Thursday, February 26

way to go, leon

CIA director Leon Panetta (I'm laughing loudly as I type) said that the global financial crisis could push Argentina, Ecuador and Venezuela into 'instability.'

Argentina has called Panetta's comment 'irresponsible.' It is. Dumb, too. Reckless. Panetta is in over his head. As is Obama. As is the entire administration. What an embarassment.

Democrats run great campaigns but they suck at governing.


Democrats love raising taxes because it gives them control. They take our money with the express purpose of growing government.

Obama's talking about taxing the mega rich, the so-called 2% of wage earners, so he's raising the top marginal tax rate to 42%. Problem is, there aren't enough rich people to tax to cover all the ridiculous spending.

Everybody's taxes are going up. Yours and mine. Eventually, they'll even tax breathing. You know, because we exhale CO2? It's called Cap and Trade.

Drink up, bitches.

making stuff up

Everybody knows the Vice President is a gaffe machine. Joe Biden is both a liar and and an idiot.

He wrongly claimed Louisiana is 'losing 400 jobs a day.'

In fact, Louisiana, a Republican-run state, added 3,700 jobs for the month of December according to a January 28, 2009 press release. And statewide the unemployment rate is 5.9%, well below the national unemployment average of 7.2%.

Wednesday, February 25

media bias

Vice President Biden, when asked for a government website address today on CBS's "The Early Show," responded "I don't have the website number." The news anchor helpfully replied, "Okay, I'll just call your office later."

Imagine if Vice President Cheney or President Bush had uttered the words "I don't have the website number..." Would the questioner have been so willing to let such stupidity slide? Mmm?

The fact that Joe Biden, a certifiable walking and talking dunce, is the Vice President is testament to an extreme American media bias.

suck the nipple

Obama says we'll emerge stronger.
Obama vows more soldiers.
Obama vows a cure for cancer.
Obama vows universal education.
Obama vows universal health care...
He continues to propose endless socialism and the investors hate it. The stock market continues to tank. Thanks a lot, Barry.

And, look. Nancy's home from Italy. I hope she enjoyed her all expenses paid (by you and me, the taxpayers) junket.

Saturday, February 21

i voted for mccain

President Obama, according to the Washington Post, "is putting the finishing touches on an ambitious first budget that seeks to cut the federal deficit in half over the next four years, primarily by raising taxes on business and the wealthy and by slashing spending on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Wow. We're in big trouble.

Raising taxes on business? In this economy? With unemployment rising?

No, no, no. You CUT taxes on business in a bad economy. Otherwise, you just make the economy even worse, Barry. And you CUT taxes on the rich because the rich employ people.

People have been telling me the past two years how brilliant Obama is. If his plan to save the economy is to raise taxes on business and the wealthy than he's a complete tool. An idiot. And don't even get me started on his foreign policy blunders in only four weeks. The guy doesn't know what he's doing.

I miss Bush. Iran didn't launch a satellite when Bush was in office. Russia didn't shut down a US air base when Bush was in office. Bush didn't give in on Kaliningrad and turn his back on Poland and Czechoslovakia. Yemen didn't release al Qaeda terrorists from jail when Bush was in office. Pakistan imprisoned AQ Khan while Bush was in office, but they released him once Obama was inaugurated and they finally capitulated to the Taliban, something they never did when Bush was in charge. Finally and most importantly Bush always did whatever it took to win and to protect America and Americans. Obama, so far, has shown that he lacks the fundamental willingness to do those vitally important things. Which is why I, and tens of millions of others -- 47% of America -- voted for McCain.

As far as slashing spending on Iraq, okay. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory? Maybe. But Afghanistan, too? I thought Obama believed Afghanistan was the central front on the War on Terror? I guess that was just campaign rhetoric. He didn't really mean what he said. If he had said what he really meant he might not have gotten elected, because telling voters in an election year that you're a chicken and a coward doesn't play too well. So, by 'slashing spending' in Afghanistan, does that mean Obama's declaring the war to be lost? Is the new Democratic President of the United States waving the white flag? Really?

Friday, February 20

'decidedly negative'

Obama sucks. Wall Street thinks so after his first month in office. The stock market's reaction to the 44th president "has been decidedly negative."

So inauguration day the much ballyhooed 'hope' and 'change' thing has only meant a painful 10% drop in the Dow. The magic is officially off the Negro.

From Liz Peek:
"Let’s dispense with the antiquated notion that only rich people own stocks, and that the market’s ups and downs are unimportant. Almost everyone has a stake in our financial markets, either through owning stocks and bonds directly or through pension plans. Even the neediest Americans who are fed or clothed by charities are hurt when those organizations’ endowments crater or donations dry up."
Soaking the rich won't work, and since soaking the rich is the only weapon in the Democratic playbook, let's just state the obvious and say with certainty that Barry, Harry, Nancy, Barney, Chris, Bill, Bob, Franklin, Jamie, Jim and rest of the donkeys on the Left -- you know, 'The Party of The People"? -- don't have a clue about what to do.

They caused this financial crisis in the first place, but digging us out of it is 'above their pay grade.'

a strong leader for israel

New Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu is right on the money when he says that Israel must topple the terrorist Hamas goverment in Gaza.

Unfortunately, Israel no longer has a committed, willing friend in George W. Bush, driving American foreign policy.

Instead, we have President Obama, who is just stupid enough to be giving aid money to the Palestinians, which is then used by Hamas, not for food, jobs or infrastructure, but for weapons to use against Israel.

higher taxes

California's taxes are going up, thanks to Abel Maldonado (R-Santa Maria) a fairly squishy moderate (like that worthless jackass John McCain) who sides with the Democrats from time to time.

Maldonado voted for the 'budget measure' tax hikes in exchange for the promise that a open primary measure be placed on the ballot next year to bridge the partisan divide in Sacramento. If it passes, it would 'narrow the ideological extremes in the Legislature.' Or, in other words, kill off whatever is left of Conservatism in my once Golden State.

