Tuesday, September 30

hack journalist

PBS's Gwen Ifill, the moderator of Thursday's Vice Presidential debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden, is the author of a forthcoming pro-Obama book!

Says Ifill, the ever objective journalist, says she is enthusiastic about "taking the story of Barack Obama and extending it."

It focuses on four people, "one of them Barack Obama, of course."

"They are changing our politics and changing our nation," Ifill said.

Most interesting to me about this story, since the taxpayers (you and me) underwrite PBS, we pay anchor salaries and keep their unfair, unbalanced shows on the air, is the fact that Ifill has failed, thus far, to disclose her 'upcoming book' in any biographical materials related to PBS or the VP debate.

Not only should she be fired from PBS, she should be removed as moderator. Immediately. And, if not, Palin should refuse to appear.

This is outrageous bias. The worst I've ever seen. If the McCain campaign had advanced knowledge of this, they are even more inept that I believed them to be.


Rachel Maddow is talking about McCain dumping Gov. Palin on MSNBC.

Anderson Cooper has eye-popping footage of the Alaska/Russia border while complaining that Palin doesn't serve her constituents.

Chris Matthews, not even pretending to be partisan while speaking to Tom DeLay... Talking about "Your side."

NO WONDER Americans are so stupid. No wonder nobody knows what the hell is going on. Great objective journalism.

Factor in Charlie, Katie and Brian, the NYT, WaPo, USA Today, fair opinions none... Idiots rule and opinions are shaped.

throwin' deep

The MSM has completely turned its back on journalism and journalistic ethics. Example: the softball coverage of Jobama.

Where's the scrutiny of Joe "human gaffe machine" Biden?

And what about the claim that Joe knows where 'bin Laden is,' because he and John Kerry were supposedly 'forced down'in their helicopter wherever the hell they were? What?

Typical Joe. He was lying. But the press doesn't care. With Biden, they don't just give 'a pass,' they throw deep.

The MSM reamed Hillary (and rightfully so) for claiming she had come 'under sniper fire,' but Biden? They got nothing.

At least Kerry came through with the truth. (Who knew?) Bad weather downed their helo.

Meanwhile, the full frontal attack on Governor Palin continues.

new deal

I'm hearing a new bill will pass the Senate tomorrow, with emphasis on a new tax package and additional FDIC assurances.

Apparently, the House has the votes to pass this measure.


A federal court -- the 6th Circuit -- ruled that the great state of Ohio can allow same day voter registration, a decision that insures rampant election chaos.

If Obama wins this is how he'll do it. He'll make Florida 2000 look like 'Kindergarten Cop.'

A dark day for so-called 'Democracy,' if it happens.


What's this? Consumer confidence is up? I thought this was the worst economy since the Great Depression, like Obama says?

Consumer confidence is up. Wow. The stock market was up today, nearly 400 points, without a bailout.

All good news, right? We haven't had much good news lately, right?

If I was writing this story the headline would be somthing like "Consumer Confidence Rebounds," or "Americans Optimistic." Something that conveys the truth of the story, right?

No. The headline was "Consumers are in a gloomy mood."

How objective.

child abuse

Call me crazy, but I'd think Jeff Zucker, President and Chief Executive of NBC Universal, would be a bit more careful. His network is already under fire for being biased against Republicans, his news division is a joke, a laughingstock, a discredited journalistic enterprise and SNL has been brutally unfair to the first female Republican Vice Presidential nominee.

Which is exactly why, with NBC's news credentials already badly damaged, would Zucker allow his name to be all over the videos of children singing the praises of Obama? That's hardly objective.


Cute kid, but how unfair to cram a head full of Leftist, socialist propaganda into know nothing children? What type of ethical responsibilities do adults have when they purposefully tell kids acknowledged and proven factual lies about failed so-called 'Democratic' policies? I've never seen a better example of child abuse.

Don'tcha just love how this whole video shoot is being portrayed? Oh, it was just another day in Venice, (California, where I once lived. Venice, that is. I lived in Venice.) And we just happened to have a digital video camera just sitting there, waiting to be used. This professional editing bay software? Wow. Where'd that come from? Oh, how nice! The neighbor's kids -- all twenty of them -- just showed up for lemonade and singing! And, we, the Hollywood adults who just amazingly came over to this house on a sunny late September day, damn, we have incredible distribution skills... Our little 'home video' somehow, strangely made it onto national television, the radio and internet today.

if it's not close they can't cheat

Look what's happening in Ohio. Republican absentee ballots are being discarded. Jennifer Brunner, the secretary of state and a partisan Democrat, is exceeding her authority. Her tactics violate state law.

The Democrats are going to cheat like never before. If Obama wins, that's how it will happen.

Monday, September 29


The Democrats created this financial crisis. They are the guilty ones. They are wholly and completely responsible for the market tumbling a record 777 points today.

Remember too that former Fannie CEO's Jim Johnson and Franklin Raines, criminals both, are senior economic advisors to Obama.

a question

Question 1 in Massachusetts -- a ballot proposition -- would repeal that state's income tax. Brilliant!

Taxassachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, a friend of Obama's, thinks Question 1 is "A dumb idea." I bet he does. Democrats want everyone's money.

Let's hope that Liberal Massachusetts sends Patrick a big, unmistakable message on November 4. The answer to Question 1 should overwhelmingly be yes.

bring it on?

Governor Palin chiding Biden on the campaign trail today in Ohio?

“I guess it’s my turn now,” she said. “And I do look forward to Thursday night.”

“I’m looking forward to meeting him,” she continued. “I’ve never met him. I’ve been hearing about his Senate speeches since I was in, like, the second grade.”

“I have to admit though, he is a great debater and looks pretty doggone confident like he’s sure he’s gonna win, but then again, this is the same Senator Biden who said the other day that the University of Delaware would trounce the Ohio State Buckeyes. Wrong!”

Good stuff! She's so cool. But, if Palin doesn't do well in the VP debate, it will be because, and only because, the McCain campaign has kept her under wraps.


It was comical to watch Nancy Pelosi blow up today and fail to pass H.R. 3997. Pelosi is the most ineffectual Speaker of the House in my lifetime, a complete boob, a complete phony in a town full of phonies.

Of course, the Democrats could have passed this unpopular legislation without a single GOP vote. But they didn't, which tells you that it was a bad bill. They didn't want to be on the hook for it, so Pelosi punted and gave all of her friends and allies as pass. They didn't vote for it, either.

This post-vote spin from the Left, that the Republicans chickened out on doing something good for the country, is a crock. If anyone 'chickened out,' it was the Democrats who recognize a turkey went they see it.

The bill failed because 95 Democrats, senior Democrats, committee chairmen, vulnerable members facing tough re-elections next month back home, along with House Republicans, listened to the people.

the no vote

If Democrats had the votes to pass this bill they would have rammed it through last week.


