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Given the failure of stimulus and the unpopularity of both cap and trade and Obamacare, is it fair to say that Liberalism has jumped the shark?

The radical agenda of the Democrats stinks to high heaven and America doesn't much like it.


Blogger Chris said...

Actually the most unpopular organization in America is the Republican Party.

The president enjoys a comfortable approval rating that even Fox News has at 54%. Repubs would kill for 30%. There isn't one single issue Americans would rather have Republicans in control of over Obama.

And then we have your link that is supposed to prove Obama's health care plan is unpopular? It links to an article that is over a month old and mentions nothing about popularity.

Tell me, did you just hear all this on Rush Limbaugh and decide to copy and paste it?

12:28 PM  
Blogger Kent said...

Never in the post did I mention the Republican Party.

Obama's ratings are not what they were six months ago.

The public trusts the GOP over the Democrats on eight out of 10 key issues.


Obamacare is opposed by 53% of Americans.


There's not a shred of truth in your comment here. Nice going.

P.S. I'm not aware of what Limbaugh is saying on any of the above.

1:29 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Are you kidding me? Let's do this again, since you can't comprehend even what you write.

You talk about how supposedely unpopular the president is, well there is nothing more unpopular than the Republican Party. A survey of all major polls of which I linked to, that also includes your Rasmussen, clearly shows the public trusts the Democrats and Obama on every issue.

But let's talk about your Rasmussen. Just a few days ago you completely discredited Rasmussen's methodology, and now you are back again using it as proof of your Fantasy World. Total genius Kent.

You are absolutely aware of what Limbaugh is saying. He's your hero. Just two posts ago you completely rehashed exactly what you heard Limbaugh say on the air. It goes straight from your speakers to your blog.

Of course Obama's ratings aren't what they were 6 months ago. But they are double-triple better than anything the Republicans can hope for. And since when is 54% not a solid, comfortable majority approval?????

3:03 PM  
Blogger Kent said...

"There is nothing more unpopular than the Republican Party"?

What about the Green Party, the Libertarian Party and the Communist Party.

And currently the so-called 'Democratic' Party. A new NPR poll shows a GOP lead on the generic ballot.


I didn't discredit Rasmussen. I questioned why there is a need for different levels of approval.

Reading Media Matters? So you're a George Soros acolyte. A guy who makes billions but pays no taxes. Yet you rail against the Bush tax cuts "for the rich."


12:56 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Your exact words were you "disagree with the polling methodology that pretends we need two different categories of 'approval.'"

If disagreeing isn't finding something non-credible than I don't know what is.

Green Party and Libertarian are not national parties. They have no representation. There's very little polling conducted to judge popularity. But nice try.

I'm just glad you've found a new poll to quote. Your love affair with Rasmussen was getting scary.

Media Matters is far more valid than your rehashing of Limbaugh. You're just disappointed Media Matters proves two posts ago you entirely got your material from listening to a drug addict.

8:33 PM  
Blogger Kent said...

I disagree that we need different classifications of the word 'approval.' You take a big leap in assuming that I somehow discredit Rasmussen.

You didn't mention national political party. You said that the Republicans are "the most unpopular organization in America."

The Greens and the Libertarians are American organizations. Oops. There you go again, making stuff up.

Media Matters isn't a credible news source. It's a smear site. Like your blog.

5:49 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

If you take away the different classifications of the word approval, you're left with yes or no. Thus, measuring extremes such as strongly is methodology you disagree with. You really don't understand what you write do you?

You're right Media Matters isn't a news source at all. Never said it was. It's a blog that monitors the media. But it sure did prove your blog posts are inspired by a drug dealer.

7:29 PM  
Blogger Kent said...

Exactly. Like Yes and No. Wouldn't that be simple? Cut and dried? And better?

Approval only means one thing. Disapproval on means one thing. Either I approve of the job the president is doing or I don't.

It's a great idea, regardless of your juvenile efforts to misinterpret what I said.

Thank you for once again proving my point. Limbaugh didn't deal drugs. Yet, here you are claiming he did because you read about it on Media Matters. Pathetic.

As for my reading material in preparation for this blog, take a look at "RFL Resources" and "RFL Opinion Makers."

4:02 PM  

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