Wednesday, December 31

bah humbug

How's this for holiday cheer? Next month the RNC will attempt to formally brand President Bush and Congressional Republican leaders 'Socialists' for embracing bailouts.

Extreme? Harsh? Ridiculous? All of the above. The Republican Party is a big tent party, as evidenced by this debate. One man's bailout is another man's bitter pill.

What purpose does this serve other than kicking Bush on his way out the door? These types of stunts are already heavily trafficked by the juvenile Democrats. Why are we suddenly stooping?

i is for idiotic

Polar bear
The year is nearly complete, holiday travel is a giant mess and I think it's safe to say that - finally, thankfully - people are beginning to realize that this climate change mania is exactly what I've always said it was: A bunch of crap.

Man-made global warming is such a farce and so ridiculous, I mean, really, how dumb are people?

Wednesday, December 24

lumps of coal

Rampant cheating in Minnesota. They are counting duplicate ballots and shocker! Franken now has a lead.

Rampant dishonesty in Illinois. It turns out that Obama/Emanuel did have conversations -- and even provided lists -- about acceptable Senatorial replacements with Blagojevich. But because incoming Obama White House counsel Greg Craig says nothing untoward occurred we should just all take it at face value and believe it.

Oh, and by the way, it's no small thing that President-elect Obama was questioned by federal prosecutors last week. What about that crap about being 'a new kind of politician'? It's about time somebody finally got around to vetting the guy.

For the record, I don't care that Obama and Emanuel talked to Blogo about Obama's successor. I'm sure it happens all the time. Money, or promises are exchanged in such circumstances, undoubtedly.

But I have a problem with Obama and his chief-of-staff lying about what they did because it speaks to character and integrity, which are the two most important qualities in a Commander-in-Chief.

If I didn't know any better I'd say the Democrats must be in charge. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, my friends.

Monday, December 22

reaching out

My hometown paper, the San Diego Union-Tribune gets it exactly right today in their lead editorial, heaping praise upon President Bush at his insistence for a wide-open, transparent presidential transition.

Bill Clinton didn't give Bush and Cheney the benefit of an orderly transition, but true to character, President Bush is giving better than what he got.
"Thanks to Bush, and going beyond what other presidents have done, it's highly unlikely there will be gaps in Obama's knowledge. Even before the first votes were cast in the November election, Bush had ordered the transition process under way. Intelligence legislation signed into law by Bush in 2004 allowed for the early security clearances of Obama transitions officials. Even before the elections, Bush ordered high-level unclassified briefings on crisis areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan."
I continue to be impressed by President Bush. Despite all of the bloviating to the contrary, Bush is a good, decent man, focused almost exclusively on what is in the best interest of the country. He's even hosting a January 7th Presidential Power Lunch in Obama's honor. Attendees will be former Presidents Carter, Bush and Clinton.

Yes, Bush is all grace and class and I doubt this treatment is going unnoticed by team Obama.

Sunday, December 21

article i

Dec. 19: Vice President Cheney attends the unveiling of President Bush's portrait at the National Portrait Gallery (AP Photo).
A lot of people decry partisanship. Not me. I don't think there's enough partisanship. Frankly, the Democrats have partisanship down.

Here's why I love Dick Cheney. He doesn't pull punches. He says what he thinks and he says what he means, succinct, unvarnished.

Now, I happen to believe that Joe Biden -- excuse me -- Vice President-elect Joe Biden is a complete freaking idiot. Apparently Vice President (for a few more weeks) Cheney agrees with me.
"Joe's (Biden) been chairman of the Judiciary Committee, a member of the Judiciary Committee in the Senate for 36 years, teaches constitutional law back in Delaware, and can't keep straight which article of the Constitution provides for the legislature and which provides for the executive."
A great example of the best and brightest serving. Of course, I'm talking about Cheney.

Wednesday, December 17

'honor of a lifetime'

I loved what the President of the United States had to say today at the U.S. Army College. This was the speech where Bush finally defended himself from all the b.s., all the scurrilous attacks of the past eight years.