What if this crisis is actually less of a crisis and more unabashed political spin designed by the Democrats to aid Obama?

I respect the House GOP's resistance to the $700 billion bailout and I wonder if, in the long run, if that's best.

I was leading the charge last week for legislation, any type of legislation, to stop the slide of the market. But I'm thinking a bit more clearly now.

What if we changed accounting rules and repealed SarOx?

A $700 billion bailout is socialism no matter how you slice it. Are we really ready to turn over the country -- and the stock market -- over in total to the very people who ran Fannie/Freddie into the ground?

Sunday, September 28

speaking of polls...

New polls say... Congressional Democrats suck.

And they don't just suck. They suck more than President Bush.

Ooooh. 'More sucky than Bush.' The ultimate insult for Harry and Nancy!

'me too'

Obama, trying to look Presidential at the debate on Friday, spoke about the dead soldiers' bracelet he wears on his right wrist. Just like McCain.

Apparently, Obama wears this bracelet despite the wishes of the family of the dead soldier.

Classy, Barack.

Saturday, September 27


The Obama campaign, extremely sensitive to criticism of any kind, is resorting to gestapo tactics in the Show Me state.

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt is speaking out, telling Obama to 'grow up.'

Is there any doubt that a President Obama would revive The Fairness Doctrine?

debate #1

McCain won. Handily. Anytime your debate opponent tells you eight times he agrees with you, as Obama did last night, you've scored a decisive victory.

On topic after topic, from the economy, supposedly McCain's weak issue, to all matter of things foreign, McCain pummeled Obama. He steamrolled over Obama and Obama seemed deferential.

In the post-debate spin, NRO's Byron York spoke to Obama guru David Axelrod, who said that Obama won't agree with McCain in debate #2. That speaks volumes. The Obama people know their guy lost to McCain.

The contrast was stark. Two people stood on that stage last night, an adult and a child. The adult made the child look like what he is: Young, naïve and inexperienced.

Friday, September 26

more sarah

I usually agree with Rich Lowry. But he apparently thinks that Sarah Palin should be "walled off" from the press and the public because she's not ready to be a national candidate.

Wrong. The public wants, yearns, for more Sarah, not less. Why isn't she out there talking about Obama? Why isn't she out there talking about McCain's policy proposals? Why isn't she out there connecting with voters?

She's done Gibson, she's done Couric, she's done Hannity. Why isn't she doing the talk radio circuit? The TV show circuit? Why not go on Leno? 'The Daily Show'? Why not 'The View'?


Do you realize that the Congressional Democrats, since they control both the House and the Senate, could pass this bill right now. They don't need the Republicans to pass this thing.

Cowards that they are, leaders that they aren't, they can't pass it themselves because then they'll be on the hook for it. They won't have the GOP to blame.

Reportedly, Obama got to the White House yesterday and didn't know what the hell was going on, knew nothing of the details of the plan, even though 'friends' of Secretary Paulson had emailed him talking points to spew.

We've heard today how 'contentious' yesterday's meeting was. From what I hear, it was Obama and the Democrats who 'blew up' the meeting. Obama began to speak and he began insulting Republicans and House minority leader John Boehner. It was an unmitigated disaster because of Obama.

The proof? Harry Reid spoke so glowingly of Obama's 'calm and determined' leadership at the meeting and urged the passage of 'the Obama plan.'

More proof? To spin it even further Obama spoke to the press at the Mayflower Hotel and then after that he even requested, and received, time on "Special Report with Brit Hume" on the Fox News Channel.

Of course, the Democrats are crying that the Republicans are 'playing politics.' Please. The Democrats are also telling Bush to send McCain away because he's not helping, in fact, he's broken the process down. How could that be? McCain barely spoke at the meeting!

There's no question that the Democrats -- Reid, Pelosi, Dodd, Schumer, Barney Frank -- are playing politics with this economic crisis, the economic crisis of their own making.

obama's ads

The New York Times writes today about false and misleading ads from the Obama campaign, despite a pledge from the candidate himself not to sling mud.

"That's not how I roll," said Obama.

Democrats reportedly are concerned that Obama's lies are undermining his campaign of 'change.'


tonight in oxford

The debate will go on as planned tonight in Mississippi. I hope McCain makes Obama look like a community organizer, not a president.


House Republicans are not just standing in the way of this bailout deal. They always stood in the way of the bailout deal to oppose the crap Democrats are trying to include in the package.

The aforementioned crap? Democrats want to give a reported $100 million in funding to Obama's former 'community organizing' organization, the voter fraud organization Acorn.

So, while the market teeters atop the precipice, while the American credit market has completely dried up, while banks are failing, while people wring their hands about the financial future of their families, the stupid Liberals in Congress want to give a federal subsidy to an organization that is committed to keeping black people poor and uneducated.

Thursday, September 25


The federal government taking on bad mortgages and making money? Sounds like a good deal to me.


Steven Pearlstein has some important thoughts about the financial crisis. I give him credit for making the hard stuff easier to understand. And, according to him, credit is now what it is all about.


Still no plan. Both McCain and Obama are back in town, doing their jobs. Obama reluctantly so. But, at least the Magic Negro is answering the tough questions.

reconcile this

How many times have I said 'the Democrats are feckless'? How many times have I said 'the Democrats won't stand up to terrorists'? How many times have I said that 'Democrats are terrorists' best friends'?

Obama and Biden won't stand up to Iran. And how do I know that, besides the fact that they are Democrats? Joe Biden said so. In fact, according to Ha'aretz, Biden in a closed door session with 'senior Israeli leaders said that the Jewish state will have to reconcile itself to a nuclear Iran.'

That means the United States is going to war with a nuclear Iran. So, before voting, America must reconcile the intelligence, the practicality of voting for a witless and undertermined wallflower Obama or a strong, decisive, brave McCain.

what the...?

The happy, smiling Democrats are saying a deal has been agreed to.

House Republicans are saying no deal.

This sounds like a job for Howie Mandel.

hey, uh...

Gateway Pundit catalogs the warnings President Bush gave Congress about Fannie/Freddie, but the Democrats ignored and blocked everything.

if you live long enough...

Hey, look at Bill Clinton. He's out there this morning praising McCain and lambasting Democrats for blocking Fannie/Freddie reform. Classic.

stay classy

Howard Dean's brother has directed a Liberal PAC-funded television spot attacking John McCain's 'health.'

According to the NY Times, the video shows 'vivid and unflattering images of the fresh scar that appeared on Senator McCain’s face immediately after his last operation for melanoma skin cancer eight years ago.'

The ad asks “Why won’t John McCain release his medical records?” Uh, hello? He already did.

pig, part ii

Politicians don't come any sleazier than the black bigot Alcee Hastings (D-FL), the former federal judge who was impeached on a 413-3 Senate vote on charges of bribery and perjury, only the sixth federal judge to be removed from office in the history of the United States.

