Wednesday, August 19

socialized medicine sucks

Michael Vujovich, 61, of Windsor says he is alive because the Ontario government has arrangements with Henry Ford Hospital to perform heart procedures (MANDI WRIGHT/Detroit Free Press)

What's this? Canadians coming to the United States for high quality health care? Are you kidding me? I thought Canada was the freaking model of health care superiority and efficiency?

No, the fact is, the Canadian health care system is imploding under its own weight. The former President of the Canadian Medical Association, Brian Day is my go-t0 guy on all things medically Canadian.

But I digress. It turns out that the Ontario government has a deal with Henry Ford Hospital to treat Canadian citizens. I give them big kudos to them for making the arrangements, but shouldn't this be a big red flag to America and her citizens?

This guy above, Michael Vujovich, 61, of Windsor, is alive today because of American medical heart procedures.

Stupid Democrats. They are drunk with power and in their quest for more power, they are willing and determined to kill the economy, eradicate capitalism and sacrifice the world's best health care system.


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