Here's President Bush's legacy:

"We'll leave behind a vastly upgraded network of homeland defenses...
"We'll leave behind a revamped intelligence community...
"We will leave behind new technologies and resources for our military...
" We will leave behind a strong coalition...
"We will leave behind new programs...
"And finally, we leave behind an unprecedented commitment to extending the reach of liberty and democracy."

Leaving it better than how you found it. That's good stewardship.

not cool

The Presidency is serious business. President Bush understands just how serious it is and appropriately, his administration has dutifully prepared a series of contingency briefings for the incoming Obama administration. This was exactly the type of pre-planning, organized, forward-thinking that the Clinton administration failed to provide Bush in 2001. Instead, staffers in the Clinton White House were busy doing serious work. Like tearing the W's off the computer keyboards.

From the NYT:
“This is very unusual,” said Roger Cressey, a former Clinton White House counterterrorism official who was held over under Mr. Bush. “We certainly did not do that."
As President Bush continues to endure scathing, unfair attacks and demeaning press coverage he does what he has always done since becoming president. He's done what he thinks is best for the country. These contingency briefing prove, yet again, what a great President George W. Bush has been.

Looking at the above photo of Time Magazine's Man of the Year, I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry.

Tuesday, December 16

'extreme measures'

Thank God I don't live in New York state. Look at the insane new taxes, or 'extreme measures,' as Gov. David Patterson calls them.

* iPod tax
*movie theater tax
*sporting events tax
*taxis/buses/limousine tax
*cable and satellite TV tax
*radio tax
*beer/wine/beverage tax
*cigar tax

The iPod tax charges state and local taxes on downloaded music. Over 88 new fees and other ridiculous taxes.

change and hope

If true, Rahm Emanuel has been caught on the Fed's tape 21 times talking about President-elect Obama's vacant Senate seat, which means, again...if true, that our as yet un-inaugurated President has already been exposed as a liar.

maybe, maybe not

No matter how you slice it, President Bush has protected the nation from attack since 9/11, he's been beyond generous in foreign aid, especially to Africa and Americans were prosperous for 3/4 of his time in office. Not a bad record at all.

Monday, December 15


What has been lost in all of the discussion about the shoe throwing incident in Iraq is the right of the man to throw his shoes at a visiting head of state.

That visiting head of state, in fact, is responsible for the man being free to throw the shoes. That is democracy.

Thursday, December 11

'willful fantasy'

My buddy John Fund in the WSJ today quotes Chicago Tribune political columnist John Kass in wondering whether the Blagojevich matter will end the MSM's 'willful fantasy' that Obama and dirty politics in Chicago 'have little to do with each other.'
"Obama has an ambiguous reputation among those trying to clean up Illinois politics. "We have a sick political culture, and that's the environment Barack Obama came from," Jay Stewart, executive director of the Chicago Better Government Association, told ABC News months ago. Though Mr. Obama did support ethics reforms as a state senator, Mr. Stewart noted that he's "been noticeably silent on the issue of corruption here in his home state including, at this point, mostly Democratic politicians."
Fund points out the reason for that ambiguity might be loyal Blogojevich ally Emil Jones, the Illinois State Senate President who 'burnished Obama's credentials.'

Tony Rezko? The guy who gave Obama the sweetheart deal on his house? Another Blogojevich ally.

Nobody plays harder or dirtier than Rahm Emanuel and he and Obama ran not one, but both of Blogojevich's gubernatorial campaigns.

Show of hands. Who really believes that President-elect Obama is squeaky clean despite a myriad of questionable associations? Not me.


Very funny. Oh, no. Campbell wasn't cheerleading for the Democrats or anything in 2008. I must've totally dreamed it.

Wednesday, December 10

it's called winter

Snow in Houston?

From the Houston Chronicle:

"By Wednesday evening, the flakes were big enough to hold their shape for a moment on the street before melting into the pavement, and a dusting had collected on parked cars in some parts of town.

"The flurries tied a record for Houston's earliest snowfall ever and warmed the hearts of winter weather lovers who have pined for snow since it last made an appearance on Christmas Eve 2004.

"Since 1895, records indicate, snow has fallen this early just once — on Dec. 10, 1944."

