Tuesday, September 29

the self-aggrandizement administration

Just like with Bill Clinton, it's all about self-aggrandizement for President Obama.

We're hearing and learning things about Obama's appearances at the United Nations and the G20 last week from the French.

Apparently, President Sarkozy wanted to present a united front against Iran last Thursday @ the UN, but was told by the White House that the goal was not to "spoil the image of success" of Obama's first appearance at the UN.

So much for 'nonproliferation.'

Sarkozy was then forced to whitewash his speech so that Obama, a day later in Pittsburgh, could deliver the blockbuster news of Iran's "secret facility to build bomb-grade fuel."

The time, if serious about containing Iran and preventing dangerous conflict between Iran and Israel, was last week at the UN, not Friday at the G20. Obama, big Liberal talker, weak, feckless leader. Fail.

Said Sarkozy:
"We are right to talk about the future. But the present comes before the future, and the present includes two major nuclear crises. We live in the real world, not in a virtual one.

"We say that we must reduce. President Obama himself has said that he dreams of a world without nuclear weapons. Before our very eyes, two countries are doing exactly the opposite at this very moment. Since 2005, Iran has violated five Security Council Resolutions . . .

"I support America's 'extended hand.' But what have these proposals for dialogue produced for the international community? Nothing but more enriched uranium and more centrifuges. And last but not least, it has resulted in a statement by Iranian leaders calling for wiping off the map a Member of the United Nations. What are we to do? What conclusions are we to draw? At a certain moment hard facts will force us to make decisions."

And why is our President suddenly inserting himself into the Olympics host city process? More self-aggrandizement. It's already a done deal, otherwise he wouldn't be going to Copenhagen.


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