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, shook hands with Sen. Abel Maldonado, R-Santa Maria, who cast the deciding vote on the budget deal. (Rich Pedroncelli / AP)
Thanks in large part to Maldonado (pictured all smiles above on the right, with Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) California's vehicle licensing fee will nearly double next year. Hey, that's something to be happy about, right Abel?

You'll remember this doubling of the car tax was what forced the recall of former California Governor Gray Davis. The repeal of the car tax was the reason, more than any other, that Arnold Schwarzenegger became our Governor in 2003.

I'm not sure why history repeats itself, but it does.


It is impossible to use the words 'Democrat' and 'ethics' in the same sentence. And brand new Illinois Senator Roland Burris is only the latest in a long line of corrupt, unclean Democrats to be exposed.


How bad is it? The President of the United States -- a Democrat -- was forced to waive his own ethics rules in order to place William Lynn, the deputy defense secretary, and a former lobbyist at the Pentagon.

By the way, Obama still owes the city of Chicago $1.74 million for his big, ostentatious election night victory bash.

How bad is it? Even the reliably Leftist Associated Press is running a piece today titled "Democrats Self-Destructing Over Ethics," where they catalog all of the Obama scandals and other assorted, slimy Democrats.

But, lest we think they have suddenly become followers of the gospel of objectivity, the AP still manages to slime the GOP in this story by mentioning Mark Foley. Do you remember Mark Foley? Oh yeah, he was the guy who was never charged with doing anything wrong.

Thursday, February 19


Holder_BlackHistory_02182009.jpgIt seems that the Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder is more concerned with race than doing his job. Democrats are always trying to play the race card and get the black folks all stirred up.

Why is he out there declaring that America is 'a nation of cowards on racial matters.' And how exactly does the Justice Department have a 'special responsibility to advance racial understanding?'

"We, as average Americans, simply do not talk enough with each other about race." I'm wondering what there really is to talk about. Should we have block parties and symposiums about race? Would that do it? Would that fix everything?

"It is an issue we have never been at ease with and, given our nation's history, this is in some ways understandable. If we are to make progress in this area, we must feel comfortable enough with one another and tolerant enough of each other to have frank conversations about the racial matters that continue to divide us." I think America has made incredible progress. Look at the African Americans in positions of power in corporate America. Look Colin Powell and Condi Rice working at the highest levels of government the past twenty years. Look at our new President, he's half African American.

Holder's not done. Ignoring all the progress he says that we're 'not at ease' with racial discussions. Yeah we're not at ease because we're afraid of the PC police labeling us racists. The only people that can talk about race are black people. And, let's admit it, most of us have moved on. Race in America? Really? Does anybody -- except for Liberal politicians needing some urban votes -- really care? Short answer? No.

The Justice Department should be colorblind. But unfortunately we now see the type of 'justice' Holder will be pursuing on behalf of the Obama administration, a 'justice' unfairly jaundiced through the prism of black racism. No wonder Holder is so soft on crime.

dobson high

Students inside Jeff Sherrer's advanced placement government class view President Barack Obama's address via closed circuit television on the campus of Dobson High School in Mesa. Feb. 18, 2009.
CNBC's Rich Santelli thinks Obama's homeowner bailout plan is 'promoting bad behavior.'

Said Santelli, who might very well soon find himself out of a job at the loony Left network NBC, 'do we really want to subsidize the loser's mortgages? This is America! How many of you people want to pay for your neighbor's mortgage? President Obama are you listening?'

A bunch of AP government high school students in Mesa, Arizona don't believe much of what the President has to say, either.

Wednesday, February 18


Photo: Accused Fraudster Stanford Partied With Pelosi, Clinton in Denver: Firm PR Video Shows Owner Hugging Speaker, Being Thanked by Former President for money
What should we say about R. Allen Stanford?

Money launderer?
Drug dealer?
Pelosi friend?
Clinton friend?

This slug is now sought by US Marshalls.
More culture of corruption from the Democrats.

proposition 76

Legislators hunker down on budget impasse - Pedestrians
California GOP State leader Dave Cogdill has been replaced -- voted out by his own caucus -- because he agreed with the higher taxes supported by Governor Schwarzenegger and by Democrats.

The LA Times writes that "Cogdill's ouster could be a major setback to budget negotiation."

Good. I hope it is. Screw the Democrats in Sacramento. The Republicans should hold their ground and tell anybody that will listen that whatever shortfalls we're currently experiencing here in California, it's the fault of the overspending Democrats.

Here's the thing. The voters get what they vote for. Back in 2005, spending caps were on the ballot -- Prop. 76 -- and California voters voted the measure down. Spending caps then would have prevented the situation we find ourselves in now. California, a deeply Blue state, is now getting what it deserves.

The new leader of the GOP? The fiercely anti-tax Dennis Hollingsworth. Good call.

almost exclusively democrats

What's this? Reporters quitting their jobs and going to work for the Obama administration? Journalists have already been working for Obama for two years. What's the difference?

Jay Carney, formerly of Time Magazine, is now Vice President Joe Biden's communications director.
Jill Zuckerman from the Chicago Tribune is now working for Transportation secretary Ray LaHood and her colleague Peter Gosselin is Tim Geithner's speechwriter.
Warren Bass of the Washington Post is now an advisor to UN Ambassador Susan Rice.
National Journal's Linda Douglass worked for the Obama during the campaign and is now likely to become assistant secretary for public affairs in the department of Health and Human Services.

You know, it really says a lot about Carney -- a supposed journalist -- that he would work for Biden, an acknowledged plagiarizer.

Of course, they all downplay the partisan aspect, but everybody can read between the lines on this one. Frankly, I was surprised Chris Matthews or Keith Olbermann weren't named Press Secretary.

From the Politico's Michael Calderone:
“This is a Democratic administration; we’re obviously on that side of the aisle, but I don’t see this as a partisan job at all,” Carney said.

"But does that mean Carney would have been just as eager to take a job as press secretary for Vice President Sarah Palin?