Damn that global warming!

too little, too late

How rich is this? Now that the MSM secured Obama's place as president-elect, the Associated Press tells us that Obama has "questionable associations."

Rod Blogojevich
Tony Rezko
Jesse Jackson
Mayor Daley
Rashid Khalidi
Rahm Emmanuel
William Ayers
Emil Jones
Reverend Wright
Reverend Phleger
David Axelrod
Louis Farrakhan

But Obama's not corrupt...No way! How could you ever draw that conclusion? He's totally clean! He swam in the cesspool but he never got dirty. Yeah, that makes total sense.

I wonder what the going rate is for a United States Senate seat?


Here's an example of how the MSM is going to play the Blogojevich/Obama connection.

From the always fair and balanced NY Times:
In a sequence of events that neatly captures the contradictions of Barack Obama’s rise through Illinois politics, a phone call he made three months ago to urge passage of a state ethics bill indirectly contributed to the downfall of a fellow Democrat he twice supported, Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich.
'Neatly captures'? Wait, there's more.
"Obama’s unusual decision to inject himself into a statewide issue during the height of his presidential campaign was a reminder that despite his historic ascendancy to the White House, he has never quite escaped the murky and insular world of Illinois politics. It is a world he has long navigated, to the consternation of his critics, by engaging in a kind of realpolitik, Chicago-style, which allowed him to draw strength from his relationships with important players without becoming compromised by their many weaknesses."
I guess it doesn't pass muster with me that a politician can 'long navigate' a slimy world like Chicago politics and not be affected. It doesn't pass the smell test. Especially when Obama often practiced bare knuckled tactics in his own races, like muscling other candidates off the ballots so that he could run unopposed.

Tuesday, December 9

seven years

I was multitasking last night, watching Monday Night Football while reading a scary smart American Spectator article written by Robert Stacy McCain about the futility of the Democrats and their proposed 'solutions' for the improving the economy.

Yes, history does repeat. The Left took steps that prolonged the suffering and the duration of the Depression by seven long years. Today, they want to do the same thing, by instituting tried and true failed methods of 'stimulation.'

One must ask just how dumb, how ignorant of history are these supposedly brilliant people? Now they are in charge they must actually govern, not blame Republicans and they aren't very good at doing that.

Stacy McCain posits that all the opposition Republicans must do over the next four years is tell the country and anyone else willing to listen is that the stuff the Democrats want to do, and most certainly will do, won't work.

Says he:
"Infrastructure "investments"? It won't work. Pump-priming "stimulus" payments? It won't work. More taxpayer-funded bailouts? It won't work. Go through the familiar liberal litany of economic prescriptions that Democrats are now suggesting, pick any proposal, and the message is the same: It won't work."
Many Republican leaders, most notably Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal have repeatedly said the Republican party cannot be the party of No and I wholeheartedly agree. It's just that we don't want to get in the way of the Democrats destroying themselves.

Says Stacy McCain again:
"Practically powerless to stop the Democratic agenda, and even less able to enact their own agenda, why should Republicans entangle themselves in the details of specific alternatives, when they can reap a bounty of political capital by repeating the simple truth?"
Federal tax holiday, anybody? That's going to begin to sound awfully good to middle class Americans somewhere around 2010 if Obama is true to his word and raises (not lowers) taxes on 95% of the country.

Polls show that Americans believe Obama can fix the economy, which is actually really bad news for the new president because he's doomed to failure if he signs into law the old style failed policies of the past. Hopefully, we won't have to suffer seven years longer than necessary.

national sovereignty

Gideon Rachman writes a fascinating piece in the Financial Times about "a plausible one world government." Of course it makes sense.

First, today's difficult problems are global in scope, global financial problems, the global war on terrorism and (and although I think it's bogus, he includes it) global warming.

Second, communications/transportation advances have made the Earth smaller.

Third, national governments are pushing toward what Rachman labels 'global solutions,' on big problems.

Factor in that Obama's a globalist and a big UN guy. Democrats are quick to label themselves citizens of the world before calling themselves American citizens. The Left has long sought to emulate Europe.

Not so for me. I am a proud American citizen who acts, thinks and votes with one thought in mind: Whatever is best for the United States.

