastructure as being superior to America's and compares the Russian invasion of Georgia to the liberation of Iraq, people realize his comments don't pass the smell test.

Great piece from The Times of London on the Magic Negro's dramatic tumble.

Damn stupid Republicans keep winning the Presidency.

Thursday, August 21


A conservative 527 group, The American Issue Project has produced a television spot about the Obama-William Ayers relationship. writes about the ad and posts a dead link to the group's website. How's that for great reporting?

Check out the ad here.

obama steps in it

In a callow attempt to change the subject from infanticide, Obama and the Democrats are trying to make a big deal out of a surging-in-the-polls McCain not knowing the specifics of the various homes and rental properties he and his wife own.

Does anybody give a rats? Four years ago, Kerry couldn't remember the exact number of cars he owned and nobody cared.

McCain apparently owns seven houses and they have a combined worth of $13 million. That's chump change, but I still don't care. Is this the best that Axelrod and company can do? Is this all they've got?

If Obama really wants to continue this conversation on home ownership I suspect that those of us on the right would welcome it. Bring it, bitches. Four words: Convicted felon Tony Rezko.

Said the McCain campaign:
"Does a guy who made more than $4 million last year, just got back from vacation on a private beach in Hawaii and bought his own million-dollar mansion with the help of a convicted felon really want to get into a debate about houses? Does a guy who worries about the price of arugula and thinks regular people 'cling' to guns and religion in the face of economic hardship really want to have a debate about who’s in touch with regular Americans?"
And this is supposed to be "payback" from the Democrats over the way the GOP treated Kerry four years ago? How juvenile is that? Are we back on the playground? Are we all six years old again?

A bunch of babies. Oh, and I heard Obama's tired of campaigning. He just wants to move into the White House tomorrow. Sorry Barry, that ain't how it works.

Wednesday, August 20

typical democrats

Obama's campaign is giving money to criminals to advance his campaign in Philadelphia? So reports The Next Right.

dude is fast

This guy is unbelievable.


The Democrats are now advocating that the United States 'delay' the building of a missile defense system in Eastern Europe -- just like they advocated the very same thing in the Reagan years, which led to the end of the Cold War.

Are we to conclude -- again -- that the foolish Democrats don't want the United States protect itself or our allies from attack? Straight talk, I think they are.

They were wrong then and they are wrong now. About everything. And they actually wonder why we call them anti-American.


Damn the Freedom of Information Act, the University of Illinois @ Chicago won't release the records purportedly detailing an extensive personal relationship between Obama and the domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

This is a massive cover-up. If McCain refused to release documents the MSM would crucify him and the election would be over before it had even started.


I was just talking to a friend of mine who told me that "we really need to do something" to end Russia's illegal occupation of Georgia.

My response? We are. It's called inking a missile defense shield deal with Poland.


McCain +5 in new polls today and it's all about straight talk.

Straight talk about drilling and energy, about how to handle evil in the world, about the economy and taxes and education. Straight talk about things that matter.

Americans aren't electing a vacilator-in-chief, we are electing an intelligent, capable person to lead us.

joe, tim and evan

Biden, Kaine or Bayh. Mmmm...

Biden would be fun. He says a lot of stupid stuff. He plagarizes things. He calls President Bush "Boss." He's a loose cannon, so if Obama taps him, it'll be comedy.

Kaine is a bit more experienced than the Magic Negro, but not much. Obviously the Obama campaign, if they pick Kaine, would be telegraphing that they need to capture Virginia to win.

Bayh is a laid back, uninspired bore, but his family apparently owns Indiana and he's a moderate reach-across-the-aisle guy and the obvious choice as far as I'm concerned.

not your grandfather's party

Michael Graham writes a great piece in the Boston Herald today about how far the once great Democratic party has fallen.

They've gone from Truman's "The buck stops here" to Obama's "Above my pay grade."


head fake

McCain is not going to pick a pro-life VP. He's doing a head fake to the media and to the GOP base.

Think about it. I doubt the legality of Lieberman since he's not a Republican. He couldn't even get his name on the ballot in all the states.

Ridge? Good guy, but he brings nothing to the ticket.

I'd like to see the Maverick make an inspired choice, someone along the lines of Meg Whitman, a high-powered charismatic Wall Street CEO or Jeb Bush.