"Currently traveling with Biden, Carney declined to be interviewed."
Even uber-Liberal Al Hunt, the executive Washington editor for Bloomberg News, is decrying the 'sad commentary on the state of the business' that journalism has become.

And what journalism has become is nothing more than a cheering section for the Democrats, a full blown extension of the Democratic National Committee. The MSM is wholly dedicated to reporting 'news' that glorifies Democrats, (while conviently ignoring Democratic scandal corruption) instead focusing on portraying Republicans in a negative light. (Sprinkled with heavy doses of rumor and inneundo)

How else can you possibly explain the fact that Rahm Emanuel, Obama's chief of staff, has received no criticism whatsoever for living rent-free at the DC area home of Stanley Greenberg and Rep. Rosa De Lauro (D-Conn)?

What if Andrew Card or Josh Bolton, President Bush's former chiefs of staff had lived rent free for five years and neglected to report the gifts? It would have been front page/broadcast leading news! The press would have been absolutely outraged! It would have been a feeding frenzy!

Imagine the media outrage if Card or Bolton had served on the board of directors for Freddie Mac? They would have been burned at the stake. But Emanuel did work for Freddie Mac. He was around FM when all hell was breaking loose, yet he still was paid $260,000 for his work. And FM even kicked in $25,000 to his PAC when he ran for Congress in '02.

This should be huge news, but it isn't. It's not even a blip on the MSM radar. But there's no such thing as media bias.

Tuesday, February 17


Vice President Joe Biden looks on as President Bar...
Obama signed the so-called 'stimulus' bill today in Denver and the Dow fell 300 points. What does that tell you? I voted for McCain. Too bad he didn't really want it.

If the 'stimulus' was good for the market...ah, nevermind.

waste, waste, waste

Yeah, my state is in fiscal trouble, all right. And it's not because the Republicans refuse (so far) to vote for $14 billion in new taxes.

No, California is in trouble mostly because of reckless spending by a hard Left Democratic legislature. And we're in trouble because we offer free public services -- services unavailable to citizens -- to illegal aliens.

Above, a notice that came with my March health insurance statement. Thanks, but I don't need assistance in Spanish and I resent the wasteful spending on this type of needless, wasteful spending.

Monday, February 16

'historically inaccurate and dangerous'

Bradley Schiller writes in today's WSJ that 'President Obama has turned fearmongering into an art form.'
"This fearmongering may be good politics, but it is bad history and bad economics. It is bad history because our current economic woes don't come close to those of the 1930s."
And he's absolutely correct. In category after category, the current economic numbers are dwarfed by the economic numbers from the Great Depression. And it's not just one man's opinion. These are pesky, stubborn, indisputable facts.

In 2008, 3.4 million jobs were lost, 2.2% of the labor force.
In 1930, the economy killed off 4.8% of the labor force. In 1931, 6.5%. In 1932, 7.1%

Current unemployment is 7.6%.
Unemployment in 1932 was 25%.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) went up in 2008 and is slated to fall 2% in 2009.
GDP fell 13% in 1932.

Auto production fell 25% last year.
Auto production fell 90% in 1932.

A couple of dozen banks failed last year.
There were 10,000+ bank failures in 1933 and there was a 90% devaluation of the stock market in the early 1930's.

There's simply no comparison between the American economy of today and the American economy during the Great Depression, or between Obama and Lincoln. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either ignorant of history or they are lying.

democracy ending

No more term limits in Venezuela. Hugo Chavez is now an official dictator.

Saturday, February 14

enemy #1: democrats

Why would my Senator, Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, reveal to the world that CIA Predator aircraft are operating out of Pakistan?

Why do the Democrats play fast and loose with American national security secrets?

Why do the Democrats want to make America less safe by granting rights to those who seek to kill us?

Why do the Democrats want to kill the American economy?

Why do the Democrats want us to be reliant on foreign sources of energy?

Why are the Democrats so irresponsible? This goes far beyond disagreement. We've got the majority of America's elected officials doing and planning to do, great, irreparable harm to our country.

Friday, February 13

tell him, jim

Unfortunately we're back to this. The days, like back in the '90s with Clinton, where everything that came out of the mouth of the most powerful person on the planet was crap. President Obama is full of crap. He's a liar.

Yesterday he made the assertion that when his spending passes, companies like Caterpillar, Inc. will be able to re-hire former employees.

But then Caterpillar CEO Jim Owens said that, in fact, "Realistically, no. The honest reality is that we're probably going to have more layoffs before we start hiring again."

It has no been a good three weeks. So far, the Obama administration is the most inept administration in American history.

nancy's european vacation

It enrages me to watch these condescending Democrats ram through this unneeded legislation just because they can. God forbid they'd want us to read it in total or be able to have an appropriate amount of time for debate! No, they have to hurry up and vote so Pelosi can take a taxpayer-funded vacation to Europe.

So much for the '48 hours' the Democrats promised we'd have to read the bill before 'any vote.'

Yes, these are your lawmakers, America. And the 1,071 page bill they are about to pass is chock full of pork and socialism, completely unvetted. Just like Obama's cabinet.

Thursday, February 12

bad fit

I'm heartened and relieved to see that Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH) has withdrawn from consideration as Obama's Commerce Secretary based on vast differences of opinion over the oversight of the US Census.

It's been three long weeks of bumbles and fumbles from the incompetent, secretive, non-transparent, unethical Obama administration. Is it 2012 yet?

leave us alone, democrats!

What's this? Retail sales were up in January? And fewer jobless claims?

How could these things happen WITHOUT governmental interference? Just as the Earth renews itself, so does the great American economy.

Wednesday, February 11


** FILE ** House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
How's this for 'stimulating'? The Democrats slipped in an extra $30 million to protect the salt marsh harvest mouse, a previous 'pet' project of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. I thought this 'stimulus' bill was earmark-free?

And Pelosi is denying it, saying it was 'fabricated' by Republicans.

I'm sad that our great country is being led by such 'people.'

