Tuesday, June 30


VP Joe Biden will be overseeing Iraq policy, working closely with Ray Odierno, the top US Commander and Ambassador to Baghdad Christopher Hill.

According to the White House: "Biden [will] work with Iraqis "toward overcoming their political differences and achieving the type of reconciliation that we all understand has yet to fully take place but needs to take place."

This is important. Iraqi freedom was the centerpiece of President Bush's foreign policy. Some 4,300 American lives have been lost in toppling Saddam Hussein and securing a new Iraq for a new generation of Iraqi's.

And now that we're withdrawing prematurely, [a foolish Obama policy, btw] the vitally important job of ensuring reconciliation among warring tribes is now entrusted to the new idiotic Vice President? Obviously, the peace and stability of Iraq obviously isn't a big priority for President Obama.

Everybody knows that Biden has been a national embarrassment for the past 36 years. Everything that comes out of his mouth is routinely (1.) inaccurate, (2.) an exaggeration, or (3.) a complete lie.

The Vice President is a moron and his latest assignment is an insult to every serviceman and servicewoman lost in Iraq, their families and everyone else who has served in Iraq since 2003.

the lying media

This morning I heard a CNN talking head talking about consumer confidence being up, how great the economy was and how life was great.

(Ironic, since the same network did nothing but talk down consumer confidence, talk down the economy, told us over and over again how life sucked and how bad America was during the Bush years)

Guess what? Consumer confidence is down and down in a big way. CNN is lying to you.


insane clown posse


Washington DC is already populated with ridiculous characters, what's one more?

It seems a travesty that Al Franken has been 'declared' the winner of the Minnesota Senate race over Norm Coleman. This was another contested election where the votes were counted and re-counted and then counted again.

From the beginning, Coleman missed opportunities to defend himself against an aggressive challenger. Hats off to the Franken people. They outmaneuvered Norm at every turn. (aided, of course, by an extremely Liberal Minnesota judiciary) Unfortunately for the citizens of Minnesota, aggressive maneuvering doesn't qualify Franken for the Senate.

The Wall Street Journal points out that Coleman won the election but 'lost the fight to stop the state canvassing board from changing the vote-counting rules after the fact.' (The Dems won the 2004 Washington State Gubernatorial election the exact same way.)

Unfortunately for the country, Franken's 'victory' gives the Democrats a 60 seat filibuster-proof Senate majority, a group whose stewardship of the country, since 2006, is to blame for many of our current troubles.

Whatever happened to the best and the brightest representing the people in our nation's capitol?


It's hard to believe that President Obama would side with two-bit dictators against uprisings, yet we've seen Obama's tepid support of Iran recently and now we're seeing him side with Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro against the weekend Honduran coup of President Manuel Zelaya.

Zelaya, like many politicians in the region wants "constitutional changes" that would allow him to serve more than a four year term.

It's also hard to imagine a President nominating for the Supreme Court a judge who has been overturned as many times as Sonia Sotomayor.

This White House seems especially chaotic and extraordinarily ill equipped to do the job they were elected to do.

Saturday, June 27


110 los angeles

The bullcrap Waxman-Markey bill is "extremely dependent" on the use of offsets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to restrain costs, which is hard to measure, impossible to track, with uncertain results at an economy crippling cost.

Michael Wara, a Stanford law professor, has studied Europe's offset usage, puts it bluntly:
"The way emissions-trading systems operate is that you make decisions on how much work you want to do at home, and how much you want to shift overseas. We're not going to know with much certainty the quantity of emissions reductions delivered."
Junk science (under the banner of 'hope' and 'change') is bad politics. If you can't get the science right how can you craft coherent public policy? Wasn't the point of Waxman-Markey to 'save the planet' from global warming? If you can't measure something how do you tell if you're making progress? How do you tell if the investment is paying dividends?

Well, of course, you can't, you don't and you won't. Chalk up this boondoggle to the dumbass Americans who voted for uncertain 'hope' and 'change.'

Real hope and change wouldn't rely on mythology and uncertainty when writing legislation. Real hope and change would spend $500 billion of the people's money more wisely, say, on badly needed and certain transportation infrastructure. That would stimulate the economy immediately. That would create jobs instantly.

Wow. Maybe I should run for president.


Boehner didn't filibuster too hard. He had unlimited time and he took a little more than an hour.