Just kidding.

At the end of the day, it's going to be Pawlenty or Romney.

Monday, August 18

'secret jails'

Democrats have huge problems with housing non-American terrorists at Gitmo and at secret prisons in Europe.

But they have absolutely zero problem with putting American citizens in secret jails in Denver during the so-called 'Democratic' convention.


It seems to me that when the country at large discovers that Obama (three times) voted against providing medical care to fetuses that survived botched abortions, its going to torpedo his presidential aspirations.

How could it not?

'cone of silence'

Apparently McCain did so well Saturday night at Saddleback Church that Democrats are now accusing him of cheating, by somehow violating the so-called "cone of silence."

How could he cheat if he wasn't even in the building? In fact, McCain was driving to the event as Obama was speaking.

This highlights a great difference between the GOP and the DNC. If Obama had done well, McCain wouldn't have accused him of cheating.

Sunday, August 17

single issue voters

Some Christian conservatives freaked out this past week after McCain spoke favorably of the pro-choice Tom Ridge in terms of a VP possibility.

Why? If Christians believe the soul of an aborted baby automatically goes to heaven, then that means that aborted babies get to skip this crazy, often miserable thing called life and live in paradise forever. That doesn't suck.

Remember, politics is the art of compromise. And, oh, by the way, abortion is legal. It's bad law and unconstitutional law, in my opinion, but it is the law of the land and it ain't changing.

Yet, some Christians are so hell-bent on the pro-life position that they would elect the radically pro-partial birth abortion Obama to spite McCain.

Some Christians are so short-sighted that they would willingly advocate the destruction of the American economy, the weakening of America's national security and the undermining of American sovreignty rather than support McCain's right to choose whomever he wants to be his VP.

How dumb is that?

To be a single issue voter is to willingly admit being ignorant of the myriad of other issues that should decide presidential campaigns.

And I say that as a pro-life conservative. But I'm enough of a pragmatist to know that in terms of politics, winning is all that matters.

Losing, while being convinced of the correctness of your convictions, still makes you a loser.

Saturday, August 16

nuance vs. straight talk

Given the opportunity by Pastor Rick Warren to say that evil must be defeated, Obama punted. No surprise there. That type of language violates Barack's need to apply his own "global tests."

McCain didn't make the same mistake, which was predictable and great, as was the entire Saddleback Civil Debate.

Comparing apples to apples is exactly the way to introduce America to our two major party presidential candidates.

Obama gave really long and often tortured answers to questions like abortion, education and foreign affairs, while McCain spoke clearly and encouraged adoption, school vouchers and victory.

A bit of telegraphing here too perhaps, on the Veep sweepstakes: Obama mentioned former Senator Sam Nunn, while McCain praised former eBay CEO (and campaign advisor) Meg Whitman.

McCain won this debate, but Obama was good too. He's a very appealing candidate, although he's extremely uncomfortable in a church setting, as illustrated by the fact that he made no mention of own church. McCain happily mentioned his baptist church.

And I thought Obama blundered badly by not placing radical Islamic terrorists into his answer to the question about the existence of evil in the world. Either he doesn't know it or he doesn't care and that should easily knock him out of contention for the presidency.

The audience was the big winner here, with both McCain and Obama answering the same questions. It was refreshing. Maybe the networks will replicate this model.

church services

Ahead of tomorrow's phony Obama love-fest at Rick Warren's megachurch comes the amazing story of McCain being a "Hell's Angel" when it came to demanding that he (McCain) and his fellow POW's be allowed to have Sunday services while in captivity.

What compelling story can Obama possibly tell about worship beyond the anti-American, race-baiting vitriol that his pastor preaches?

President McCain.


Even the NY Times is writing about how it's been all McCain this week, highlighting his foreign policy prowess, while Obama has faded into irrelevance because of the Georgian crisis.

Nothing like an emergency to recalibrate everyone's focus.

President McCain.

Tuesday, August 12


Much is being made today of former Iowa Congressman Jim Leach and former Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chafee endorsing Obama.

I quote Dick Cheney when I say: "So?"

Both Leach and Chafee were R-I-N-O's, Republicans In Name Only.

