Monday, July 6

the presidential look?

What's going on here? Arriving in Russia, the Obama's look like a regular couple on vacation, schlepping along with their crap. And what the hell is Michelle wearing? Is she going to bake cookies?

This is not how American heads of state should look and certainly not how they should carry themselves. It reminds me of Jimmy Carter wearing sweaters back in the '70s. Very embarrassing and unbecoming.

Embarrassing and unbecoming too is the fact that Obama is in Moscow to negotiate an arms treaty, while Russia continues to carry out military operations against Georgia, their former satellite neighbor to the South.

Carter, Clinton, now Obama, so-called 'Democratic' American presidents who turn blind eyes to suffering of others. Obama looks as if he wants to return Russia to super-power status. I'm glad he 'trusts Medvedev,' but I don't.


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