Calling the Democratic bill "a piece of s**t," sums it up, but I still wish he'd read a bit more of it aloud.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why we're in the minority. We don't fight as hard. We aren't ruthless enough. We don't want power as much as the Democrats.

Friday, June 26

the cap and trade debacle

The Heritage Foundation has reviewed the proposed cap and trade legislation currently being peddled by the idiots who call themselves Democrats.

Not only is CBO underestimating the costs, but Waxman-Markey is the biggest tax increase in American history, a complete overreaction in response to the silly myth of global warming.

Here's the economic breakdown from Heritage. Cumulative energy costs for a family of four by 2035 -- $20,000 a year.

Waxman-Markey would kill GDP by $9.4 trillion. An economy killer.

See how irresponsible the Democrats are? Pushing this type of legislation should be a criminal offense. Waxman, Markey, Pelosi and Hoyer should go to jail for attempting to foist this type of legislation on us. Why do you think they were up at 3am working on it? This is legislation with malicious intent.

Call and email Congress. Defeat this. Get involved.

"the worst scientific scandal in history"

The ranks of global warming skeptics is 'swelling.' The world is now awakening to the ridiculous nature of the climate change hysteria.

From Australia, to New Zealand, to Norway and Japan, people are realizing the absurdity of the idea of man being able to alter the Earth's temperature. Temperatures, like the seasons, change. But we don't have anything to do with it.

How long have I been telling you this? (Search my archives.)

Ironically, the stupid, slow witted American government might soon pass a big global warming bill.

Thursday, June 25


Not enough votes to pass the global warming bill tomorrow?

We can certainly hope. The future of the country depends upon it.

in threes


My generation's Elvis died today of cardiac arrest. Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, famous for so many reasons, was 50.

Apparently, paramedics worked for 42 minutes to resuscitate him.

Farrah Fawcett in a scene from Sunburn in 1979.

My generation's sex symbol, Farrah Fawcett, after a long battle succumbed to cancer this morning. She was 62. Remember that poster? Every man my age remembers the Farrah poster. Damn, she was hot.

Ed McMahon, Johnny Carson's Tonight Show sidekick, dies aged 86

Amazing. I was just thinking Monday night about how Conan O'Brien just doesn't measure up to Carson, and the next morning Ed McMahon died. He was 86. A good guy perfectly suited to his sidekick role.

They say celebrity deaths come in threes. Weird. Strange week.

co2 emmiter-in-chief

First he was coming. Now, he's not coming to testify on Capitol Hill to talk about climate change. Damn, have the Democrats have finally clued into the fact that hot air/fat bastard Al Gore has zero credibility?

All Chubby does is (1.) duck debates with scientists who have already proven the Gore doctrine to be a complete myth and (2.) fly a private plane all over the globe (emitting CO2) collecting awards.

Nice life. Far better than being the president, I'd say.


An economy killing Energy bill is supposed to be voted on (and passed) Friday.

Wednesday, June 24


Why is Warren Buffett a Liberal? It makes no sense to me. World's second richest man, he's a brilliant businessman, a genius when it comes to making money.

But when it comes to politics, he's a complete dunce. I'd like to hear his explanation as to exactly why the economy is in "shambles."


Appalachia? Argentina? Whatever.

Mark Sanford, you are done.

Tuesday, June 23

a strong france

Sarkozy: Burqa's unwelcome.

I never imagined the leader of France would ever be a stronger, more effective world leader than any President of the United States.

Enter the weak, feckless, above-his-pay-grade, non-leader Barack Obama.

the end

House Democrats have reached a deal on the climate change bill.

Damn. That's too bad. I've enjoyed the wrangling over various agricultural issues brought forth by Collin Peterson (D-MN).

above his pay grade

President Obama, it was was clear from today's press conference, has no idea what he's doing. The job of president is above his pay grade. On Iran, he's suddenly channeling John McCain.

The guy who told us all last year that 'words matter,' is now only belatedly accusing the Iranians of holding fraudulent elections, joining McCain and most of the leaders of Europe, who came out strongly and forcefully a week ago.

This from a guy who told us all last year that he had 'the judgment to lead,' hasn't been leading. He's been hiding, only further illustrating his own rookie status.