During his time in the House, Leach authored legislation on everything from the creation of an international AIDS trust fund, increasing debt relief for poor countries, increasing quotas for the IMF, requiring the federal government to use soy ink, making the Peace Corps an independent federal agency, prohibiting internet gambling and restraining federal employee growth.

A big spender. No wonder he likes Obama.
"I also have no doubt that a lot of Republicans and independents are going to be attracted to (Obama's) call for a new era of non-ideological, bipartisan decision-making, said Leach."
Give me a break. The only thing bipartisan about Obama is that he's friends with Chuck Hagel.

I respect Leach's opinion. He's not a bad guy, he served with honor. I just think he's wrong.

And the Chafee endorsement is old news. He first endorsed The Magic Negro back in February.

I have long held Chafee in disdain. He didn't even vote for President Bush in '04. That shows you how much of a Republican he isn't. Also, he's not a team guy. Many, many Republicans didn't want to campaign for Chafee in '06 but both Bush and McCain campaigned for Chafee's re-election, hoping to keep the Senate in Republican hands.

During his time in the Senate, the Chafee voting record was so liberal you'd swear he was a Democrat. He supported partial birth abortion, supported federal funding for health care, opposed the elimination of the federal estate tax, he opposed the liberation of Iraq, he opposed the renomination of John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations, and after he lost his seat in '06 he stated that his loss helped the country by switching control of power in Congress over to the Democrats.

Chafee is a bad guy. He served with dishonor and dishonesty. He disrespected many of his colleagues and did great damage to the Republican party and the country. I hold him in contempt.


Ralph Peters, a guy who knows, says Russia's been preparing to invade Georgia 'for months.'

Putin is indeed flexing his muscles and Russia, flush with oil money, is on the march again, salivating at the prospect of a President Obama.

Scary stuff.

'power play'

It's good for Americans to be reminded about the existence of evil in the world, or as John McCain bluntly and brilliantly put it, when he looked into Vladimir Putin's eyes "he saw a K, a G and a B."

I say we support freedom and democracy (really piss off Putin) by installing both Georgia and the Ukraine into NATO immediately.


A new poll about global warming finds that fewer Americans are as concerned about it as they once were.

Only 47%, as opposed to the recent 52%, say that global warming is an 'important issue for them personally.'

Could this possibly have anything to do with all the data that refutes this ridiculous theory? Could this possibly have anything to do with the insanely over the top antics of climate zealots? Could this possibly have anything to do with all the stories that run contrary to the hype about the Earth warming?

I think it does. And that's good. Maybe now we can finally have a logical adult conversation about the climate of the planet rather than this pie in the sky garbage.

Monday, August 11

cold hard earmarks

The incredibly good blog The Next Right has Obama cold on earmarks. He's handing out federal money to all his big supporters and his wife's former employer.
"Although earmarking large sums of money to top supporters and fundraisers is a popular practice in both houses of Congress, not many people would expect such questionable activity from a shining star of liberalism and reform like Illinois Senator Barack Obama. Sadly, he is following a pattern of conspicuous allocations of federal funds. Just as he handed a million dollar earmark to his wife’s employers in 2006 (immediately after which her pay shot up from $121,910 a year to $316,962), Sen. Obama is now drastically increasing earmarks that go to his biggest supporters."
No wonder Michelle got a raise. And don't even get me started about Adler Planetarium.
"The fact that three ranking members of the Adler Planetarium’s Board donated huge sums of money (at least $200,000) is interesting by itself. The fact that these enormous contributions came in the same year that Sen. Obama increased their earmark by 900% is truly unsettling."


What has the United Nations done to assist Georgia against Russian invasion?

Nothing. Except the normal stuff: Holding tons of meetings and doing a lot of talking.

Oil. That's what this is about. And a pipeline from the Caspian Sea to Turkey.

Putin's in charge.

Sunday, August 10

hypocritic oath

Three hospitals in Los Angeles and Orange County have been 'inventing medical conditions' for thousands of homeless people, fraudulently billing Medicare and Medi-Cal for expensive and unnecessary treatment.

A San Diego area hospital is under investigation for patient deaths.

We can't trust anybody it seems.

Friday, August 8

'two americas'

I'm glad the MSM is finally reporting on the tawdry John Edwards tale. It's about time.

