Thursday, September 24

the united nations

How unnecessary and irrelevant is the United Nations? Three long days of largely empty, meaningless speeches by our President and other unseemly, rogue dictators and for what? Nothing was accomplished, nothing was gained, nothing changed for the people of the member countries.

All of this UN stuff is a colossal waste of time, and more importantly, money. America's UN-membership dues should be used for a better purpose than membership in a blowhard, masturbatory, self-congratulating debating society.

By the way, I agreed with Obama when he spoke about other countries helping to solve the world's problems. That was his shining moment. His worst moment: (1) Claiming the illegitimacy of Israeli settlements? Not only do I disagree with that idea, but using it in rhetoric in front of a bunch of Jew haters @ the UN to get a hearty round of applause? Shameful. And (2) this business of world equality, where no nation is better than another... It might not sound as bad had Obama not already spent the better part of eight months in office on his apology tour.

American Presidents should be the biggest American cheerleaders, not critics.


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