Amazingly, in the 55 minute presser this morning he never uttered the words 'Iraq,' 'Afghanistan,' 'Pakistan,' 'North Korea,' 'soldiers,' 'surge' or 'war.' Maybe, in true 'Democratic' fashion, he's hoping they'll just go away.

Monday, June 22

ripped from the headlines

In this photograph posted on the internet, a protester recoils after throwing a projectile at Iranian riot police in Tehran, Iran on Saturday.

Go see this movie: "The Stoning of Soraya M," about Iranian women and Shariah law.

(Above, a real life Iranian protester, this past Saturday, in Tehran)

Friday, June 19

5 things to do (belatedly) for iran

Dan Senor and Christian Whiton are brilliant. Sorry, I can't say much for Senor's taste in women, (CNN's Campbell Brown) but whatever.

Here are Senor/Whiton's five things the President (of whom Campbell is a huge fan) should have been doing in Iran, and for Iran, this past week.

1. "Obama should have contacted Mr. Mousavi to signal his interest in the situation and Mr. Mousavi's security."

2. "Obama should have delivered another taped message to the Iranian people, acknowledging now the fundamental reality that the regime lacks the consent of its people to govern."

3. "The President should have directed U.S. ambassadors in Europe and the Gulf to meet with local Iranian anti-regime expatriates"

4. "Additional funding should have been provided immediately for Radio Farda, an effective Persian-language radio, Internet and satellite property of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty."

5. "The administration should have taken steps to give Iranian reformers and dissidents a level playing field with the regime in the battle of ideas...today's reformers need access to the Web and other means of communication. Grants should have been given to private groups to develop and field firewall-busting technology."

bloodshed, chaos, yada, yada, yada

"Taking an unequivocal stand against days of mass protests, Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, (above) sternly warned opposition supporters on Friday to stay off the streets and raised the prospect of violence if their defiant, vast demonstrations continued.

"He said bluntly that opposition leaders would be “responsible for bloodshed and chaos” if they did not stop further rallies in protest of last week’s disputed presidential election.

"The comments, delivered in a lengthy sermon at Friday Prayers at Tehran University, put Khamenei at the forefront of an unraveling confrontation not only between factions of the government but between Iranians themselves."
For his part, (as the leader of the freaking free world) the brave and principled Obama said that he was "very concerned based on some of the tenor — and tone of the statements that have been made,” and that (for the third or fourth time this week, I can't keep track) the government of Iran should recognize that “the world is watching.”

In this time, in this moment, support is all the Iranian need. They need to know that America, and specifically, America's President, is cool with what they're doing. Tehran is a big human bomb waiting to explode, even Khamenei can't control it. The Republican Guard can't stop it. If only Bush were still in office. The government of Iran would fall to the ground and the Iranian people, at long last, would be free.

Nice judgement to lead, Mr. Community Organizer. Khamenei's really quaking in his robe. America is embarrassed, just like we when under Carter and Clinton. Where the hell are Dubya and Cheney when you need them?

not very 'transparent'

A new Gallup poll tags the President's approval rating at 58%.

Is it any wonder?

He's tripled the deficit.
He's gone on two offensive global apology tours.
He's closing Gitmo without a plan.
He's granting Miranda rights to terrorists.
He's cutting funding for the all-important missile defense shield.
He's threatening an unnecessary health care overhaul
He's appointing opaque czars over every aspect of our lives.
He's running Detroit, setting advertising budgets and making cars.

All of this against the wishes of the majority of Americans.

How long before Obama blames Bush for his slipping poll numbers?

beefing up

North Korea.
July 4.


President Obama: "Missile defense? We don't need no stinkin' missile defense."

Thursday, June 18


From the NY Times:
"A substantial majority of Americans say President Obama has not developed a strategy to deal with the budget deficit, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll, which also found that support for his plans to overhaul health care, rescue the auto industry and close the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, falls well below his job approval ratings."


And look what the dunder-headed Democrats want to do to US banking.

How many hats with the Fed be wearing under this pathetic plan?

