Wednesday, August 5

culture of corruption


It is a good day indeed when a slimeball Democrat is convicted for being a slimeball. In this case, the slimeball is former Congressman William Jefferson (D-LA), pictured above.

Jefferson is the guy, you might recall, who hid $90,000 in his freezer. He's the guy who was taking bribes and trying to extend his businesses in Africa by illegal means.

Next up?
Barney Frank (MA)
Charlie Rangel (NY)
Sanford Bishop (GA)
Jesse Jackson (IL)
Allan Mollohan (WVA)
John Murtha (PA)
Linda Sanchez (CA)
Loretta Sanchez (CA)
Pete Visclosky (IN)
Roland Burris (IL)
Kent Conrad (ND)
Bob Menendez (NJ)


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