Wednesday, August 12

record spending

The federal deficit, the highest ever, with $181 billion worth of spending in July.

How apropos this would happen with the Democrats in control. Maybe voters will be smarter next time.


Blogger Jaz said...

And Obama will raise income taxes on the middle class, it's only a matter of time. He's already increased the tax burden on those earning $250,000 or less in the form of increased cigarettes taxes to pay for S-CHIP which fall primarily on lower wage earners.

Raising taxes on the middle is the only way to pay for his agenda. After he finishes soaking the rich, he'll start wacking the middle class.

The argument as to why the flip flop will go something like this: That was then this is now. Or, we didn't realize just how bad it was, or maybe even Biden will be trotted out to say, "...we misread how bad things were. ".

I don't blame Obama as much as blame the fools who actually bought the campaign promise that he would actually lower taxes on %95 of Americans in any meaningful way.

Luckily the tide is turning as Obama seems to hemorrhaging his moderate/independent swing voter support here in the (blue) dog days of summer.

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