Wednesday, August 5

'disappointment with obama'

This sub-head on a Washington Post piece on the Virginia gubernatorial campaign caught my eye today:

"Some Voters Who Backed President Disillusioned Over Economic Pledges"

"[Obama's] just not as advertised," said voter Chris Ann Cleland. "Nothing's changed for the common guy. I feel like I've been punked."

"The mood is becoming just as lousy for the Democrats as it has been for us the last couple of years," said J. Kenneth Klinge, a longtime Virginia GOP strategist. "It's evening the playing field."

Cleland's attitude seems to be reflected in the polls, in Virginia and New Jersey.

Virginia Democratic candidate Creigh Deeds 'has declined to take firm stands' on issues. [How typical.] As a result GOP candidate Bob McDonnell has a firm lead 50%-39%.

In New Jersey, GOP gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie holds a commanding 52%-38% lead over incumbent boob Democratic Governor Jon Corzine.


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