Monday, August 3

obama as joker posters?

They're popping up all over LA.

From Associated Content:

"A year ago, Barack Obama was cool, sophisticated, charismatic, the very picture of the Presidential candidate that every woman wanted and every man wanted to be.
"Now [The President] has become a kind of macabre joke that we the people of the United States have played on ourselves. The greatest horror of all, health care reform, has people who have never protested anything before out in the streets and acting so raucously at Congressional town meetings that some members of Congress have cancelled their meetings for fear of having to confront angry constituents with pitch forks and torches."
People are rebelling against the lies of Obamacare.

In Texas.

In Pennsylvania.

In New York.

Yes, Obama is a joke. A very bad joke. Is it 2012 yet?


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