Hastings doesn't like Governor Palin very much and he ripped her at a National Jewish Democratic Council event.
"If Sarah Palin isn't enough of a reason for you to get over whatever your problem is with Barack Obama, then you damn well had better pay attention. Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don't care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks. So you just think this through."
This is how Democrats, those tolerant paragons of virture and inclusiveness, describe people with whom they disagree.

A spokesman for Hastings later explained that the Congressman was trying to 'argue that Palin is an "extremely conservative woman who is out of touch with mainstream America."


The House is going to investigate the tax cheating, racist, lying, scumbag Charlie Rangel after all.


Barack Obama is a proven and acknowledged liar. Why should we believe anything he says? A guy this self absorbed he has to go out of his way, in the midst of an economic crisis, to impress upon us that 'he called McCain first'? Yeah, he 'called first' all right. I guess that's why he announced it hours after McCain's press conference.

Initial reports yesterday had McCain calling Obama at 8:30 am. What's going on here? History is already being revised here. I got word of McCain suspending his campaign at 12:30 pm PDT. Obama was on television an hour later spinning the story.

Wednesday, September 24


At first blush the new ABC/WaPo poll looks like the Magic Negro has finally busted a big move...

But, reading the fine print, the methodology of the poll shows an 3 to 2 oversampling of Democrats and African Americans to Republicans.

Definitely not fair or balanced. A complete lie, actually.

beaten to the punch

Obama: "I called first."

What a statesman.

At least McCain is doing his job by going back to DC to legislate on behalf of the citizens of Arizona.

Do you think the people of Illinois care that Obama isn't doing what they elected him to do?


I give John McCain big kudos for suspending his campaign to focus on America's financial crisis. His ads are down, too.

He'll return to DC tomorrow morning to lead the charge on hammering out a different legislative approach than the one proposed by the Bush Administration.

Obama's just been left in the dust. The old man schooled him. Maybe Barack will show up to vote 'present.' It's the least he can do.

chia pet

From the WaPo's Chris Cillizza:
"[I] spoke with several unaligned Democratic strategists over the last 24 hours and several expressed serious concern about the impact Biden has had on the race in the last weeks.

"He has great skills and tremendous power to connect, especially with the very voters that the campaign desperately needs," said one senior party operative. "But the fear is that he is exceeding the one small gaffe per week quota that the political market had built into his stock price. If he can't keep his foot out of his mouth, he will turn from a real asset to a liability."

Recent gaffes:

-Disagreeing with an Obama ad hitting John McCain. He called it "terrible," before reversing himself to say that McCain has been dirtier.

-Getting in front of Obama on the AIG bailout. Bad form for any Veep nominee.

-Clean coal flip flop contrary to Obama's position.

Is this guy the worst VP nominee ever?


So, this is what it comes down to: 18% of the electorate remains 'undecided, or willing to change their minds.'

"Persuadable voters give McCain and Obama even marks on the economy, as well as other financial issues, including Social Security, gas prices, the budget deficit and housing prices. That underscores the opportunity each has to try to maneuver for an edge on the economy as a whole.

"Among these uncommitted voters, McCain leads on Iraq, terrorism, taxes, corruption, immigration and gun rights, while Obama has an edge on health care, gay marriage, the environment, stem-cell research, racial equality and education.

"The Midwest is home to more of these up-for-grabs voters. That's not surprising given that seven large states in the region are among the most hotly contested battlegrounds - Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

"Among these undecided voters, Democrats are much less intensely behind Obama than Republicans are behind McCain. Obama appears to have more people on the bubble, and many of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's former backers haven't fully committed, while McCain's backers are hard-core Republicans and excited by his running mate selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin."

How can anyone be 'on the bubble' at this stage of the campaign? That's just crazy.

about time

The one good piece of news today, as far as I can tell, is the expiration of the 25 year ban on offshore drilling on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

It would just be far too logical, far too sensible to at long last utilize our own natural energy resources rather than being a slave to Middle Eastern terrorists, wouldn't it?

Tuesday, September 23


The Democrats want the American economy to crumble and collapse. What other conclusion can be drawn after today's stone walling?
"Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke (pictured above, on the right) bluntly warned reluctant lawmakers Tuesday they risk a recession with higher unemployment and increased home foreclosures unless they act on the Bush administration's $700 billion plan to bail out the financial industry.

"I believe if the credit markets are not functioning, that jobs will be lost, that our credit rate will rise, more houses will be foreclosed upon, GDP will contract, that the economy will just not be able to recover in a normal, healthy way."

The Democrats, the self described "Party of the People," signaled today that they are perfectly willing to allow you to lose everything you have, your house, your job, your car, your financial security, your future, so they can score political points and win a presidential election.

You think, maybe, they are on the wrong side? Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson is correct when he says that this is "embarrassing for the United States."
"I'm not only concerned, I'm angry about the things that got us here," said Paulson. "It makes me angry, and it makes you angry. You talk about taxpayers being on the hook? Guess what? They're already on the hook. If the system isn't stabilized, they're going to bear the cost."
Which is just what Dodd, Schumer, Reid, Pelosi, Kerry, Durbin, Obama, Biden and all the rest of the despicable Democrats want. They have a vested interest in seeing America fail. It's called Power.

Of course, I could be wrong. It's certainly happened before. Patrick Ruffini makes a pretty good case at TNR.

a bullet in the head

William Ayers and people like him are the scum of the earth. He hates America. He is a communist sympathizer. He is a terrorist. Ayers is a traitor to his country. He should be jailed and executed.

Ayers is also a good friend of Obama. Obama's political career essentially began at Ayer's house. This should be a really big story. If a Republican presidential candidate had the types of associations with scumbags like Obama has, it would be trumpeted 24/7 on CNNMSNBCFOXABCCBSNBCPBS, etc.

Stanley Kurtz has been doing brilliant reporting on the Ayers/Obama connection. Too bad the MSM isn't covering it. The press is way too busy campaigning for Jobama. They don't have the time to do their jobs.


Joe Biden says stupid stuff. FDR went on television during the Great Depression? I didn't know they had tv's in 1929. And I didn't know Roosevelt was President then, either. Has Biden ever heard of Herbert Hoover?

Monday, September 22

it adds up

While the Democrats chide McCain for having 13 cars, Chris Dodd (D-Conn) for some unknown reason remains the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee.

Remember back to 2005. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were ensnared in the same type of accounting scandals that toppled Enron and Worldcomm and their executives. The political climate was right for reform, to regulate the banks so that they would assume less risk.

Former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan sounded the alarm: "[If Fannie and Freddie] continue to grow, continue to have the low capital that they have, continue to engage in the dynamic hedging of their portfolios, which they need to do for interest rate risk aversion, they potentially create ever-growing potential systemic risk down the road,'' he said. "We are placing the total financial system of the future at a substantial risk.''

