Thursday, August 6

obama fails


Karl Rove writes a brilliant piece in the Wall Street Journal today about how dependent Obama has become on polling and focus group data to drive White House policy, specifically on health care reform, I mean, health insurance reform.

Every politician in the world commissions polls and focus groups to ascertain constituent opinion. That's just the way it is. I remember being disgusted by President Clinton's reliance on polling. And I was impressed with President Bush's ability to distinguish between the polls and his principles.

For Obama, 'health care reform' has suddenly morphed into 'health insurance reform,' undoubtedly because of what Clyde in Terra Haute and Sylvia in Tucson had to say in focus groups. But, as Rove correctly points out, Obama has no credibility in attacking the same insurance companies he stood shoulder to shoulder in unison with just five short months ago.

Governing by polls is a bad idea, but it stems from the Liberal obsession with being popular. The problem is leaders aren't always popular. In the times when a president isn't popular he or she has to lead by their gut. God forbid a pollster isn't available. This is why Republicans accuse the Left of not having any principles. Because they don't.

Instead, they tell us what they think we want to hear. Which is how Obama got elected in 2008. By sounding Conservative. Meanwhile, unemployment is creeping to 10%. Obama promised it wouldn't go beyond 8%.


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