[Fed Chair Ben Bernanke, (above) is thinking to himself, 'Man, this is not what I signed up for."]

rocket science

From Karl Rove in the WSJ:
"Republican credibility on health care depends on whether the party offers positive alternatives that build on the strengths of American medicine. As long as the choice was between reform and the status quo, the public was likely to go with the reformers. But if the debate is whether to go with costly, unnecessary reforms or with common-sense changes, then Republicans have a chance to appeal to fiscally conservative independents and Democrats and win this one. It is still possible to stop ObamaCare in its tracks. If Republicans can do that, they will win public confidence on an issue that will dominate politics for decades."
Instead of bankrupting America with nationalized Obamacare, why not put flexibility into private coverage? Why not continue to allow companies to deduct the amount they pay for their employees coverage and create a tax rebate for individuals [$2,200] and families [$5,700]?



The leader of the free world, the President of the United States, has been upstaged by the leader of France and other European leaders in condemning Iran's fraudulent election.

Even the intellectually chanllenged know-nothing Vice President Biden as well as Secretary of State Clinton are urging the President to be more forceful.

The Iranians dying in the streets of Tehran the past few days are saying that they want fundamental change in their government. Yet, Obama is too much of a coward to acknowledge that publicly?

What about that 'judgment to lead' crap?

Tuesday, June 16

robust growth

How is the economy going to experience the 'robust growth' the President is talking about with record employment and a big recession?

Oh, Obama also says he's not going to raise taxes, but nobody believes him.

unfair, unbalanced

ABC News, that paragon of journalistic ethos, will broadcast a prime time health care special from the White House on June 24, without airing opposing points of view. Brilliant!

The MSM is going to push government-run health care on us the same way they pushed Obama on us... Relentlessly, tirelessly and without the facts.

It's hard to imagine a more shameless act of inobjectivity. They didn't do this for Bush and No Child Left Behind. Where was ABC to champion Bush's calls to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Bush got no coverage whatsoever on his efforts to fix Social Security.

Monday, June 15

the majority

A new Gallup poll shows 40% of Americans call themselves Conservatives, while only twenty one percent describe themselves as Liberals.

These numbers tell me that had the GOP nominated a Conservative candidate in '08, instead of the idiotic McCain, we probably would have beaten Obama/Biden.

I'm wondering if the Obama stink will make Americans take a second look at Republican stars Romney, Gingrich and Palin? Or is it going to take all-new faces like Shadegg, Ryan, Pawlenty and Perry?

axis of evil: mullahs & democrats

Iran, angry, violent and demanding change, badly needs a strong American President to stand with her in this hour.

Where the hell is Bush when you need him?


We've been hearing about this coming uprising for years. That, one day, the people of Iran were going to say enough is enough, and overthrow their government. And it was thought that when that day finally came, America would be the first to stand with the Iranians. Iranians, they say, love America.


And now, look what's happening. America's new Liberal President is very much unlike his predecessor. Obama, despite his empty rhetoric, is completely disinterested in global democracy. What a shame. Apparently, paying scant attention to the chaos, he sent VP Biden, another disengaged coward, to make 'sympathetic statements,' about Friday's fraudulent election. (see below)


Obama's non-response reminds me of two other feckless 'Democratic' Presidents, Clinton, who stood by and did absolutely nothing when Iranian students disappeared in 1999 after protesting the government and Carter, the worst President in American history, who is responsible for the rise of radical Islam by failing to come to the defense of the former Shah of Iran.

Yep, the Democrats are right up there with the Mullahs as the true enemies of democracy and freedom across the Middle East.

Sunday, June 14


I've always considered the Israeli peace negotiations to be a joke, but it is down right hilarious for the Palestinians to now say, after PM Netanyahu today reversed himself and came out in favor of a Palestinian state with conditions, that Israel has 'closed the door to permanent status negotiations...' Huh? What the hell are they talking about?

HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa... That's funny.

"In any peace agreement, the territory under Palestinian control must be disarmed, with solid security guarantees for Israel," said Netanyahu. If we get this guarantee for demilitarization and necessary security arrangements for Israel, and if the Palestinians recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people, we will be willing in a real peace agreement to reach a solution of a demilitarized Palestinian state alongside the Jewish state," he said.

Perfectly reasonable, right? Disarm. Stop shooting rockets into Southern Israel. But no.

Here's a little secret. The Arabs love terrorizing the Jews. That's what they live for. Arabs exist to torture Jews. That's it. But the Jews want peace so badly, they are so tired of being terrorized in their own country they periodically get stupid enough to try to negotiate with these worthless, idiotic Palestinian people.

What about Arafat? Clinton with the blessing of former PM Ehud Barak, delivered Jerusalem up on a silver platter for the Palestinians in 2000 and they didn't want it. They turned it down.