Remember back to October 2003. Former Treasury Secretary John Snow, often criticized as ineffective (though quite prescient), told Congress "we need to be on guard'' against the "perception'' that the U.S. government stood behind the stocks and bonds of Fannie and Freddie.'

The Senate Banking Committee passed a real reform bill, the first ever, that would have cracked down on Fannie and Freddie and their risky loans. And then the Democrats got involved and screwed it up. They opposed the bill on a party-line vote. They opposed the bill, S.190, the bill that would have prevented America's current economic mess. The bill, S.190, ironically was co-sponsored by none other than John McCain.

That was then. But now, they still stand in the way of progress. The so-called 'progressives! The Democrats, the people who played partisan politics with America's national security the past eight years, continue to play politics with the American economy, holding up the current $700 billion bailout legislation for partisan purposes.

Sunday, September 21


From Michael Barone:
"The recent Quinnipiac poll in New Jersey, which showed Barack Obama leading John McCain by only 3 percentage points in a high-income state carried easily by John Kerry and Al Gore, found that 54 percent of likely voters believe their taxes will go up if Obama is elected. When asked whether they believe Obama when he says that he'll cut taxes for 95 percent of working families, or McCain when he says Obama will raise taxes on most families, 44 percent say they believe McCain, and 40 percent say they believe Obama.

"Interestingly, post-convention polls show McCain running at least as well as Bush in 2004 in Michigan and Ohio, where recent state tax increases have signally failed to bolster ailing economies. Gallup shows Democrats with only a 3 percentage-point edge in the generic House vote; it used to be double digits. And the Rasmussen poll shows Democrats ahead only 5 percentage points in party identification.

"The old rule that economic distress moves voters toward Democrats doesn't seem to be operating."

gop enthusiasm

Governor Palin drew a crowd of 60,000 people near Orlando, Florida earlier today.

And in uber Liberal Northern California, Democrats are freaking out about "The Palin Factor."

Saturday, September 20

charlie rangel is a piece of trash

As a disabled American, I find Charlie Rangel's comments about Sarah Palin being 'disabled' shocking and completely inappropriate. Rangel is an avowed tax cheat, a racist and a corrupt fat pig liar.

Rangel is completely aware, as is the rest of the world, that Palin has an infant Down's Syndrome son named Trig. Disagreeing with Palin on policy is one thing; calling her 'disabled' is one of the worst things I've ever heard come out of the mouth of a politician. Ever.

What an embarrassing thing it is to be a Democrat. What an embarrassing thing for New York and America to be represented by such a piece of human trash.

Now, and only now, at long last has Rangel finally settled his tax bill
. It's nice to see that the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee gets so many extra chances to pay his taxes, all without legal consequence. The rest of us should be so fortunate.


The two year Mark Foley probe has ended with no charges filed against the former Florida Republican congressman.

Foley, who sent sexually explicit emails and text messages to underage Capitol Hill pages, was supposedly the very definition of "The Culture of Corruption," according to the Democrats. The then-Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (R-IL) and other House GOP leaders supposedly led some massive attempt to cover-up for Foley, even though Foley resigned his seat immediately.

The Left wing crazies had a field day. Just as they did over former Congressman Tom DeLay's supposed 'crimes.' It's amazing and scary how one political party, in concert with their allies in the American media, can slime people with aplomb, destroy their lives, their careers and their reputations in an instant, without a thought, without compunction.

I hear crickets.


The United States has had such success in the war on terror we've even disrupted, with the help of the Germans and the Malaysians, al Qaeda's internet video release method.

The "9/11 anniversary video" these pigs send out each year was eight days late, according to ABC News, because "the US has made major strides in infiltrating the al Qaeda internet distribution network.

Thank you, President Bush.


Charles Krauthammer, on President Bush:
"Bush is much like Truman, who developed the sinews of war for a new era (the Department of Defense, the CIA, the NSA), expanded the powers of the presidency, established a new doctrine for active intervention abroad, and ultimately engaged in a war (Korea) — also absent an attack on the U.S. — that proved highly unpopular.

"So unpopular that Truman left office disparaged and highly out of favor. History has revised that verdict. I have little doubt that Bush will be the subject of a similar reconsideration. "
Not only has Bush been a great President, he's also leaving his successor with the hard fought and critically necessary tools to prevent another 9/11-style attack... Krauthammer describes them as "powers and institutions... The Department of Homeland Security, reorganized intelligence services with newly developed capacities to share information, and a revised FISA regime that grants broader and modernized wiretapping authority."

truck bomb in pakistan

Look Obama! Look Democrats! There is evil in the world, regardless of your statements to the contrary. The inability of the ruling class in Washington to confront and destroy evil is a dangerous thing indeed.

revised golden state budget

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger held fast and got the legislative Democrats to cede to his wishes, and, after the longest impasse in state history -- 81 days -- the budget has finally been approved.

It has been since the start of the fiscal year, July 1, that California hasn't paid schools, medical clinics, daycare centers and state vendors. Love those Democrats! They care about working families. They really look out for the children, don't they? The party of the people!

The new budget eliminates accounting gimmicks, the collection of an extra 10% of workers' income tax in advance to be repaid later, for example. It also shores up California's rainy day fund, a good thing considering the state has a $15.2 billion deficit, thanks to the Porky Pig Democrats.

Schwarzenegger, while pleased about the spending plan, said he was disappointed that Sacramento still hasn't addressed ways to bring structural deficit down to prevent the state from spending more money than it brings in. "There's nothing to really celebrate. Great things were accomplished, but there are certain things that were not accomplished."

Friday, September 19

bloody brilliant

If I were the President of ther United States Larry Kudlow would be the Treasury Secretary.

He's a good man.


After all the chaos in the stock market this week, we're still only down 34 points.

And we're still not in a recession. Yet.

friday folly

Obama has surrounded himself with old, corrupt Clinton cronies like Jim Johnson, Laura D'Andrea Tyson and Franklin Raines.

Of course, now they are trying to say that Raines isn't an advisor to the Obama campaign and that this McCain ad (above) is 'racist,' because it shows the two black men together. That's actually funny.

'Change' has officially morphed into crap. The Obama campaign is, as we always knew it was, just a rehash of stale nothingness. No reform here. Just the same old sleazy, identity politics, the failed and tired taxing and spending blather from the ethically and morally bankrupt, power crazed Democrats.

deer in the headlights

"Given the gravity of this situation, and based on conversations I have had with both Secretary Paulson and Chairman Bernanke, I have asked my economic team to refrain from presenting a more detailed blue-print of how an immediate plan might be structured until the Treasury and the Federal Reserve have had an opportunity to present their proposal." -- Barack Obama
Translation: The pitifully unqualified Democratic candidate for President has absolutely no idea what to do. What a crisis manager!

