Thursday, August 27

crass, no class

Senator Kennedy's coffin

Exploiting Teddy? Nah. Why would anyone think that? Crazy.

Remember the Wellstone Memorial?


Blogger gramma2many said...

Whenever I see pictures of his coffin draped in MY flag, I cringe. He tried to sell us down the river to Russia, he does not deserve to have MY flag draped across his coffin. MY flag is reserved for TRUE AMERICAN HEROS, which is an honor he never achieved and would never deserve.

9:33 AM  
Blogger Kent said...

Ted Kennedy was about as unhinged a Lefty as you can get.

His personal life was a complete disaster. He basically murdered a woman, leaving her for dead at Chappaquiddick.

He abused drugs and booze. He abused drugs and booze with his kids. He and Chris Dodd abused women together. Have you heard about "The Waitress Sandwich"?

He ruined the professional career of Robert Bork, a man who should today be a SCOTUS Justice, forever altering US jurisprudence. Instead we got Anthony Kennedy.

And as you say, he lobbied the former Soviet Union during the Reagan years, doing an end around our President.

Kennedy was a bastard. He was human garbage.

4:37 PM  

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