Until today it's been a complete media blackout, which is amazing considering that Edwards, until recently, was on the shortlist to be Obama's VP or Attorney General.

Had this been a former Republican presidential candidate, we would have been in the second or maybe even the third week of non-stop breathless coverage in the David Vitter or Mark Foley mode. In this context, there really are 'Two Americas.' Democrats get soft coverage, Republicans don't.

How big of a story is this? Edwards still retains committed delegates and was certain to have a primetime speaking role at @ the Denver convention. No more.

I'm glad that America's so-called journalists are finally doing their jobs and exposing the real John Edwards.


A firestorm has erupted today over the disclosure of this so-called Gang of 10 "bipartisan" energy plan.

Five GOP Senators -- Graham, Corker, Chambliss, Thunn and Isakson -- compromised with five unknown Senate Democrats to limit America's range of energy exploratory options.

Just as McCain was getting serious traction on the drilling issue...
Just as Republican Congressional candidates were getting serious traction on the drilling issue...
Just as the Republican electorate was getting enthused again about our chances in the fall elections...

Why? Why cave to the Democrats? Why prevent us from drilling ANWR? Why push drilling 50 miles offshore away from some of the most productive areas? Why impose huge regulatory hurdles? Why risk leaving the decision to drill or not to drill to state legislatures? Why raise taxes on oil companies? Just to "get someting done"?

Why are these five idiots, led by the routinely idiotic Graham, trying to kill our momentum? How does this kind of namby pamby compromise help Republicans? How does this compromise not aid Democrats? No wonder Barack Obama suddenlly wanted to compromise last Friday.

Thursday, August 7

obama, loser

Interesting piece in the American Thinker about the Clintons 'making their move.'

Bill is 'burning up the phones' trying to flip the Super Delegates while Hillary is worrying about Democrats being 'unsatisfied.'

Are they going to steal the nomination from the Magic Negro? How fun would that be?

our nancy

I'm surprised there are 2,737 people in the world who would spend their time reading Nancy Pelosi's new book.

Wednesday, August 6


I agree with Alex Castellanos. Obama can't win.

in the red

Anti-business states New York, California, Illinois and New Jersey are in the red because of the anti-business policies of Democrats.

High taxes are economy killers. Smart people know that. It ain't rocket science.

And have you heard about what's happening in Detroit?

freedom of speech?

Actor Jon Voight (Angelina's Dad) is taking some heat for his conservative views. There's even talk of blacklisting.

Intolerent Liberals. They don't value diversity of opinion.

citizen of the world

George Clooney is hosting a fundraiser for Obama in Switzerland on September 2.

This 'citizen of the world' crap ought to give McCain another healthy bump in the polls.

yellow journalism

Ron Suskind's new book "The Way of the World: A Story of Truth and Hope in an Age of Extremism," accuses the Bush Administration of fabricating Iraqi intelligence before the war. Sure. I guess that's why every politician on Planet Earth believed Hussein had WMD.

Before you give this book too much thought remember that this is the same Suskind that wrote "The Price of Loyalty," a glowing book about Paul O'Neill.

O'Neill, the former CEO of Alcoa and Bush's first Treasury, claimed that he didn't know that Bush, as President, was going to cut taxes.

Tuesday, August 5

'thats's hot'

The chief McCain spokesperson -- I never can remember his name, Tucker something -- said (quite correctly, I think) that Paris Hilton has a 'more substantive energy plan' than Barack Obama.

vice president evan bayh?

Could it be? Another vice president from the Hoosier state?

The big buzz is that Obama is going to announce Senator Evan Bayh as his running mate this week.

Safe choice? Maybe. If it helps the Democrats take Indiana it will prove to be an inspired choice, but, sorry, the Democrats are not going to win Indiana. Not going to happen.

Bayh is such a choir boy, it's hard to imagine him being a politician, much less a Democrat. He doesn't strike me as a bare knuckled backroom brawler in the Pat "Leaky" Leahy mold.

And, obscure point here, but the name 'Obama' is strange enough. An 'Obama/Bayh' ticket sounds like double trouble to me.

stop the sillyness

Talked to a buddy this morning at the barber shop who was complaining about the 'silliness' of McCain's tv spots mocking Obama. He wants McCain to focus on the specifics of what he'd do as President, instead of tearing down his opponent.