How many times do I have to blog about it? The Palestinians don't want peace with Israel!

Saturday, June 13

defeat obamacare

President Obama wants to make going to the doctor exactly like going to the post office. How dumb is that? Government-run health care in America is a terrible idea. Government-run anything sucks.

And completely unnecessary. There are over 1,300 private insurance companies in America. There is plenty of healthy competition in the marketplace. (Unless you have a pre-existing condition, like me. Then you're SOL.) But most Americans have so many health care options, it seems a portion of the population have thrown up their hands in frustration, preferring the government decide for them.

What might stop Obamacare?
"The government insurance "option" is clearly shaping up to be the first key vulnerability of ObamaCare. It is crucial to the logic of the Democrats' approach, as it would offer convenient cover both for the move toward government financing of coverage and for the rationing of care such a move would require. The president, congressional leaders, and key liberal interest groups have insisted it be part of any reform effort. But as outside opposition grows, it is far from clear that the government option will have the votes to pass. If it were voted down or pulled out of the Democrats' bills, the logic and the inevitability of the remainder of their reform effort would be called into question, and the GOP would face a real opportunity to make the case for their own brand of reform, and to stop the Obamacare train in its tracks."
Republicans oppose the Obamacare plan, the majority of Americans oppose the plan, and now, thankfully, Senators Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and Ben Nelson, (D-NE) the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Hospital Association (AHA) oppose the plan as well.

I believe stopping/preventing the 'option' of universal health care is the most important political event in my lifetime and in the history of the United States of America. Either we stop it, or we don't. America remains America or America becomes Canada.

monkey boy wins

That's what I've always called the President of Iran. And now Monkey Boy is the newly 're-elected' President of Iran. Or, he's been newly 'annointed' by Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Of course, the election was illegitimate and fraudulent. Security forces closed down Mousavi's offices on election day. They suspended mobile phone across the country and blocked all Mousavi-related websites, including Facebook. They even denied proper credentials to Mousavi's polling station volunteers, ensuring that nobody could witness the cheating.

A Mousavi presidency was snatched away from the people of Iran. And now there's violence in the streets.

Friday, June 12


How great would it be if former Prime Minister Mirhossein Mousavi won today's Iranian election? He's leading by 60% of the vote so far.

Mousavi, who campaigns while he holds his wife Zahra Rahnavard's hand, has clearly stolen a page from the Obama campaign's playbook, creating legions of energetic, youthful supporters and getting his liberal reform messages of women's rights and US engagement out through Facebook and YouTube.

[iran presidential race]

This past Tuesday, at the campaign's behest, some 10,000 people formed a human chain in Tehran. That's no small change movement.

Thursday, June 11

ban smoking already

I hate smoking. It's disgusting. I hate the smell, I hate the butts on the ground. It drives me crazy to see people littering, throwing burning cigarettes out of moving cars. I think smokers, in general, are stupid, rude, insensitive people.

So, I have to say, I applaud what the Senate did today, voting 79-17, to ban 'light,' 'low tar' or 'mild' cigarettes within a year.

Normally, I'd say this was an unwelcome intrusion into people's private lives, but let's get real. If you aren't smart enough to know and understand the health risks associated with smoking then a smarter person should make the educated decision for you.

When it comes to smoking, I don't have any tolerance. Both of my parents smoked when I was a kid. We'd drive around with all the car windows rolled up and there I'd be in the backseat, breathing in smoke from two cigarettes. And this was back in the day when my folks would say, 'well, when we were young the government told us smoking was good for you.'

Uh huh. At the age of five I posed this question to my Father: 'How can breathing hot smoke into your lungs be good for you?' He didn't have much of an answer.

paygo, part deux

From the WSJ:
"The real game here is that the President is trying to give Democrats in Congress political cover for the health-care blowout and tax-increase votes that he knows are coming. The polls are showing that Mr. Obama's spending plans are far less popular than the President himself, and Democrats in swing districts are getting nervous. The paygo ruse gives Blue Dog Democrats cover to say they voted for "fiscal discipline," even as they vote to pass the greatest entitlement expansion in modern history. The Blue Dogs always play this double game.