Tuesday, February 10

israeli elections

It appears from exit polling that Kadima and Tzipi Livni have won the election, but Benjamin Netanyahu still might have a better shot at forming a coalition government.

democrats & dictators

Rep. William Delahunt (D-MA), the guy who has done business with Hugo Chavez, has introduced a bill that would drop all travel restrictions to Cuba.

both ways

Holy crap! The AP has written a story outlining how President Obama 'has it both ways on pork,' and plays it fast and loose with the truth.
"President Barack Obama had it both ways Monday when he promoted his stimulus plan in Indiana. He bragged about getting Congress to produce a package with no pork, yet boasted it will do good things for a Hoosier highway and a downtown overpass, just the kind of local projects lawmakers lard into big spending bills."
Whopper #1:

"OBAMA: "I know that there are a lot of folks out there who've been saying, 'Oh, this is pork, and this is money that's going to be wasted,' and et cetera, et cetera. Understand, this bill does not have a single earmark in it, which is unprecedented for a bill of this size. ... There aren't individual pork projects that members of Congress are putting into this bill."

"THE FACTS: There are no "earmarks," as they are usually defined, inserted by lawmakers in the bill. Still, some of the projects bear the prime characteristics of pork - tailored to benefit specific interests or to have thinly disguised links to local projects."

Whopper #2:

"OBAMA: "The plan that we've put forward will save or create 3 million to 4 million jobs over the next two years."

"THE FACTS: Job creation projections are uncertain even in stable times, and some of the economists relied on by Obama in making his forecast acknowledge a great deal of uncertainty in their numbers.

"Beyond that, it's unlikely the nation will ever know how many jobs are saved as a result of the stimulus. While it's clear when jobs are abolished, there's no economic gauge that tracks job preservation."

japan & the united states

Meanwhile, Nouriel Roubini worries that there are scary similarities between America today and Japan in the 1990's.

The Japanese economy went bust after a real estate and a equity bubble burst and then went on to suffer more than a decade of stagflation and deflation.

$838 billion

The porkulus plan passed the Senate this morning by a vote of 61-37, with Republican support coming from Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe and Arlen Specter.

Here are some of Treasury Secretary Geithner's remarks today:

"... I want to be candid: this comprehensive strategy will cost money, involve risk, and take time.

"We will have to adapt it as conditions change. We will have to try things we've never tried before. We will make mistakes. We will go through periods in which things get worse and progress is uneven or interrupted.

"But we will be guided by the principles of transparency and accountability..."

Transparency? Obama isn't transparent. He's already broken a promise to post all non-emergency legislation on for public comment.

Is this same type of 'transparency' we can expect from, the new website that will detail where federal funds are going and if the bailout is succeeding?

Bottom line, I don't think anybody knows what to do. Obama was asked a question last night about what Geithner was going to say today and the President replied 'I don't want to pre-empt my secretary of the treasury. He's going to be laying out these principles in great detail tomorrow.' Geithner's comments today were purposefully vague.

I guarantee that if the Republicans were in charge they would know exactly what to do. But, unfortunately, we're in a haze of spin, pork, false choices and demagoguery courtesy of the Democratic Party and the Dow is currently down 349 points.

hope, change and wiping out shareholders

I read a NY Times story this morning about Treasury Secretary Geithner reportedly 'prevailing' over senior White House aides in planning for Obama's new bailout of the nation's banks.

Top administration aides, including Obama's brain, David Axelrod, (above) were pushing for 'tougher conditions on financial institutions, including replacing bank executives and wiping out shareholders at institutions receiving aid.'

'Wiping out shareholders'? David Axelrod suggested wiping out shareholders? How 'Liberal' and 'compassionate' of him. He must not have money invested in the stock market.

idiots rule

Blowhard Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is absolutely incorrect when he says that 'the American people don't care' about pork.

The proof that we do care is the overwhelming non-support for this 'stimulus' bill. In fact, Americans want less spending and more tax cuts.

Monday, February 9

powder keg

So goes America, so goes the world. Obama comes into office and fecklessly, foolishly signs executive orders closing Gitmo within a year and reviewing all terror cases and...

Look what happened. Pakistan released A.Q. Khan, the nuclear scientist who essentially gave nuclear weapons to North Korea, from house arrest. Even Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called this development 'unfortunate' and said she was 'very much concerned' about Khan's freedom.

Then... Yemen, a lawless country that can only be described as a hotbed of terrorism, released 170 al Qaeda terrorists. Why would they possibly do that?

The perception that America is now retreating from the War on Terror makes us less safe and has global consequences. All of Bush's counter-terrorism is being undone. How long before we get hit again?

'not pain free'

The 'stimulus' bill is dangerous to everyone's health.

Not only will the bill's 'health rules' affect 'every individual in the United States,' medical treatments will be 'tracked electronically by a federal system.'

A new bureaucratic layer, "'The National Coordinator of Health Information Technology,' will monitor treatments to make sure your doctor is doing what the federal government deems appropriate and cost effective."

These provisions are nearly identical to what Tom Daschle wrote in last year's book Critical: What We Can Do About the Health-Care Crisis. Doctors, Daschle believes should 'learn to operate less like solo practitioners, and hospitals and doctors that are not “meaningful users” of the new system will face penalties.'

Medicare now covers 'safe and effective' treatments. But no longer. Instead, the federal government will apply a cost- effectiveness standard set by the Federal Council, which is 'modeled after a U.K. board which approves or rejects treatments using a formula that divides the cost of the treatment by the number of years the patient is likely to benefit.'

Under this type of system, a person would have to go blind in one eye before you became eligible for eye care treatment to save the other eye.

What kind of madness is this? If you voted for Barack Obama, YOU voted for this crap.

superior ideas

What else is de-stimulating about the porkulus bill?

How about $5.2 billion for the illegal community organizing/ illegal voting group ACORN?
How about $4.2 billion for “neighborhood stabilization activities," whatever the hell that is?!
How about $7.6 billion for “rural community advancement programs," whatever the hell that is?!

None of this stuff stimulates anything. It's not new and different, it's more spending.