Meanwhile, the guy with a brain and a wealth of life experience, McCain, at least says something that sounds halfway intelligent.

Thursday, September 18

income redistribution

"We want to take money and put it back in the pocket of middle-class people," -- Joe Biden (D-DE).
The unpatriotic Democrats, the very same people who take umbrage at wearing American flag lapel pins, the very same people who have been calling the President of the United States a liar without a shred of proof, the very same people who compare our troops to murderers and terrorists, the very same people who consistently and continually seek to weaken America's national defense capabilities THOSE very same people now say that it is our patriotic duty to pay higher taxes.

Way to go Jobama! Way to keep making those gaffes. Way to finally be honest. Way to punish accomplishment and hard work. Way to deliver a disincentive to ingenuity and entrepreneurship during an economic downturn!

Wednesday, September 17

culture of corruption

The Left is outrageously silent on the scandalous behavior of the tax cheating Charlie Rangel (D-NY). He is being allowed to remain as Chairman of the all powerful House Ways and Means Committee by the perpetually incompetent Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Somehow, I think that if Rangel was a Republican, he would have been stripped of his position long ago, tried, summarily convicted and put out to pasture by a biased and hyper-partisan press corps.


Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni won the Kadima primary election and she may very well be the new Prime Minister.

Now, she has 42 days to gather a ruling coalition before facing the Likud party's Benjamin Netanyahu.

From the AP:
"You can determine today what the character of Kadima will be," Livni said. "You can determine today if you really have had enough of old-time politics. Come and vote, bring your children, and show them how you are changing the country."
How exactly? By trading land for 'peace'? Netanyahu is the clear choice, as McCain is for America.


Today was an errand day. Lots of stuff to deal with, bills to pay, Monday Night Football tickets to grab, an improptu visit to the safety deposit box, a trip to the post office. How was I to know that I would spend my day with new friends who would passionately serve me with skill, conviction, passion, sincerity and kindness?

My car stalled as I rounded the corner three blocks from my house. Gravity and creative maneuvering led me to the shoulder and I got on the phone to Triple A.

Within minutes a truck arrived to install a new battery. Mike, mid forties, African American, noticed my disability and begin telling me about his wife's struggle with Cerebral Palsy. It turned out that he didn't have the 94R battery for my car, so he called me a tow truck. Our conversation quickly turned to his job, life's up and downs, the economy and politics.

He's a McCain guy and even though he lost his lucrative job at Federal Express due to a knee injury, he impressed on me the importance of a McCain victory for American prosperity both at home and abroad.

Ben the tow guy, pictured above, pulled up as Mike was leaving. After quelling my concerns about towing my car, we both jumped in his cab and took the seven mile trek up the freeway. On the radio, the latest stock market news killed our conversation. The Dow, down 360. We passed a car with an Obama bumper sticker and he said, "if the market isn't already bad enough, people want to elect that guy? Some people are really dumb."

Once my car began receiving the attention it deserved, my mechanic buddy Al, a non-citizen, Hispanic and ineligible to vote, mentioned that he admired the kindness and the charity of Cindy McCain. "She brought that kid back from wherever, to give her a better life," he said. "That's what America is all about. That's why I came here."

Later, Ignacio, the service manager, asked me if I'd seen the YouTube video of Obama claiming he'd visited "All 57 states." I smiled and invited him to to read this blog.

I opted to leave my car at the dealer overnight, so Jason, the 22 year old cool dude shuttle driver, helped me run those errands I mentioned earlier. To the bank and to the post office we went, before he took me home. New to San Diego, he was telling me about all the things he's yet to do since he settled into his new place. Registering to vote is high on his list of priorities. I expected him to be an Obama supporter because of his age. He surprised me when he voiced support for McCain, his valor and his honesty. He also mentioned that his girlfriend is a big Sarah Palin fan.

My day was full of connecting and interacting with good and decent people, people with whom I would have easily categorized as unsophisticated, politically unaware, regular folks. I never asked a single one of them about politics, or the presidential election. Yet, all of them offered up their opinions and expressed unbridled optimism and excitement about America's future and in so doing, voiced strong and unwavering support for John McCain. They helped me and inspired me, all at the same time.

It was a great day.

scary stuff

"The fund to insure bank deposits is dwindling?" Color me skeptical. Of course, it's Bush's fault.

Never mind that brain dead partisan tools Pelosi and Reid are in charge. They couldn't possibly be responsible for anything. Certainly not any meaningful legislation since January 2007.

"Let's hear it for the power."

starting again?

Al Qaeda bombed the US embassy in Yemen today, which reminds me of how they got started against us when Clinton was in office.

Embassy bombing.
USS Cole bombing.

new york

McCain is within striking distance in the Empire State. Obama's once insurmountable lead of 19 is now down to 5.

Of course the Clinton/Palin thing is huge. Obama once held a 24 point advantage with women.

No more.

stimulate this

People wonder why I keep calling Obama a liar.

Um, I don't know. Maybe because he keeps taking credit for stuff he didn't do, like the stimulus bill, for example.

Not only did Obama have nothing to do with the bill, he didn't even bother to show up to vote on it.

Tuesday, September 16

lump of coal

Joe Biden is one cheap bastard. I bet holidays are a blast up at the Biden spread in Delaware.

Why is it that Democrats are such hypocrites? I thought they were for the little guy?

i need a new toaster

If I vote for Jobama do I get a toaster?

to the rescue

AIG gets an $85 billion loan and the Feds get 80% ownership of the company.

Good news for the market. Look for a big rally tomorrow.

i'm moving

My Governor is going to veto the California budget and I'm proud of him.

From USA Today:

"I have been very clear this entire year that I would be unable to sign a budget without meaningful budget reform," the governor wrote, stressing that spending cuts were needed.

State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, a Democrat, also assailed the budget plan, saying this morning that it "gives gimmicks a bad name."

"It's banana republic financing," Lockyer said. The spending plan relies on "phony money and phony estimates."

"When they send me the budget, I will veto it," Schwarzenegger said at a Capitol news conference. "If my veto is overriden, hundreds of bills will be vetoed."

The California Republicans, a feckless bunch, won't allow any new taxes, which is good, so the even more feckless Democrats concocted a budget that "requires earlier and larger tax payments to the state government."

That's the brilliant idea for closing a $17 billion deficit that they created with reckless over spending.

red and purple

From Newsweek:
"A handful of red states that Obama once hoped to win now seem either out of reach or more favorable to McCain, whether temporarily or permanently. McCain is suddenly within striking distance in a group of Blue States where Obama until recently enjoyed a comfortable lead. The result: a campaign that once boasted about redrawing the electoral map by targeting an unprecedented 18 battlegrounds has been forced to focus on a more familiar swath of states--and even play defense in places it had hoped to win easily. In the last week, the Red States have gotten redder--and the Blue States have gotten purpler."
Purple states: CO, MI, MN, NH, NM, PA, VA, and WA comprise 71 electoral votes and are now toss ups, having once been solid for Obama.

told you so

From Investor's Business Daily:

"The untold story in this whole national crisis is that President Clinton put on steroids the Community Redevelopment Act, a well-intended Carter-era law designed to encourage minority homeownership. And in so doing, he helped create the market for the risky subprime loans that he and Democrats now decry as not only greedy but "predatory."

