Monday, August 24

'aggressively, relentlessly oppose'

Oh, sure, the GOP is fighting back against Obama's socialist policies now, but where was their courage of convictions back when they sat on their hands and voted to confirm the soft-on-crime racist Eric Holder as Attorney General back in February?

Obama's Justice Department has refused to go after the Black Panthers, who were completely guilty of taunting and intimidation tactics on Election Day 2008 in Philadelphia. One of the three guilty Panthers, Jerry Jackson, is a credentialed Philadelphia 'Democratic' poll worker.

The Bush Justice Department filed suit against Jackson, Malik Shabazz and Samir Shabazz in January. The three ignored the lawsuit, which automatically put Justice into a default, or, winning, position.

Holder dismissed the suit. It's unheard of for Justice to dismiss a case it won by default. But this is how 'justice' is administered in the Obama DOJ. It's all about skin color.

Look what 'Justice' has done in Georgia, clearing the way for rampant voter fraud, allowing non-citizens to register to vote. ACORN will have a field day with that.

The Republicans had better start fighting back harder.


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