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the best health care in the world

Dan Froomkin @ HuffPo has a post that just makes me laugh, although I don't think he intended it to be comedy.

"A Turning Point for Obama," heaps praises upon the Magic Negro simply for showing up last night. (Like BO would ever miss an opportunity to give a speech.)
"What is now more obvious than ever is that Obama is not a traditional liberal. Yes, he shares a lot of liberal values -- and he expressed that more clearly and passionately last night than perhaps ever before -- but when push comes to shove, he cares more about finding common ground than pretty much anything else."
I'd really like to know what evidence there is that the President 'cares' about bipartisanship. People talk about it all the time, they talked about it during the campaign, but I've never seen one thing Obama's ever done that was bipartisan.
"Obama robustly addressed what had been the biggest flaw of his [health care] strategy so far. The problem with his consensus-building, community-organizer approach to making policy -- whether you like it or not -- is that it simply doesn't work if there isn't even an agreement about basic facts, or if some of the people in the room aren't negotiating in good faith."
An "agreement about basic facts"? The White House is ignoring the basic fact that the American people don't want health care reform as it is currently being proposed, as it's currently written. The majority of Americans don't want to change our health care system.

America already has the best health care system in the world, so ObamaCare isn't a priority. People are still freaked out about the economy, people are losing their jobs or they are already unemployed. We're still fighting two wars, as a country, we're focused on stuff that is way, way, way more important that something that doesn't even require fixing.

Sigh. Liberals just don't get it. I know they want to ram this thing through so they can grab power and control all of our lives, but maybe they should have been smarter about it.
"Obama most definitely did not do what many of us had called upon him to do, and that was come down firmly on one side or the other regarding the public option. As it turns out, that's just not in his DNA."
I can't even believe how absurd this paragraph is. Why didn't they edit this part out? Blind partisan alert, blind partisan alert. Froomkin's got a wicked man crush on Obama. Coming down firmly on one side or the other isn't in Obama's DNA because he's a poll obsessed politician who doesn't want to commit, doesn't want to get boxed in, to one position.

But wait, but wait. I saved the best Froomkin for last. This is simply unbelievable.
"The biggest challenge for Obama at this point, however, is the press. Will his speech be a game-changer as far as the coverage is concerned? Last night's triumphant visuals, including wildly cheering Democrats, and the resulting instapolls certainly proved a change of pace from the angry town-halls and barrage of lunacy that so transfixed our elite reporters during August. But the question is actually less whether the tenor of the coverage will change than whether the media will take this occasion to engage -- even just a little bit -- in a serious examination of the issues."
The press is a challenge for Obama? How? He gets softball coverage. The press never asks him probing questions. Remember Jeremiah Wright? What about Bill Ayers? Tony Rezko? Rashid Khalidi? How can a guy with smarmy associations like Obama has be elected President of the United States? Softball press coverage.

Obama supposedly was a brilliant constitutional lawyer, yet he never produced any noteworthy scholarship? Not a word about that in the press, not a single report or expose, during the entire campaign. How does a guy without a resume get elected President? How does that happen? It happened because the press LOVES Obama. They will not report any type of news that reflects badly on BO. What the hell is Froomkin talking about?

The press has been dutifully NOT reporting what government-run health care is and what it does and how it works and what happens to people solely dependent on the federal government for wellness.

This is a big part of why people are so angry about the attempt at ObamaCare.
There's been no reportage on the truth about waiting lists and the rationing and the sub-standard care associated with government-run health care systems in Britain and Canada. The American press doesn't report the legions of foreigners that come to America every year seeking skilled, specialized American health care.

The press is Obama's main ally in ObamaCare. If the media was really doing it's job, reporting the true specifics of the various Congressional plans, all efforts at "Democratic health care reform" would have been dead in the water a long time ago.

Dan, Dan, Dan.


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