The Republican plan is better and it would really stimulate the economy across the board.

How about cutting the corporate tax rate to boost wages, lower prices and increase profits?
How about a 5% income tax cut as an incentive to save, work and invest?
How about a payroll tax cut for low and middle income workers?

To his credit, Rep. Heath Shuler (D-NC) is claiming that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are 'bipartisan failures.'


I am so tired of hearing about how important it will be for the GOP to repair its relationship with Hispanics in order to be electorally viable in the future. How do we fix something that doesn't really need fixing? Or better stated, how do we fix false perceptions? How do we correct the lies and the myths that have taken hold against us?

Republicans took a stand against illegal immigration, and rightfully so, but Mexicans don't have a problem with that stand. We are told that they have a problem with the 'tone of the argument.' They have a problem with the debate going from anti-illegal immigration to 'anti-Hispanic.'

Well, since you put it that way...

How can declaring English as the official language of the United States be considered 'anti-Hispanic'? It isn't. It is simply recognizing that English is the official language of America and the world. English is the official language of business and the official language of success. Does anybody dispute that?

Bottom line, Democrats have, as they always do, successfully demagogued the issue and have painted Republicans as being anti-Hispanic. Republicans aren't anti-Hispanic. It's all perception.

I could just as easily say that Hispanics are anti-American because they choose not to learn English.

Ironically, Hispanics embody all of the planks of the Republican Party. They are overwhelmingly pro-life, overwhelmingly pro-family values, overwhelmingly pro-business, overwhelmingly religious.

15% undecided

Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was thought to be a shoe-in for election tomorrow as Israel's next Prime Minister, but polls are said to tightening, with Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni (above) making a final push for the female vote.

Apparently, Netanyahu's Likud party has stoked some controversy with sexist posters of Livni, head in hands, reading "She's not up to the job."

Still, how can there possibly be 15% undecided? The choice is clear. Strength over weakness.

'a political land grab'

Republicans are crying foul over Obama's decision to move the US Census into the White House.

It's not the job of the President to count the population of the United States and population counting isn't a political process, or it shouldn't be.

In the hands of Liberal Democrats, this is tantamount to rigging Congressional districts permanently into the Democrats' favor.

Friday, February 6

'careless words'

Central Intelligence Agency Director nominee Leon Panetta testifies ...
President Obama's idiotic choice for CIA director, Leon Panetta, claimed that harsh interrogation tactics, which he and the Obama administration both oppose, worked and vowed to to carry out an inquiry on "whether those tactics yielded valuable information or misinformation."

So the Bush methods worked? Well, then why not continue them? If national security is the goal and there's already a system in place doesn't it just make sense to keep doing what works? Of course it does.


"Leon Panetta's confirmation hearing to head the CIA continues, and today the top Republican -- retiring Sen. Kit Bond -- forced Panetta to back down and retract his statement from yesterday that the U.S. had transported suspects to other countries to be tortured."

From Yahoo:

"Panetta formally retracted a statement he made Thursday that the Bush administration transferred prisoners for the purpose of torture.

"I am not aware of the validity of those claims," he said.

Sen. Kit Bond, R-MO., chastised Panetta for careless words. "You cannot be making statements or making judgments based on rumors and news stories," he said."

I thought it was only the Bush administration that politicitized national security?

seven percent

My Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe always makes a lot of sense:
"While I appreciate the efforts of my colleagues to bring down the price tag of this bill, the fact is we still face a trillion dollar spending bill. Making it worse, the bill is 93% spending and only 7% stimulation. Over the past few days I have fought to include more in the way of real stimulus through higher percentage of infrastructure and defense spending, while working to cut much of the typical government waste often found in a bill of this size. Yet Democrats have blocked these efforts.

"The good news tonight is that the American people are catching on to the fact that this is the largest spending bill in history and are becoming more and more vocal in their opposition. My offices in Oklahoma and Washington DC have been flooded with emails, phone calls and faxes overwhelmingly opposed to this trillion dollar legislation. They can rest assured that my vote remains an unwavering ‘no.'"
I cannot overstate my disgust at Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the Democrats who pretend to be the leaders of our country.

increasingly partisan

Nancy Pelosi is not happy about the stimulus' progress.
Speaker Pelosi, the woman who says 500,000,000 Americans are losing jobs each month, reportedly talked the President down from $300 billion worth of tax cuts to $250 billion. And she's urging Obama to repeal the Bush tax cuts at the end of 2010, which is an enormous tax hike.

All the while, she's dismissively calling bipartisanship 'process.'

Obama is ratcheting up the rhetoric, too.

better late than...
What's this? The old battle ax, Senator John McCain, is ripping Obama?
“The whole point, Mr. President, is to enact tax cuts and spending measures that truly stimulate the economy,” McCain said. “There are billions and tens of billions of dollars in this bill which will have no effect within three, four, five or more years, or ever. Or ever.

“$50 million in funding for the National Endowment for the Arts — all of us are for the arts,” McCain said. “Tell me how that creates any significant number of jobs? After-school snack program is probably a good idea. Do we really want to spend $726 million on it?”
I agree. But where the hell was this fire, this candor, this passion, this energy last year, Senator? You accuse the President of being AWOL on bipartisan negotiations of the stimulus bill but YOU WERE FREAKING AWOL FOR AN ENTIRE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN. It is because of you and your moronic campaign advisers that Obama is the President.


$780 billion?

Here are some highlights of the speech President Obama gave last night at the Democratic retreat:
"Thank you. Thank you, Democrats. (Applause.) Thank you. Please, everybody have a seat. Everybody have a seat. It is great to be here with so many friends. Thank you for giving me a reason to use Air Force One. (Laughter.) It’s pretty nice. (Laughter.)