Newsflash: That's not the way presidential campaigns go. Negativity works. I told him that McCain is, has, and continues to talk about his plans. And everything is readily available on

I happen to think that what McCain is doing is brilliant. He's not attacking and saying things that aren't true about Obama. He's making fun of the attention Obama has gotten from the world, attention that isn't deserved or warranted.

But the tearing down part has been, and continues to be, so much fun. And so easy, courtesy of the man himself. Barack has a penchant for sounding like an idiot. He got heckled again today, this time for not saying the pledge of allegiance. He looks embarrased, doesn't he? And very uncomfortable.

"The Obama Nation" by Jerome Corsi doesn't seem to be getting much traction, but "The Case Against Barack Obama" by David Freddoso is getting a ton of attention.

In the end, Obama's own Liberalism is going to kill his candidacy. Until that happens, McCain is doing what he can to remind everyone just how unsuper Obama really is.

'over zealous'?

Some anti-Obama bloggers are claiming that Google, who owns Blogger (yeah, this thing), marked their blogs as spam and temporarily froze their accounts. and and Mitchell Langbert's Blog, have all been blocked.
"On her right-leaning blog "Atlas Shrugs," Pamela Geller keeps a list of blogs that Google has temporarily blocked. "The blockings do come in waves," she said. "The last wave was this past week, and now it got very quiet."
After posting a demand that Obama produce his birth certificate, Langbert couldn't access his blog.

Malicious intent or an 'over zealous spam filter'?

playing games

Didn't China promise to clean up the smog and allow press freedom if they were awarded the Olympic games?

I guess they didn't mean it. It seems to me that both the Chinese and the IOC have egg on their faces right about now.

If I were a decision maker at the USOC I'd have serious qualms about allowing my athletes to compete in such unhealthy conditions.

our nancy

I opine frequently about how the Democrats play dangerous political games.

Last Friday Pelosi even turned off the lights and CSPAN cameras and microphones while GOP House members were speaking on the issue.

Now comes word that Pelosi is privately telling House Democrats that it's okay if they back drilling.

What brave, principled political leadership.

Monday, August 4


Oh, Happy Birthday, Barack.

flip flopper

Obama said on Friday that he supported drilling.

Today he said something different.

This guy is better than Kerry.


Not much new about this. Democrats throw money at a problem, say low income housing. Government - taxpayers' - dollars flow toward building housing for the poor. And then magically the new housing becomes rundown and uninhabitable.

Obama's record on this kind of stuff sucks. Read the link from the Boston Globe. Same old Liberalism, shiny black package.

President McCain.

president mccain

McCain called for Congress to come back to work and deal with the energy issue.

He even pledged to 'come off the campaign trail' to get back to work.

Very Presidential. McCain looks like a President and he talks like a President. His family looks like a First Family.

And what a picture, from Sturgis, South Dakota. While Obama is popular in foreign countries, Americans in the Heartland, where presidential campaigns are won and lost, clearly prefer McCain.

race card

Obama absurdly accused McCain of playing the race card and I think that's the reason why McCain now leads in the polls.

Obama is all about race, and it shows. This episode proves it. His campaign is constantly on the prowl, looking for ways to expoit the race issue. This time he over-reached. Badly.

That said, someone should tell Barack that if he's elected - God forbid - he'll be the President of all the people... Not just African Americans.

'friends of abe'

David Zucker, the crazy filmmaker behind Naked Gun and Airplane, is currently in production on "An American Carol," a feature film with a conservative bent.

Yes, I said a feature film with a conservative bent. It's Zucker's response to what he calls a a "new McCarthy era."

the real obama

The Weekly Standard has an exhaustive examination of Obama's Illinois Senate voting record -- they call it his "Lost Years" -- as well as his writings from two small Chicago newspapers, The Defender and the Hyde Park Herald.

Back then, BO's legislative priorities were entirely focused on race, social welfare and softening anti-crime measures. (The same old failed Liberal crap Democrats always try to foist on America.)
"Race and crime issues excepted, Obama's Illinois legislative career as covered in the newspapers essentially boils down to a list of spending measures. Many of Obama's proposed expenditures were tough to oppose. Because he was working under a Republican majority for the bulk of his time in the Illinois State Senate, Obama became a master of incrementalism. His pattern was to find the smallest, most appealing spending proposal possible, pass it, then build toward more spending on the same issue."