"The other goal of this new paygo campaign is to make it easier to raise taxes in 2011, and impossible to cut taxes for years after that. In the near term, paygo gives Mr. Obama another excuse to let the Bush tax cuts he dislikes expire after 2010, while exempting those (for lower-income voters) that he likes. In the longer term, if a GOP Congress or President ever want to cut taxes, paygo applies a straitjacket that pits those tax cuts against, say, spending cuts in Medicare. The Reagan tax reductions would never have happened under paygo.

"The main political question now is when Americans will start to figure out Mr. Obama's pattern of spend, repent and repeat. The President is still sailing along on his charm and the fact that Americans are cheering for an economic recovery. But eventually they'll see that he isn't telling them the truth, and when they do, the very Blue Dogs he's trying to protect will pay the price. And they'll deserve what they get."

all in?

Okay, now they've gone too damn far with this intrusive government business.

piggy bank

I never imagined I'd see the day when the federal government would try to restrict/limit the amount of money Americans make.

Of course, the unions elected President Obama, so he won't cap their salaries.

We are becoming Canada. If health care follows, we're done. We're dead. America as I know and love it, will be finished.


The Hill is reporting there is Democratic mutiny on the climate change bill.

Well, thank God for that! It's rather foolish to base public policy on mythology. Maybe some of these people are finally using their brains, coming out of a self-imposed deep freeze. It's about time.

Wednesday, June 10

giving terrorists rights

Miranda rights for terrorists? Obama is said to have 'quietly ordered FBI agents to read Miranda rights to high value detainees captured and held at US detention facilities in Afghanistan,' according to a senior Republican on the House Intelligence Committee.

It's worse than I thought. This Obama guy is a complete moron. He's an anti-American zealot. Is this what we did for Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani? A guy who bombed two American embassies in East Africa in 1998, are we going to read him his 'rights'?

How can non-citizens have American Miranda rights? It's crazy, impossible and stupid.

What if we had mirandized Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and advised him of his right to remain silent? If we know anything, we know that giving terrorists the right to remain silent is the worst thing we could possibly do. We want them to talk, we want them to give use valuable, actionable intelligence, so we can prevent attacks and save lives.

Obviously, since Obama has promised to close down Guantanamo, (which is also a very stupid thing to do) this Miranda-rights-to-terrorists business is merely the administration's legal rationale to bringing these Godless bastards into the United States to stand trial, which should be a complete circus/dog & pony show.

The worst part of all of this? The terrorists don't fear us anymore. Why should they?

air france

Air France crash: 'terrorist suspects' on flight

Terrorism? There were two passengers aboard with links to Islamic terrorists. Coincidental?


It is considered an insult in the Middle East to show the soles of your shoes to other people. So, Israel is now angry about what they perceive as an insult to their country. (The above photo was reportedly taken while Obama was speaking to Benjamin Netanyahu.)

I'm more offended that the President has his feet propped up on the desk. That's improper Oval Office decorum if you ask me. It shows disrespect to the office and to his predecessors. Although, you notice now he's back to wearing his suit jacket while working. He'd eschewed that tradition earlier this year.

How much do you think Israel misses President Bush right about now?

Barely worth mentioning but quite possibly instructive on how the President might think about Israel is this little tidbit from Obama's former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright: "Them Jews aren't going to let [Obama] talk to me."

pulling a caperton

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has a few thoughts about the SCOTUS ruling on judicial recusals.

"The principal purpose of this Court's exercise of its certiorari jurisdiction is to clarify the law. . . . As THE CHIEF JUSTICE's dissent makes painfully clear, the principal consequence of today's decision is to create vast uncertainty with respect to a point of law that can be raised in all litigated cases in (at least) those 39 States that elect their judges. This course was urged upon us on grounds that it would preserve the public's confidence in the judicial system. . . .

"The decision will have the opposite effect. What above all else is eroding public confidence in the Nation's judicial system is the perception that litigation is just a game, that the party with the most resourceful lawyer can play it to win, that our seemingly interminable legal proceedings are wonderfully self-perpetuating but incapable of delivering real-world justice. The Court's opinion will reinforce that perception, adding to the vast arsenal of lawyerly gambits what will come to be known as the Caperton claim. The facts relevant to adjudicating it will have to be litigated -- and likewise the law governing it, which will be indeterminate for years to come, if not forever. Many billable hours will be spent in poring through volumes of campaign finance reports, and many more in contesting nonrecusal decisions through every available means.