I’m glad to see the House Democratic Caucus is getting by just fine without my Chief of Staff. (Laughter.) I don’t know how many of you were at the Alfalfa dinner, but I pointed out, you know, this whole myth of Rahm being this tough guy, mean, is just not true. At least once a week he spends time teaching profanity to underprivileged children. (Laughter and applause.) So he’s got a soft spot."
"There’s the argument, well, this (the stimulus bill) is full of pet projects. When was the last time that we saw a bill of this magnitude move out with no earmarks in it? Not one. (Applause.) And when you start asking, well, what is it exactly that is such a problem that you’re seeing, where’s all this waste and spending? Well, you know, you want to replace the federal fleet with hybrid cars. Well, why wouldn’t we want to do that? (Laughter.) That creates jobs for people who make those cars. It saves the federal government energy. It saves the taxpayers energy. (Applause.)

So then you get the argument, well, this is not a stimulus bill, this is a spending bill. What do you think a stimulus is? (Laughter and applause.) That’s the whole point. No, seriously. (Laughter.) That’s the point. (Applause.)"
Spending more money is not stimulating to the economy. Giving people their own money back in the form of tax cuts is stimulating to the economy. Really. Who doesn't know that? A majority of the country believes in tax cuts, that's why this suckulus bill is in trouble.
"When they (the evil Republicans) start talking about, well, we need more tax cuts — we started this package with a healthy amount of tax cuts in the mix, recognizing that some tax cuts can be very beneficial, particularly if they’re going to middle class and working families that will spend that money. (Applause.) That’s not me talking; that’s the economists talking, who insisted that they’re most likely to spend and get that money into circulation and stimulate the economy."
Tax credits of $500 and $1,000 to individuals and couples, respectively, won't stimulate the economy. President Bush and the 110th Congress already tried that last year and it didn't help. So, why would the new President and the 111th Congress want to do the very same thing again?

I thought Obama was uniquely qualified to lead this economy? I thought he was the leader for our time? So, why isn't he leading, instead of letting Nancy Pelosi call the shots?

Clearly the President is in over his head here. But, if he's smart, he will desert his party and join with Republicans in crafting a tax cuts-heavy bill that will rescue the economy. If he does that, he'll save his presidency and very likely serve two terms. If he rams this crap through, it won't work and he and the Democrats will pay the price at the ballot box.

Update: I see that a 'tentative' deal has been reached. The bill is reportedly topping out at $780 billion, not $937 billion.

This tentative deal also might include the support of Republicans Susan Collins of Maine and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania after both met with the Majority Leader today. Gag!

Obama "could have had a very, very impressive victory early on," said Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, who heads the Senate Republican campaign committee. "But this is not turning out to be an impressive victory. It is turning out to be a little bit of a black eye."


They are calling it a 'badly botched abortion.'

An 18 year old woman was sitting in a reclining chair at an abortion clinic in Miami when her water broke and she delivered a premature baby girl.

Reportedly, one of the owners of the clinic came in, cut the umbilical cord and put the live baby, the placenta and the afterbirth in a plastic bag and threw the bag in the trash.

I'm not even sure I believe this, it's so disgusting and inhuman.

By the way, if true this is infanticide, which President Obama supported for a time when he was an Illinois state senator.

letting terrorists win

Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, a suspect in the USS Cole bombing who is being held at
Avoiding a showdown between the military and the White House, Susan Crawford, the retired judge who oversees all military court cases at Gitmo, has dismissed without prejudice the charges on Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, (above) a key suspect in the USS Cole bombing case.

President Obama, in his first week in office signed an executive order to halt and review all terrorism-related trials. The judge in al-Nashiri's trial, which was underway, Army Col. John Pohl had previously refused Obama's order.

It's important to note that 'dismissing without prejudice' leaves open the possibility that charges against al-Nashiri can be filed again at some point in the future when the President stops playing politics with America's national security.

'filling the tree'

And speaking of that disgusting, lying, creep Harry Reid, read about how he stifles debate and blocks the introduction of new legislation more than any of his predecessors here.

It's called 'Filling The Amendment Tree,' and it has nothing to do with the Founding Fathers. In fact, this parliamentary tactic didn't exist back during the time of the formation of our country.

When Senators introduce Amendments to bills under consideration the Amendments go on a chart, or 'a tree,' to determine the order in which they will be considered.

The Majority Leader is recognized first, as is customary in the Chamber and introduces his own Amendments, often frivolous and extraneous, meant only to Fill up the Tree and block legitimate Amendments from being introduced.

Sounds rather childish, doesn't it?

getting away

You know those swanky annual retreats both Democrat and Republican law makers take at great expense?

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Democratic soiree, held this year at the Kingsmill Resort & Spa in Williamsburg, VA, is paid with taxpayer money. They bar lobbyists from attending (how big of them) but the American taxpayers foot the bill for the train ride to and from DC for 200+ Reps, Senators, aides and various hangers-on, and we pay for their hotel rooms, and for the conference rooms, and for their security and for the catering, all of it. It's outrageous what we pay.

The more fiscally responsible Republicans, on the other hand, invite lobbyists but spend no public money on their retreat, which was held last month at the Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, VA. They pay for their own transportation, their own lodging and their own food. And only lobbyists who pay $25,000 to join the Congressional Institute, the nonprofit organization that arranges events for both political parties, are welcome.

So, it's smoke and mirrors time here. The Democrats want you to believe that they have nothing to do with lobbyists, which is totally untrue. Harry Reid is as dirty as they come. Just because they don't invite them to retreats doesn't mean anything. It's as if they want credit for doing nothing. Hell, at least the Republicans are honest about who they are doing business with, and, most importantly, they aren't wasting taxpayer money.


Here's something I missed from the election.

Last October, Red Zebra Broadcasting temporarily changed the names of two of their DC stations, WTNT and WWRC to McCain 570 and Obama 1260.

Temporary indeed. Now, Red Zebra is dropping the Obama 1260 name and switching to financial news.

Nobody wants to listen to boring Liberal talk radio, even in uber-Liberal DC.

'hope, change and fear?'

Many, many times since the election I've posited this question to my friends, sometimes in a drunken stupor: How long before the shiny, new 'hope' and 'change' mantle is going to wear off of President Obama?