This global crap makes me sick. I don't want my President, my nation or my military being subservient to a global body or organization. But it's definitely coming.

'for sale'

That's President-elect Obama and Illinois Governor Rod Blogojevich, another Democrat. Blogojevich, and his chief of staff, John Harris were arrested this morning by FBI agents on federal corruption charges after a three year investigation.

Allegedly, Blogojevich was attempting to muscle his way into the Health and Human Services Cabinet job with the incoming Obama administration, or a high paying union job in exchange for a union-friendly Senate replacement for Obama.

Additionally, prosectors charge that Blogojevich and Harris sought to demand firings of Chicago Tribune board members critical of the Governor. And that they essentially had a 'for sale' sign on the Governor's mansion, where financial benefits for the Governor and his family would result in appointments to boards, commissions, state jobs and state contracts. Even Obama's Senate seat was available for the right price.

From the Chicago Sun Times:
"Throughout the intercepted conversations, Blagojevich also allegedly spent significant time weighing the option of appointing himself to the open Senate seat and expressed a variety of reasons for doing so, including: frustration at being “stuck” as governor; a belief that he will be able to obtain greater resources if he is indicted as a sitting Senator as opposed to a sitting governor; a desire to remake his image in consideration of a possible run for President in 2016; avoiding impeachment by the Illinois legislature; making corporate contacts that would be of value to him after leaving public office; facilitating his wife’s employment as a lobbyist; and generating speaking fees should he decide to leave public office."
This is staggering corruption that goes well beyond the Randy "Duke" Cunningham graft case. They've even issued subpoenas on the Obama/Rezko land deal.

Monday, December 8

the incredible, shrinking biden

Joe Biden.
And even more Politico. Mike Allen -- I once heard him say 'we,' referring to Democrats -- wrote over the weekend that Vice President-elect Biden will "limit the role of Vice President."

Of course, this all is meant to show that the Congressional Democrats want to "restore" a system of checks and balances that they claim were stepped on during the Bush Administration, when Vice President Cheney regularly attended Republican meetings on Capitol Hill. This was "too political."

Biden is being relegated to the dog house -- the traditional role of the Veep -- before 44 is even inaugurated. The idea that Slow Joe had anything to do with this decision (Allen describes it as "Dialing back predecessor’s expansive view of the office") or has ever had any say in anything having to do with Obama is just ludicrous.

Over the next four/eight years Biden's exposure is going to match his IQ.

politico 44

It turns out that is just another hard Left enterprise masquerading as a down-the-middle news operation.

I do think Politico is legit -- I read it and use it regularly -- but if you needed proof that Politico is in the tank for Obama just as much as MSNBC is, take a look at Politico 44. They even call it what it is: "The next president. Minute by minute."

They have news capsules of any and all Obama-related news. Meeting with Gore in Chicago tomorrow... Richardson raising money....State Department News...Biden won't be invited to meetings with Senate Democrats...

And look! There's even a President-elect's calendar, 'updated all day, every day.'

"8:35AM: Obama left his house and headed for Regent's Park for a work out."

"9:56AM: Obama left the gym and headed for home."

"10:33AM: Obama leaves his house for the 10-minute drive to his transition office."

Funny. I don't remember this type of media orgasm for President-elect Bush.


I heard about Obama's new deal over the weekend and I agree that American infrastructure does need some refurbishing. But I don't think it's imperative to have every child online and I disagree that schools need to be "modernized" and "upgraded."

Modernizing and upgrading schools put a pretty picture on education, but it won't improve education. What will improve education is holding teachers and students accountable. Bad teachers should be fired. Good teachers should be rewarded. Then, and only then, do we modernize and upgrade.

To the extent that the United States needs money it shouldn't turn to American citizens and higher taxes, the Federal Government should turn to Iraq and ask that they reimburse our country with some of their plentiful oil revenues. It's the least they could do, since we liberated their citizenry and rebuilt much of their country.


Jeb Bush, the wildly successful former Florida Governor, is widely expected to run for Mel Martinez's vacated Senate seat in '10. I blogged about that last week, briefly.

