Monday, August 10

the un-american democrats

Throughout the Bush years, Democrats routinely called their President a liar, a moron, a Nazi, a loser, an illegitimate President. It was never about policy, they just hated him. And they bitched and moaned about civil liberties and free speech, which was a complete canard, they were always free to speak their mind without limitation.

Now, the American electorate, Republicans, Independents and even some Democrats, just regular people, have heartfelt concerns and apprehensions about Obama policies and we're being called 'un-American,' we're being compared to Nazi's, we're labeled 'racists.' What could more Constitutionally American than questioning our elected leaders about their policies?

If we're so crazy and public opinion is so pro-ObamaCare, why did Steny Hoyer's office feel the need to create a health reform/insurance reform/socialized medicine manned-around-the-clock "War Room"?

If the Democrats are so proud of their legislation, why are fewer and fewer members of Congress unwilling to hold town hall meetings in their districts? Why are many of them afraid to face their constituents?

Questioning Bush's intelligence wasn't legitimate 'debate.' It was counter-productive, hyper-partisan politics. Questioning Obama's policies is completely Constitutional and wholly American. The assertion by the Democrats that we can't challenge their bad legislation is in and of itself, un-American. Stifling debate is un-American.


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