"A Talmudic maxim instructs with respect to the Scripture: "Turn it over, and turn it over, for all is therein." . . . Divinely inspired text may contain the answers to all earthly questions, but the Due Process Clause most assuredly does not. The Court today continues its quixotic quest to right all wrongs and repair all imperfections through the Constitution. Alas, the quest cannot succeed -- which is why some wrongs and imperfections have been called nonjusticiable. In the best of all possible worlds, should judges sometimes recuse even where the clear commands of our prior due process law do not require it? Undoubtedly. The relevant question, however, is whether we do more good than harm by seeking to correct this imperfection through expansion of our constitutional mandate in a manner ungoverned by any discernable rule. The answer is obvious."

The trial lawyers undoubtedly are already scurrying around, preparing to pull Caperton's.


Obama talked about 'paygo' yesterday to assuage the spending concerns of Blue Dog Democrats. Let's get serious. The Democrats have controlled Congress since January 2007. (Interesting how things have taken a bad tumble since then, isn't it?)

The Left came to power promising fiscal responsibility (funny) and with it, pay-as-you-go spending measures as known as 'paygo.' If spending is increased in mandatory entitlement programs, like Medicare and Social Security, spending offsets would have to occur, like cutting programs or tax increases, to cover the costs. Sounds reasonable in theory. Spend more here, cut over there.

Paygo has yet to be put firmly into place (shocker) because Democrats (1) are even less serious about fiscal responsibility than the Republicans were under Bush and (2) they've already figured out 'ways around the rules.'

Tuesday, June 9

veering to the right

Europe has been considerably right wing since the days of George W. Bush. Think Sarkozy and Merkel. It just became more so this past weekend with the European Parliamentary elections. And the Labour party has fallen far out of favor with Britain. Will Gordon Brown survive?

America is tilting Left these days, but for how long? Obama is flailing away, pathetically and immaturely blaming Bush, desperate for answers on the economy, a $3 trillion deficit and counting. Finally today he seemed to find religion on spending. It's about time. If Bush was bad on spending, then Obama is at least three times worse.

open the floodgates

Yesterday, the Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, created a litany of legal challenges to already decided cases. I'm sympathetic to the basic tenet of the case; Judges should never hear cases involving parties from whom they have received financial contributions.

But this ruling opens up a bigger can of worms. It supposes that a determination can be made on the likelihood of the chances of a possibility of judicial bias, which, of course, is all interpretation. Big, big downside to this ruling. A flood of lawsuits is sure to follow.

In another bad move, SCOTUS decided to allow the federal government to forge ahead with Chrysler's sale to Fiat.

And people say this is a conservative Supreme Court?

'create or save'

I think I've had enough of the media adulation of Obama. The MSM simply is not reporting the truth about Obama policies. They aren't. Even Ron Bronstein is saying it.
"You can't blame powerful people for wanting to play the press to peddle self-perpetuating mythology. But you can blame the press, already suffocating under a massive pile of blame, guilt, heavy debt and sinking fortunes, for being played. Some of the time, it seems we're even enthusiastically jumping into the pond without even being pushed. Is there an actual limit to the number of instances you can be the cover of Newsweek?"
This is the biggest story of our political lives, it seems to me, the inability of a supposed 'objective' press to report accurately and honestly about what this inexperienced President of the United States is doing and the policies he's advocating. They simply aren't telling the story, like blindly accepting administration spin about 'creating and saving' jobs.
"If the "saved or created" formula looks brilliant, it's only because Mr. Obama and his team are not being called on their claims. And don't expect much to change. So long as the news continues to repeat the administration's line that the stimulus has already "saved or created" 150,000 jobs over a time period when the U.S. economy suffered an overall job loss 10 times that number, the White House would be insane to give up a formula that allows them to spin job losses into jobs saved."
Three trillion dollars in debt? Unreported. Nationalization of the automotive industry, the banking industry and soon the health care industry? Totally unreported. Instead, we get countless press accounts of the Obama's dog, date night in Manhattan and tours and shopping in Paris. Real news.

Monday, June 8

leftist hatemongers

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin waves to the crowd at the Republican fundraising dinner Monday in Washington.

I'm still waiting for someone to explain to me how Governor Sarah Palin is stupid... She's a Governor of a big state, so, on the surface of things, she must be somewhat intelligent.