Michael Barone asserts that part of the reason the Federal Government's response to Hurricane Katrina in '05 was slow was because they were accustomed to dealing with Jeb and his staff in Florida, who were "masterful in handling hurricane relief."

Barone writes:
"One reason for the federal government's poor response to Hurricane Katrina was that the feds were used to dealing with Jeb Bush and Florida's competent local officials; dealing with the hapless New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco was quite a different thing."
Bush, according to Barone is "the outstanding Governor of this decade." He also lists Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen as the only other competitor for that title.

somebody say 'duck'

A military jet crashed into a residential area of University City Monday as the fighter jet returned to MCAS  Miramar to land. (Photo: Karen Pretzel )
An F-18 crashed into a residential area about twenty miles south of my house.

Three people died and the wreckage burned several homes in University City.

culture of corruption

Finally, justice is served on the corrupt Democrat William Jefferson. The money-in-the-freezer guy lost his re-election bid to Anh "Joseph" Cao, the first Vietnamese-American ever to serve in Congress.

This is the most satisfying political moment for me since 2004.

Wednesday, December 3

too close for comfort

A Russian warship will be sailing through the Panama Canal this week. This, and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's recent visit to Venezuela, is part of 'an effort to raise Moscow's profile in a region he said it has long neglected,' according to the AP.

The Russians will be visiting the Balboa Naval Base -- established by the US decades ago, this hub of activity was formerly known as the Rodman Naval Base.

Of course, we have the feckless President Carter to thank for the fact that America no longer controls the Canal.

my concerns

I have three giant concerns about Obama's Cabinet. Janet Napolitano. Eric Holder. Susan Rice.

Napolitano was the attorney for Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas Senate confirmation hearings, a ridiculous footnote. More political opportunist than policy heavyweight, she was a US Attorney under Clinton, then AG of Arizona and now "a border issues" Governor.

Battling illegal immigration is something I applaud, but I doubt this equips her to battle terrorists. It's a big stretch to say that she's qualified to oversee Homeland Security under the Obama Administration

Holder, the former Deputy Attorney General "was a driving force behind President Clinton’s pardons of members of the notorious Puerto Rican terrorist group, the Armed Forces for National Liberation (FALN)."

"The FALN was one of the most prolific terrorist organizations ever to wage war against the American people. They proudly claimed responsibility for over 130 bombings and incendiary attacks in the U.S. and Puerto Rico between 1974 and 1983, killing six and wounding scores."

This is the big story, but all the MSM wants to talk about re: Holder, is the Marc Rich pardon.

Rice was largely responsible for American inaction on the genocide in Rwanda. She stood by and did nothing while hundred of thousands were slaughtered.

Of course, now she's repentant and I'm all for redemption, but a pacifist is a pacifist and elevating Rice (and the corrupt, irrelevant UN) to Cabinet level status in the Obama Administration is just a bad idea.

minnesota update

Franken's campaign is now claiming that they are 'leading' by 22 votes and to 'drive home their point,' they are withdrawing hundreds of challenges.
“We will be sending a letter to the Secretary of State today withdrawing 633 challenges that we believe have no chance of being upheld before the state Canvassing Board,” Franken attorney Marc Elias said.
Do I detect an admission that they were lying about these 633 challenges? Why issue challenges that you know have 'no chance of being upheld'? Desperation perhaps? Grasping at straws?

Meanwhile, the official media count has Coleman up by 300 votes.

Update update from at 4:37 CST:

"Elections officials in Minnesota's largest city today discovered that one precinct came up 133 ballots short of election day totals, resulting in a net loss for Democratic challenger Al Franken of 36 votes.

"The development wipes away what had been a boon for Franken in his bid to overtake Republican U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman, after Ramsey County officials found an additional 37 votes for Franken from a Maplewood precinct on Tuesday.

"Minneapolis elections director Cindy Reichert said she believes the error occurred when election judges at the precinct on election night mistakenly ran ballots with write-in candidates through a counting machine twice. There were 129 such ballots."

Bummer, Al.


If you've ever wondered what many in Congress think of you and me -- the little people, the commoners -- Harry Reid's comments sum it up nicely.

Regarding the new $621 million Capitol Visitors Center, Reid said, 'We won't smell the tourists anymore.'