"An Obama bill exempting juvenile prisoners from paying for nonemergency medical or dental services; Obama called for a $30 million youth crime prevention package; Obama requested additional funds to expand the regulation of electrical utilities; Obama asked for $50 million over five years to overcome the "digital divide"; Obama proposed to fund anger management classes for children age 5-13."

In Illinois, Obama never missed an opportunity to push for, or fill, a racial quota, from construction contracts, to the Illinois Commerce Commission. (ICC)

Obama offered a 'rave review' for the book 'A Kind and Just Parent' written by his friend, the terrorist Bill Ayers. (In this book, Ayers advocates the abolition of the prison system, in favor of house arrest for criminals.)

In 1998, Obama was only one of three Illinois senators to vote against "a proposal making it a criminal offense for convicts on probation or on bail to have contact with a street gang."

According to the Defender, Obama "made a career" out of anti-racial profiling legislation. Chicago statistics show, as a direct result of anti-profiling legislation, crime went down 20%-40%, but car theft in minority areas went up dramatically. Said University of Chicago professor Paul Heaton:
"It appears that official and public scrutiny of profiling behavior by police can lead to substantial reductions in arrests of minorities, although this enforcement reduction may carry the unintended consequence of encouraging crime in minority areas."
In 1988 Obama wrote an essay, "Why Organize?" which stated that one of his goals was to "politically organize "liberationist" black churches." Time and again Obama enlisted the help and support of radical preachers Wright, Phfleger, Meeks and Sykes to push his agenda.

And, what is the current state of Illinois? Their unfunded pension debt is the highest in America, thanks to out of control Democratic spending. The Standard says "precisely because of his penchant for spending, Obama's fingerprints are all over Illinois's burgeoning fiscal crisis."

Read it for yourself. I suspect that if this highly specific piece was widely read by the electorate, Obama would be in real trouble.

Sunday, August 3


Obama will only commit to the standard three debate format this fall, not the multiple joint town hall meetings McCain has suggested. This, after he'd already agreed 'in spirit' to joint appearances.

He's a chicken, he can't (won't) answer tough questions because he doesn't know the answers and his lead in polls is tenuous and unsustainable at best. Is this really 'change to believe in'?

Saturday, August 2


As I wake this morning I notice Obama has "refined" his positions on drilling and on reparations.

What brave and principled political leadership. That's really 'change I can believe in.' Great judgment.

I'll take John McCain.

Friday, August 1


There's a rumor that a July 28 airstrike in northwestern Pakistan resulted in the death of al Qaeda deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.

We can hope.


Republicans care more about the American people than the Democrats.

The proof? Today's House antics, as Pelosi and a majority of the majority left town for the August recess, turning the lights out and the television cameras and microphones off as the Republicans were debating gas prices.

Kudos to Minority leader John Boehner, Rep. John Shadegg (R-AZ) and other Republicans for standing up for what is good and right.


I caught an op-ed written by Jamie Gorelick yesterday in my crappy local newspaper. Remember her?

Gorelick was the deputy attorney general under the hack Janet Reno, who was primarily responsible for erecting what became known as "The Wall," between the CIA and the FBI. This wall prevented the two agencies from sharing information, which led directly to the government's inability to prevent 9/11.

So, in other words, Gorelick is an incompetent person. Yet, somehow, she feels entitled to criticize qualified, decent people.

Titled "Another Blow to Justice Department," it begins...
"For decades, Republican and Democratic attorneys general had protected from political influence the hiring of career prosecutors and administrative judges. There was an unbroken rule, embodied in law, regulation and department policy, that no political questions would be asked of those who wanted to serve in career – as opposed to political – positions in the department. We demanded of our Justice Department, in its core prosecutorial and adjudicative functions, that it be separate from politics.

"Until the Bush administration."
Why? Because eight fired US Attorneys weren't doing their jobs to the satisfaction of the Administration? Gorelick totally ignores the fact that Clinton fired all 88 US Attorneys in 1993, an unprecendented Presidential directive.
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