There were predictions that the honeymoon would last a year, others said it would be a matter of months.

It was always going to happen. Cheap, phony, empty, meaningless political slogans never last. But 'hope' and 'change', with Obama shouting it from every city and school, church and park, seemed destined to last even though Obama is the least qualified, most inexperienced American president in history, right?

Nope. We now have an answer, via Krauthammer. Two and a half weeks.

(And it took all of eight days in office for President Obama to begin to look and sound like Jimmy Carter, as I noted here on 1.28.09.)

Thursday, February 5

gaffe central

Leon Panetta
I thought Obama promised no lobbyists in the White House?

This is starting to be embarrassing, all this early incompetence from the Obama administration. Don't even get me started on Leon Panetta...

... And look what they've done to Anthony Zinni.

All these personnel problems make me question Obama's attention to detail. You know, excellence is in the details.

culture of corruption


The Sunlight Foundation, a nonpartisan government ethics group, has issued a new report accusing New York Congressman Charlie Rangel of omitting assets of more than $239,000 from financial disclosure forms for the past 30 years.

two davids

It's amazing what passes for 'high opinion' these days.

David Ignatius favors sending former National Security advisers Brent Scowcroft and Zbigniew Brzezinski to Iran as official US envoys. He writes:
"The advantage of sending these two distinguished senior statesmen is that they would make it harder for the Iranians to play political games. Brzezinski and Scowcroft are part of what I call “the great chain of being” of American foreign policy. Their presence as emissaries would signal that engagement with Iran is a matter of the greatest seriousness to the United States, equivalent to their predecessor Henry Kissinger's secret diplomacy with China in 1971."
The Iranians are famous and fantastic liars. What evidence is there that the regime would now suddenly be honest brokers?

The arrival of Brzezinski and Scowcroft or anyone else in Tehran would only be used as evidence that the United States was offering a formal apology for supporting Israel and other supposed 'crimes.'

David Broder writes about the disgraced Tom Daschle.

"Daschle's assignment was to shepherd Obama's health care plan to passage, a task that has only grown in urgency since Hillary and Bill Clinton failed in their effort 15 years ago. As a skilled legislative craftsman who had made health policy a specialty in recent years, Daschle was given special status, with a White House office and title along with the Cabinet post.

Daschle's withdrawal not only costs the administration and the country his skilled services, it leaves Obama and the administration with egg on their faces."

'Daschle's withdrawal costs the country his skilled services'? I'm sure that there are just as many qualified, more honorable people equipped to serve the nation at HHS.

vote republican

This so-called 'stimulus' bill gets more unpopular every day, as the public learns of the outrageous pork contained within. Yet Obama says if the pork isn't passed, a long-lasting recession will be 'irreversible.'

Only 37% support this clunker bill and 50% think if passed the bill will make things worse.

A majority of American, 54%, say the Democratic Congress is doing a poor job.

A majority, 53%, say tax cuts are always better than increased government spending and 57% say that tax cuts will help the economy.

There's a simple way to fix all this stuff, America: Vote Republican. We're the party of tax cuts.


Is Labor Secretary nominee Hilda Solis in trouble now because of her husband's tax problems?

I sure hope so.

golden state

California State Controller John Chiang claims the state can't afford to pay tax refunds but his office has no problem ordering $2 million worth of new office furniture.

Thanks to talk show hosts John and Ken for making this public.

Wednesday, February 4

more cheney

Cheney, unplugged.

On controversy surrounding the Obama administration:
“You have Daschle with his tax problem. You have [Treasury Secretary Tim] Geithner with his tax problem. You have Charlie Rangel, who’s chairman of the Ways and Means Committee — doesn’t understand the tax code. You have Chris Dodd, who got special — alleged special terms” on a mortgage.

“If I look at that from our standpoint,” Cheney said, “I’d start to worry about it if I were a Democrat. There’s nothing more dangerous, politically, than hypocrisy. At some point, here, we’re going to get critical mass.”
On the future of the GOP:
“I’m not nearly as pessimistic about the party as some of my friends. ... We’ve been through these cycles before. We’ve had a hell of a run ... over the last nearly 30 years, since Ronald Reagan got elected.

“So the pendulum will swing back. It’s part of a normal cycle that’s probably basically healthy for the country, long term. ... In adversity, there is opportunity.”

Cheney said recent routs in elections will help “clean out a lot of the old underbrush — that’s probably me, this time around.”
On Governor Palin:
“I like her. I dealt with her a couple of times when she first became governor ... trying to get the Alaska gas pipeline going. I had dinner with her on a couple of occasions.

“She was down here a year ago with the governors’ conference — the president always had the state dinner for the governors. I sat next to her — that’s when I first had an opportunity to talk to her. I thought she was a fascinating V.P. candidate. She gave the Democrats a lot of trouble for a while. In the end, it was just a hell of a tough year.”
Cheney also mentioned the 'bright and talented' GOP bench, including Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, Adam Putnam, Bobby Jindal, Tim Pawlenty and Mark Sanford.


It was great hearing from the always brilliant Vice President Cheney yesterday in this wide-ranging interview with Politico, just two weeks removed from power.

Cheney is such an articulate communicator, unlike President Bush. You've got to wonder why the administration made the ill-fated decision not to defend themselves on policy, instead preferring to be silent on scurrilous but unsubstantiated charge after scurrilous but unsubstantiated charge from the press and the Democrats, allowing themselves to be unfairly tarred and feathered -- Bush as an incompetent drunk cowboy, Cheney as Darth Vader.

From the beginning, Bush tried to kill the Democrats with kindness, but, in the end, they killed him. The Bush White House never, ever managed an effective PR campaign and they never forcefully told their story to the American people, always maddeningly preferring to 'turn the other cheek.' Granted, they were busy. No president has ever had his hands quite as full as Bush did. But the Great Communicator, Bush wasn't. Communication clearly wasn't his thing. It wasn't important in the great scheme of things.

