Monday, August 24

job #1

[The Central Intelligence Agency logo in the lobby of the agency's headquarters in Langley, Va.]

Nothing could be more important than the national security of the United States of America. Your safety, your families' safety, my family, depends on our government doing the never-ending job of protecting our shores from radicals who wish to kill and destroy our way of life.

That means sometimes doing bad things. I know and understand that our government, in the name of national security, has to do some really outlandishly terrible things from time to time. I just accept that. In fact, I'm totally okay with that. Are you?

You're not naive enough to miss the correlation between Obama's tumbling poll numbers, his crappy, unpopular policies and these newly declassified CIA documents today, are you?

It's patently clear and obvious, this effort by the White House to change the subject away from ObamaCare just so that BO can fire up his Daily Kos base by resurrecting the torture issue, with a special prosecutor. Oh, yeah, Bush was so bad, he was the worst president ever, but he protected the country. Will Obama? That's the question.

Do I give a damn about a threat to kill Khalid Sheik Mohammed's children? No, I do not. Did KSM give a damn about killing 2,996 people on 9/11? No, he did not.

Did the Bush/Cheney-era tactics work? Yes. Have we been attacked again after 9/11? No, which means the tactics worked, which is all I care about.

If you disagree with that, you have a problem. If you disagree with the successful counter-terrorism tactics that have protected us from wacko Muslims, you aren't very smart.

Obama, we now know, has created a "new, special terrorism-era interrogation unit," that will be overseen by the White House. Wow, that makes me safe. A political/counter-terrorism unit run from the Oval Office, by a guy who has a problem using the term 'victory.'


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