Thursday, September 10

the minority party

What does it say about the lapdog Republican Party that we force a Congressman to apologize for free speech?

I don't give a damn about one-sided Congressional decorum. I want the Republicans to stand up and defeat any and all plans for government run health care. I want a Party that is going to represent me in Washington and fight for what is good and right and decent and Constitutional. Instead, they are more concerned with bipartisanship and decorum and civility.

The Democrats booed and hissed at President Bush all the time, even during a State of the Union address and nobody cared about decorum. The Democrats called Bush a liar, a moron, an idiot for eight long years. And it was all just wonderful example of First Amendment free speech.

The Democrats can say whatever they want, whenever they want, regardless of the forum. They call their opponents 'Nazi's,' 'Tea Baggers,' 'Fascists,' and it's perfectly okay. But one little unknown Congressman from South Carolina questions the veracity of a frequently fact-challenged President it somehow 'demeaned the institution.'

Congressman Wilson had every right to voice his opinion last night and the fact is, Obama's health care plans don't make much sense. Insuring 40 + million new people, not raiding Medicare, increasing options & competition AND cutting costs all @ the same time? Impossible. It's all a damn lie. And the American people don't want it.


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