"Yes, the market was fueled by greed and overleveraging in the secondary market for subprimes, vis-a-vis mortgaged-backed securities traded on Wall Street. But the seed was planted in the '90s by Clinton and his social engineers. They were the political catalyst behind this slow-motion financial train wreck.

"And it was the Clinton administration that mismanaged the quasi-governmental agencies that over the decades have come to manage the real estate market in America."

Too much regulation in the market is always a problem. Not too little. Both McCain and Obama are wrong about this.


I'm reading from Bloomberg that the Treasury Department is said to be mulling taking over A.I.G. under a conservatorship, much like Freddie and Fannie.


Washington Mutual stock is now officially junk, just like their advertising.

rules for radicals

This community organizing experience is Obama's big claim to fame to be President of the United States and leader of the Free World. He learned about Saul Alinsky and the rules for radicals through an organization called Acorn, which specializes in community organizing, uh, I mean 'voter registration drives.'

How much of these 'registration' drives are believed to actually be legitimate? How many 'dead' people will show up to vote on November 4? How many Walt Disney characters will try to vote on November 4 as a result of these 'registration drives'? How legitimate can they be in Chicago, the capital of dirty politics?
"The fact that (the Republicans) marginalize our success in empowering low- and moderate-income people to improve their communities further illustrates that they are out of touch with ordinary people. Through community organizing, people are empowered to take action to solve their own problems, develop leadership skills and make decisions that improve their lives and their communities."
This statement from Acorn President Maude Hurd caught my eye for two reasons. First, what exactly is the black community in America doing to 'take action to solve their own problems'? What are they doing, besides standing on a corner waiting for a government handout? If the black community is so 'empowered,' why haven't they already solved all their problems?

Obama was a community organizer with Acorn back in the late '80's. How much time does it take to 'solve problems'? The fact that the black community haven't solved their problems all these years and all these federal handouts later, means that they never will. They'll just bitch, moan and cry racism, as always. And more black so-called 'leaders,' the Sharptons, the Jacksons, the Reverend Wrights, the Obamas of the world will be there to 'empower' them.

Second, Republicans don't 'marginalize' anybody. Republicans want people to do for themselves what government cannot: Succeed. We advocate lower taxes and personal responsibility. End of story.

It is the Democrats who marginalize people. They play class warfare and culture warfare to continually keep their disparate constituencies stirred up. (See above.) Otherwise, they'd never be competitive in elections.

Democrats steal elections. That's no secret. Books have been written about the turning-out-the-vote prowess of the Left for decades, like my buddy John Fund's new book, "Stealing Elections." And that's what Acorn is all about.

Those who have know me these past four years understand I'm not a conspiracy theorist. But I do believe what Fund is saying about the Obama campaign having an army of 9,000 lawyers who will be ready to file lawsuits in battleground states before the polls close on November 4. Read here.

My advice to you. If you vote absentee, don't mail it. I've been hand-delivering my ballot to my local precinct since '02.

the atlantic

I always had good experiences with photographers back in my advertising days.

The Atlantic has done a good job of distancing themselves from the juvenile Leftist photog Jill Greenberg. She even calls herself "The Manipulator."

Check out her portfolio. She likes to make little kids cry.

ugly politics

CNN's Candy Crowley reported last night that the Obama campaign wanted "horrific headlines from Wall Street."

Said David Gergen: "What happened over the weekend with the economy and the bottom falling out of the financial markets...is the opportunity for Obama to seize the momentum back on his side."

Democrats wishing for the worst? Bad financial news for Americans benefits Democratic politicians, just like high gas prices benefit Democratic politicians. That's pretty disgusting, pretty cynical.

If Americans believe that Obama is going to cut taxes, if they are stupid enough to believe that, then our country gets what it deserves. When's the last time a Liberal Democrat cut taxes?

More CNN: Obama takes his teleprompter to a rodeo. Bet the cowpokes loved that. You'd think he would have memorized his stump speech after 19 months, wouldn't you?


The Dow +141 today. The Fed steady, for now, on interest rates, but they did pump $70 billion of reserves into the banking system, the most since 9//11.

European markets down to three year lows.

The Russian stock market shed 20%, crashed, closed.


If the economy is as bad as Jobama is saying then how can people possibly afford to attend $28,500 a plate fundraisers?

If we're in "the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression," why the Beverly Hills fundraiser tonight, headlined by Barbra Streisand?

Seems just a wee bit 'out of touch' with regular Americans like me and you, doesn't it? It's always the rich, the rich, the rich. Tax the rich.

Excuse me, but, isn't Obama rich? He's worth somewhere in the four million dollar neighborhood after supposedly writing two books. If the Bush era, the Bush economy was as bad as Obama claims, he wouldn't have gotten rich, it seems to me. It frustrates me.

And I'm frustrated that the Democrats get a complete pass on the economy and yesterday's mess on Wall Street, messes that they are primarily responsible for. Everything the Democrats touch turns to crap.

And the comparison between then (the Great Depression) and now (the stock market falling 504 points) completely misses the mark. We still have yet to experience two consecutive quarters of non-growth. Unemployment is six percent, versus 35% unemployment during the Depression. Comparing then to now highlights the desperation and stupidity of Barack Obama. He's an embarrassment to serious people running for high office.

We really should be talking about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and their close ties to the Democrats.

We should be talking about how former CEO's James Johnson and Franklin Raines and Vice Chairman Jamie Gorelick, Demcrats all, cooked Fannie's books and paid themselves huge bonuses. Each of these three should be in jail.

Johnson, initially a member of Obama's VP search team, was forced to resign but remains a senior economic advisor. Raines is now a senior economic advisor to Obama! How rich is that? Gorelick has never been called to account for her role in creating the infamous 'wall' between intelligence agencies and law enforcement officials, which led directly to the 9/11 terrorist attacks and then she was even allowed to be a part of the 9/11 Commission. How crazy is that? And she represented Duke University in that bogus lacrosse/rape case. Makes perfect sense.

More on Gorelick: She and her team of lawyers were less concerned about America's national security than they were about 'creature comforts' for Osama bin Laden.

Read about all of this here. But I digress.

Shocker! Fannie/Freddie gives more money to Democrats: Read it here. The top five: Dodd, Kerry, Obama, Clinton and Kanjorski, Leftists all.

