Wednesday, July 22

obama, fail

Delaying Obamacare? Maybe Republicans aren't irrelevant after all.

Delaying closing Gitmo? Closing the Gitmo country club is a stupid idea anyway. But I thought Obama had a plan?

Delaying the stimulus? Obama isn't serious about fixing the economy. And how outrageous is that for the President of the United States to push counter-productive legislation through Congress?

What about 'lowering the oceans? Has that plan been delayed, too?

BTW, MSNBC is showing a countdown clock to Barry's press conference tonight. Oh, yeah. The MSM loves them some Magic Negro.

Oh, good stuff here. The five questions Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) would like the always objective press corps to ask the President in 2:24:11...2:24:10...2:24:09...


Blogger Jaz said...

Things fall apart, the center cannot hold.

5:09 AM  

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