Rhetorically, I always say if Palin is dumb, what does that say about Joe Biden? [Is there a bigger lightweight in DC than Biden? He's a complete idiot.]

Bottom line, Palin is smarter than most Democrats. They they fear her and that's why she's attacked. Just like Reagan. Just like Bush during his first term. Democrats always demonize people they fear the most.

It's called insecurity.

global scamming

As if we needed more proof that climate change is a bunch of crap: Green Bay, WI hit a high of 52 today.


Even the AP is getting in on the act: "Obama Repackages Stimulus Plan With Old Promises."

All that 'hope' and 'change' doesn't seem to be working.

Hope + Change + Obama = Failure.

Friday, June 5

'barack hussein bush'

President Obama, in terms of foreign policy, is sounding more and more like former President Bush.

Of course, he doesn't use the word 'terrorist,' but... as the Wall Street Journal says, "The Obama Presidency is validating much of George W. Bush's security agenda and foreign policy merely by dint of autobiographical rebranding."

Kudos to Obama for bravely pointing out the obvious, that "the Arab-Israeli conflict should no longer be used to distract the people of Arab nations from other problems," as has been the case, forever.

It was a pretty good speech, but the President missed an opportunity to point out how much America has done to 'liberate Muslims from oppression.' It's inconceivable to me that any President of the United States, the cheerleader-in-chief, would fail to talk up his country while on foreign soil.

Thursday, June 4

continuation of slavery

President Barack Obama tours the pyramids outside Cairo, Thursday, ...

Paul Wolfowitz writes about President Obama (above, on vacay, scoping out the pyramids in Egypt) and the Freedom Agenda.
"Genuine democracy is a matter of making government accountable and transparent, not only through elections but through many other means as well, including a free press. It means protecting the rights of all citizens to develop their full potential, both for their own prosperity and for the society as a whole, by protecting equal rights under the law. That includes the right of private property, which is recognized clearly in Islam. In speaking to the Muslim world, it is particularly important for the president to emphasize the importance of protecting the rights of women and those of minorities -- subjects on which he can be particularly eloquent and persuasive."
Democratic dogma requires feckless foreign policies, otherwise, Clinton would have deposed Saddam Hussein. Obama is far more interested in achieving what can be perceived as consensus. Consensus on a Palestinian state. Consensus on forbidding Israeli settlements. Consensus on Afghanistan and Pakistan. I'm all for the President signing up allies to share burdens and costs, but real reform? Forget it.

Of course, in theory, you'd think the Liberals of the world would be the ones advocating freedom for everybody. Democrats should be willing to win the freedom of Muslim women, the freedom of the Arabic press, not siding with dictators. But no, the most important thing for Obama is proving that he's not Bush. Obama is celebrated around the world exactly because he's not Bush.

Abandoning the Freedom Agenda certainly is the anti-Bush policy. But, I wonder if Obama and the Democrats even realize that by 'building consensus' and coddling dictators they are going to be responsible for keeping millions of Muslims enslaved?

Wednesday, June 3

hump day round up

Obama (Muslim/ not a Muslim? His father was agnostic/his father was a Muslim? Who the hell knows?) is in the Middle East reversing America's Freedom Agenda in favor of what will amount to old school FDR re-alignment, propping-up all the Middle East dictators and despots, all for the sake of the 'diplomacy.' And because it's easier to do Washington's bidding.

Brilliant foreign policy. This from the man who believes that America is 'one of the largest Muslims countries in the world.'

I can just imagine the next Republican President, whomever he or she might happen to be, having to do some serious regime changing, in addition to giving the always-present terror threat, that will have festered under Obama's unwatchful eyes, the attention it deserves.

Wow. The federal government 'accidentally' posted a classified list of US nuclear sites.

Sure, the President has plenty of time to do promo's for Conan O'Brien and condemn the murder of late term abortionist George Tiller, but as Commander-in-chief, I wonder why he doesn't give a rat's ass about the murder of an Army recruiter at the hands of a homegrown American-Islamic terrorist?

Tuesday, June 2

the new guy

Obama says that the USA can't impose our values on other countries, yet most European countries seek to impose their values on us. Example: the detention center at Guantanamo Bay.

It seems to me that this President worships at the alter of international opinion, not the American Constitution.

Hey, Barack, you're not President of the world, you're the President of the United States. Act like it.
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