Another former Clinton official, Labor Secretary Robert Reich writes on his blog today:
"Over the past 30 years, the U.S. government has dismantled the system of regulation the nation instituted to prevent the sort of wild speculation that preceded the financial meltdown of the Great Depression.

"The last piece to fall was known as the Glass-Stegal Act, a Depression-era firewall intended to separate banking from finance. In the 1990s, my colleague Bob Rubin joined Fed chair Alan Greenspan in successfully getting Congress to repeal Glass-Stegal.

"Now, we're witnessing another financial meltdown, also fueled by speculation. Hopefully this one is not as serious as the one that occurred in 1929. But it does require us to rethink the importance of sensible financial regulation. Perhaps the pendulum of financial deregulation has swung too far."

Sounds to me very much like the current banking crisis we're experiencing began under the Clinton Administration. Eight years of Bill Clinton has been, and continues to be, incredibly costly for us.

President McCain.

Monday, September 15


An incredible day on Wall Street. The Dow finishing down 5o4points? Ouch! A re-alignment. A new day in American finance. And, as always, I'm optimistic.

That said, today was a dark day. There's no clear sign about what's ahead for AIG, the monstrous insurance conglomerate. If AIG fails (and it won't be allowed to fail) we really are in trouble.

Trouble, I say? Yes. Some of you will seize this moment to say "Ah, ha Kent! You told us the economy was 'fine.'"

I did say that. I continue to believe that fundamentally the economy is okay. I think you've got to separate the mortgage crisis from the stock market. That's not to say that the two aren't related, obviously, they are, judging from today's market chaos.

But the mortgage mess is the fault of a bunch of greedy people, not the fault of the government. Do we really want government regulation on Wall Street? No way.

In fact, I'd argue we're in this mess because of over-regulation. How else do you explain otherwise unqualified Americans with no income and no assets getting home loans?

This entire thing really shakes up the presidential campaign beyond words. I mean, as Mike Allen points out in the above linked Politico piece, both McCain and Obama were waiting until after the election to get specific on their economic plans. No such luxury now.

If Obama wins, it'll be big time regulation and big time taxes which will drive the Dow lower than it is today. Although, it wouldn't surprise me if Obama laughably continues to prop himself up as a tax cutter.

McCain is better on the economy because he really is a low tax guy. He'll send the market soaring if he can navigate the Democratic Congress and make the Bush tax cuts permanent. That is, if it's a Democratic Congress. Polls are showing the skyrocketing McCain-Palin numbers are having quite an effect down-ticket. Generic ballot polling shows the Dems now with just a +3 advantage.

walking the walk

Obama talks all the time about being bi-partisan and people assume it to be true, but it's McCain who reaches across the aisle to get things done. He's been doing it for 26 years.

down but not out

It's Monday morning and Lehman is gone and Bank of America owns Merrill Lynch.

Probably a good deal for Merrill.

Don't worry. Capitalism will prevail.

The big loser here is the Obama campaign. Elect a tax and spend Liberal in an economic downturn? Won't happen.

He should just concede now and get it over with.


Privately, Obama has been trying to stall the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.

Is this an acknowledgment that he's been boneheadedly wrong about the entire Iraq issue?

I wonder how the kook Lefty base will react -- if they ever find out -- that the Magic Negro has sold them out by again contradicting himself on American foreign policy and national security policy?

Saturday, September 13

joe who?

The press doesn't care about Joe Biden. He's an also-ran compared to a certain 44 year old Governor/Hockey Mom.


I'm stealing this from my buddy Jaz.

Maybe the crazy old bastard Mike Gravel ain't so crazy after all.

four years

Jack Abramoff cooperated with the feds, so he got a reduced prison sentence of four years. He's already served two.

Hey, that hat with the suit thing is a good look. I'll have to try that.


Meet Iraq veteran Army Specialist Joe Cook.


Lost in the criticism of McCain for not using the web and email is the fact that Presidents don't surf the web or send email for security reasons.

Maybe Obama doesn't know that McCain can't type because he can't lift his arms because of injuries he sustained as a POW.

He didn't know that Russia has a veto on the UN Security Council, either.

Obama doesn't know much about anything it seems.

suck it

According to Gallup, Republicans are 'outscoring Democrats' among people likely to vote, a sharp turnaround since the GOP convention.

The double digit lead for the Democrats is gone, too. Now, Congressional elections are nearly a tossup, with the Republicans only -3 in the generic ballot.

The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

nervous dems

Congressional Democrats are worried about the resurgence of John McCain?

They are even concerned about losing some of their 2006 gains?

I love it. That is music to my ears. As far as I'm concerned, the only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

Friday, September 12


I disagree with all those who say Gov. Palin didn't know what the Bush Doctrine was/is.

She said, essentially, that the doctrine was to kill terrorists, which is essentially true.

Actually, nobody can seem to agree exactly what the Bush Doctrine is because it's not written down. It's not the Monroe Doctrine, for example.

There actually have been four variations on the Bush Doctrine, a term first coined by Charles Krauthammer, and concocted by the press, since 2002.

(1.) State sponsors of terror will be treated like terrorists.

(2.) Pre-emption.

(3.) Working through allies, and alone, if need be.

(4.) Expansion of Democracy across the Middle East.

Palin answered with #4, which is exactly what the Bush Doctrine has been the last few years.

This really was a classic cheap shot, 'Gotcha' question by Gibson.


Consumer confidence is up, higher than its been in months.

to the wolves

How desperate is the Left to defeat a strong, accomplished, experienced, pro-life female politician?

They say that she shoots wolves from helicopters.

It's been illegal to do that, by the way, since 1972.


The stupidity of this is quite remarkable. Talking Points Memo, one of the more respectable Left wing blogs, writes that Palin's foreign policy is 'war with Russia.'

Uh, not at all. This is Liberal hysteria designed to confuse and milead. Some context is badly needed here.

Should Georgia and Ukraine become members of NATO? Palin said yes and I agree with her.

But guess what? Who else agrees with Palin? (And Gibson conveniently left this out) Obama, Biden and McCain.

So, if Palin's foreign policy can be described as wanting to go to war with Russia, the same can be said of Obama-Biden.

If and when those two nations become NATO members, they would then have the protection of other NATO member nations, including the United States, against a hostile power like Russia or China.

At that point, it is conceivable that we could go to war with Russia, but unlikely. The more likely scenario is Russia would choose less aggressive action rather than going to war against the United States.

Had Georgia already been in NATO, Russia wouldn't have invaded last month.


Hurricane Ike.

'stand up chuck'

Meanwhile, the human gaffe machine, the 'experienced, smart and serious' Joe Biden, continues to live up to his reputation of regularly putting his foot in his mouth.
"Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be vice president of the United States of America," Biden said Wednesday in Nashua, New Hampshire. "Quite frankly it might have been a better pick than me."