These high and mighty people have been in DC so long, they've been so insulated from the real world, they are so out of touch, so arrogant with their power it's staggering.

power mad

Even Congressional Democrats have great concerns about the growing power of the power-crazed Nancy Pelosi.

From The Hill:

Centrists are grumbling that their growing ranks aren’t represented in the leadership team that Pelosi shaped through back-room arm-twisting. The so-called Blue Dogs, while publicly celebrating President-elect Obama’s commitment to “pay-go,” are wondering when the stimulus balloon stops expanding.

There is also growing speculation that pay-go will be waived for healthcare legislation, which is expected to cost hundreds of billions of dollars.
“Everybody I talk to, everybody’s worried about something,” said a Democratic staffer.
Ah, the sweet smell of dissent! I love it, especially when it's aimed at the hypocritical Speaker of the House.

Tuesday, December 2


Is Jeb Bush going to run for Mel Martinez's Senate seat?


Obama's not going to levy a windfall profit tax on oil companies now that oil has fallen below $80 a barrel. How benevolent.

Gas near my house is $1.99 a gallon. Sweet!

a good night

Senator Saxby Chambliss held on to win the Georgia run-off election against Jim Martin. Happy Day. And Senator Norm Coleman is looking safe in Minnesota. That is, if Al Franken acts like a man, respects the will of the voters and accepts the final results.

No 60 seat filibuster-proof Senate for the Democrats. America has no idea how lucky it is.

And, according to Saxby, Sarah Palin was the difference.

From the Politico:
“When she walks in a room, folks just explode,” he added. “And they really did pack the house everywhere we went. She's a dynamic lady, a great administrator, and I think she's got a great future in the Republican Party.”

"The Republican also thanked John McCain and the other big name Republicans that came to Georgia, but said Palin made the biggest impact.

“We had John McCain and Mike Huckabee and Gov. Romney and Rudy Giuliani, but Sarah Palin came in on the last day, did a fly-around and, man, she was dynamite,” he said. “We packed the houses everywhere we went. And it really did allow us to peak and get our base fired up.”
Damn, I miss Sarahcuda.

Monday, December 1


The Clinton Administration (since 1996) and the Bush Administration (since 2001) have planned and now the Obama Administration and the Pentagon will execute a plan to have 20,000 troops inside the United States by 2011 to 'bolster' domestic security.
"The US Military expects to have 20,000 uniformed troops inside the United States by 2011 trained to help state and local officials respond to a nuclear terrorist attack or other domestic catastrophe, according to Pentagon officials."
A year ago, Gordon England, the deputy Defense Secretary, allocated $556 million over five years to set up the three response teams known as CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear event) Consequence Management Response Forces.

What else could you do with 20,000 troops? Secure the Northern and Southern borders? Or create a sort of militia for confiscating people's guns? Force one's wishes on an unwilling or resistant public?

cnn wire

CNN is pitching CNN Wire, a cheap alternative to the ghastly Associated Press, to cash starved newspapers.

dow plunges

The Dow nose-dived 679.95 today, the fourth worst day ever on Wall Street, on news of an 'officially declared' recession that began a year ago.

'happy thoughts, happy molecules'

Deepak Chopra is a bit of a moron. He wants Obama to end the War on Terror so that the world can unite and we can all be friends.

Yet, CNN thinks he's an expert on foreign policy and there he was claiming that the terrorist attacks in Mumbai are the fault of the United States and the policies of the Bush Administration.

madam secretary

Is she really qualified? Yes, she does have 'stature' as Obama says and of course it's brilliant politics and anybody would be better than Madeleine Albright, but...

Eric Holder for Attorney General? Bad idea. Holder made the case for the most controversial Clinton pardons eight years ago and is very soft on crime, as is the President-elect.

Retired Marine General Jim Jones as National Security Advisor? Good call. I love the Marines.

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano as Director of Homeland Security? Bad idea. Knowing 'border issues' is great and I salute the effort she's put forth on illegal immigration, but putting any Democrat in charge of Homeland Security is a terrible idea. Obama kept Gates, he should keep Chertoff, too.
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