As I read this interview and watched the accompanying video, it sounded to me like Cheney was venting in a way. I know the former Vice President did not choose to be silent the past eight years. He was under orders to be silent. So, finally, now two weeks after being set free he was getting a lot off his chest. At long last. His memoirs should be fascinating.


Americans are losing '500,000,000 jobs a month'? Five hundred million?

Quite an intellect on this woman. And she's third in line for the presidency.

Tuesday, February 3

down goes daschle

It is indeed a good day whenever Tom Daschle is humiliated.

And I predict humiliation is coming to the White House after the arrogant Robert Gibbs said the following: "The (ethics) bar that we set is the highest that any administration in the country has ever set."

Clinton and Gore promised 'the most ethical administration in history' and look how that turned out.

By the way, people who have ethics and follow the rules never have to make these kinds of silly pronouncements.


President Barack Obama listens to his nominee for Commerce Secretary ...
New Hampshire's Republican Senator Judd Gregg has been tapped by President Obama to serve as Commerce Secretary. And the Governor of New Hampshire, John Lynch, a Democrat, has agreed to name Bonnie Newman, Gregg's former chief of staff as Gregg's senate replacement.

Gregg reportedly told the President that he would only take the Commerce job if it was guaranteed that the makeup of the Senate wouldn't change with his departure. Newman, a moderate Republican, will serve out the remaining two years of Gregg's term.

Is Obama dealing from position of weakness (or desperation) here, only two weeks after being inaugurated or are his actions regarding the Gregg replacement bi-partisan, gracious and decent? Clearly the White House hopes you think it is the latter and not the former, but take your pick.

Inevitable criticism will undoubtedly come from the Left, since Gregg voted to abolish the department in 1995 as part of a 1996 budget resolution that outlined fiscal priorities.

Said one Republican aide, "I guess if you can’t destroy it, go be in charge of it."

bad judgment

President Obama has been telling us for two years that he has the 'judgment to lead.' Yet, so far, he's nominated three tax cheats to serve in differing capacities in his administration.

The latest Obama administration official to admit to owing the IRS is none other than Chief Performance czar Nancy Killefer, who failed to pay employment taxes on her household help for a year and a half. I also heard on MSNBC that she had an 'outstanding lien on her home,' but that has been cleared up with the IRS.

At least Killefer has withdrawn her candidacy, as did Bill Richardson, which seems to me to be the decent, honorable thing to do, unlike the scumbags Tim Geithner and Tom Daschle.

I'm really loving all this change and hope and transparency, how about you?

Monday, February 2


Santonio Holmes
Great game yesterday in SuperBowl XLIII. I loved every second of the game, I loved Michaels and Madden, I loved how the Cardinals fought and scrapped and how the Steelers outlasted and outplayed the competition and won the game.

Big Ben's got two rings in five years. Not bad. He's the man as he proved on that last game. Santonio Holmes, pictured above? Also the man. He was open all day, clearly the MVP.

As is Kurt Warner. He plays as well as anybody has every played in the Big Game.

Maybe I should just leave it at that, because the rest of it was, well...

What I didn't like about the game was that it was on NBC.

I didn't like the Matt Lauer/President Obama pre-game interview. I thought Matt was close to coming out of the closet yesterday the way he was staring at the President.

I didn't like Keith Olbermann and Tiki Barber and Matt Millen and Tony Dungy and Mike Holmgren and Chris Collingsworth and Bob Costas and Dan Patrick and Andrea Kramer and that Alex chick and the cast of thousands of talking heads that blabbed incessantly during the 5 1/2 hours of SuperBowl hype.

I didn't like the advertising. None of it was particuarly memorable and most of it was mean-spirited, angry and violent.

And I didn't like the halftime show. I detest Bruce Springsteen, I mean, I have never like his music. Is there anybody more over-rated than Bruce Springsteen? Is there any rock star who continues to live in the past more than this guy? Out of the three songs he performed yesterday, two were from the 1970's and the third song was from 1984. I understand that Americans are feeling nostalgic nowaday, but this is ridiculous.

almost forgotten...

Iraq had peaceful, non-violent elections this past Saturday and I'm just wondering where was the American press coverage on this? No front pages, no lead stories on nightly newscasts or cable talk shows.

For years we heard what a mistake it was to invade Iraq, how stupid it was, how it would never work, how dumb it was to think a democratic and free nation in the middle of the Middle East was just... Impossible. And wrong.

America and Iraq have former President George W. Bush to thank for what happened -- and what didn't -- this past weekend.

As usual and always, the MSM and Liberals look like fools and have egg on their faces.

'nobody's perfect'

From the Associated Press:

"Fighting to salvage his Cabinet nomination, Tom Daschle pleaded his case Monday evening in a closed meeting with former Senate colleagues after publicly apologizing for failing to pay more than $120,000 in taxes. President Barack Obama said he was "absolutely" sticking with his nominee for health secretary, and a key senator added an important endorsement.

"The White House both underscored the magnitude of the problem and tried to downplay it in the space of seven words. "Nobody's perfect," said press secretary Robert Gibbs. "It was a serious mistake. ..."

"Nobody was predicting defeat for Daschle's nomination as secretary of health and human services, but it was proving an unsavory pill to swallow for senators who only last week confirmed Timothy Geithner as treasury secretary despite his separate tax-payment problems. It's an issue that strikes a nerve among lawmakers' constituents who are struggling with their own serious money problems."

Yeah, nobody's perfect. But what is telling about Daschle and Geithner is that they both paid their back taxes just before they were nominated for Cabinet posts in the Obama administration. Coincidence? Mmmm.

Another problem for Daschle. And it's the same problem I have with Hillary being Secretary of State. Conflicts of interest all over the place. Daschle, as the potential H&HS Secretary, is going to be working with members of the very health care industry for which he's received $200,000 in speaking fees the past two years. Isn't that great?

Obama calls this 'reform'? This is a freaking joke. It's the very same politics as usual. It's more of the same crap Obama said he was going to outlaw in his administration. Nice political sloganeering, Barack, or I should say Axelrod.
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