"Chuck, old pal, stand up, let the people see you," Biden shouted to paraplegic Missouri State Senator Chuck Graham, before realizing, to his horror, that Graham uses a wheelchair. "Oh, God love ya," Biden said. "What am I talking about?"

From the International Herald Tribune: "Biden recognizes that his tongue sometimes ventures ahead of his brain and often catches himself with a smile."

Nice parsing. Would the same ever be said about a Republican? The writer of this piece, John M. Broder, (Perhaps the son of David?) must have taken a creative writing class. 'The tongue sometimes venturing ahead"? Regular people call that lying.

The truth is that Biden has a ego the size of Delaware and he (and his fake teeth) get carried away whenever he speaks to a crowd. He's not a statesman at all. Never has been.


Anne Kornblut of the WaPo has written an incredibly dishonest story about Sarah Palin, "Palin Links Iraq to Sept. 11 In Talk to Troops in Alaska."

She did nothing of the sort. In remarks to Iraq-bound Alaskan soldiers, she said, they would "defend the innocent from the enemies who planned and carried out and rejoiced in the death of thousands of Americans."

Pretty clear, right?

But in the next paragraph, Kornblut writes, "The idea that the Iraqi government under Saddam Hussein helped al Qaeda plan the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, a view once promoted by Bush administration officials, has since been rejected even by the president himself."

A complete disconnect. Kornblut needs a hearing aid. Palin never said that. She sent her son and his fellow troops off to war to secure the peace, to defend freedom and to kill bad people. That's it.

This morning the media is spinning is that Palin committed 'a gaffe' with her answer to the question "Do you agree with the Bush doctrine?" Gibson didn't ask her to define the Bush doctrine, just whether of not she agreed. She said, essentially, yes but there had been some "blunders" along the way.

Gibson then went on to define the Bush doctrine with all the condescension and irritation he could muster. And that somehow constitutes 'a gaffe' on Palin's part? Unbelievable.

Thursday, September 11


Leaning back in his chair, glasses far down his nose, Charlie Gibson, the grand inquisitor of ABC News, asking questions of America's first potential female Republican Vice President, couldn't have been more sarcastic.

When he asked if she was 'ready' for national service and she replied that she was, he shot back: "Isn't that hubris?"

Democrats don't face this type of questioning. Barack Obama has never been faced with this type of hateful barrage, which is particularly ironic given his thin resume. He's totally unqualified to be President. His presence on a national ticket, in fact, is an embarrassment to the process and an insult to more accomplished candidates.

But Governor Palin? She's uniquely qualified for a national ticket at this time in our nations history. Her in-depth knowledge of energy especially gives her a specific gravitas.

The idiotic Joe Biden doesn't know his 'old pal' is in a wheelchair... So what? No mocking media coverage. But let's try to destroy the 44 year old Governor of Alaska.

I haven't witnessed more biased questioning since 1992, when Katie Couric snarled at then President Bush 41, which prompted him to respond, "You don't like me very much, do you?"

Palin did fine against Gibson and his genuflecting ankle. She answered his condescending questioning with direct, honest answers. Both she and McCain are unflappable in the face of unprofessional journalists and are just the type of national leaders America needs in 2008.

world news

Sarah excerpts! Get your ABC World News Tonight/Sarah excerpts here!

She sounds like a hardliner, 'agreeing in principle to the Bush doctrine,' saying the President has 'the obligation, the duty to defend' the nation from attack.

She also describes what she brings to the McCain table.
"The energy independence I've been working on for these years as the Governor of this state that produces nearly 20 percent of the US domestic supply of energy, that I worked on as chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, overseeing the oil and gas development in our state to produce more for the United States...but I want you to not lose sight of the fact that energy is a foundation of national security. It's that important. It's that significant."
Damn right. Go Sarah.

what did i say?

Global warming? That was so last year.

The Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting a cooler winter this year and also Global Cooling for decades to come.
"We at the Almanac are among those who believe that sunspot cycles and their effects on oceans correlate with climate changes," writes meteorologist and climatologist Joseph D'Aleo. "Studying these and other factor suggests that cold, not warm, climate may be our future."

"It remains to be seen, said Editor-in-Chief Jud Hale, whether the human impact on global temperatures will cancel out or override any cooling trend.

"We say that if human beings were not contributing to global warming, it would become real cold in the next 50 years," Hale said."

Climate change, as I've been telling you for some four years now, is cyclical. It's warmer. Then it's cooler. Obviously. Logically. These people like Al Gore who have been scaring everybody are the fools I've always believed them to be. Rich fools.
"For the near future, the Almanac predicts most of the country will be colder than normal in the coming winter, with heavy snow from the Ozarks into southern New England. Snow also is forecast for northern Texas, with a warmer than usual winter in the northern Plains."
So this winter, cooler. We're already seeing it here in Southern California. Normally, mid September is blazing hot in the 100's. I think it was 79 degrees today with a cool breeze. It was perfect.

Unfortunately for California in 2009, the Almanac predicts a continuing drought and wildfire danger. And in Florida, an active Hurricane season.

help, part ii

How scary would it be to be on a train miles underneath the English Channel halfway between London and Paris and have a fire break out?


Eighty six year old Sarah Hussein Obama has been 'targeted' by thieves in recent days, apparently because people believe her local hero grandson Barack Obama is sending money to her in Kenya.

Some thugs tried to make off with a solar panel from her roof. 'A solar panel'? What the...? Did old Sarah hit the African lottery? Or maybe some local 'community organizer' has been helping her out.


By and large, the Democrats don't, and won't, talk about 9/11. During their convention, nary a mention of the attacks on America, the threats our nation faces or the struggle against radical Islam. I guess they think that if they just ignore terrorism, then terrorism doesn't exist. That was certainly the mindset of Bill Clinton.

But one brave Liberal, the writer Jeffry Goldberg, does get it. And he talks about it. He understands the struggle, the import of protecting America from the radicals. And he writes about it today in the New York Times, of all places.
"The next president must do one thing, and one thing only, if he is to be judged a success: He must prevent Al Qaeda, or a Qaeda imitator, from gaining control of a nuclear device and detonating it in America. Everything else — Fannie Mae, health care reform, energy independence, the budget shortfall in Wasilla, Alaska — is commentary.

"The nuclear destruction of Lower Manhattan, or downtown Washington, would cause the deaths of thousands, or hundreds of thousands; a catastrophic depression; the reversal of globalization; a permanent climate of fear in the West; and the comprehensive repudiation of America’s culture of civil liberties."

"So what we have is one presidential candidate who still seems to be casting about for an overarching strategy; and another one who is not entirely sure whom we’re fighting. We can hope against hope that in the next two months, these two men will discuss, in a deliberative and encompassing way, the best ways to protect America from what some nonproliferation experts believe is a nearly inevitable attack. We should, in fact, demand that this conversation take place, because nothing else matters."
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