Monday, October 12

'power shift'

Scary stuff about the US dollar. Other countries, and the UN, continue to talk it down which only strengthens other currencies around the world.

What are you going to do when your money is worthless? How will you eat? Pay your mortgage? Buy gas? Groceries?

I think it's mildly amusing (putting aside the scary stuff momentarily) to see and read all of the reports from around the world. Other nations are welcoming the dollar's demise and America's continued weak economy. A weaker dollar re-balances the global economy. The world hates (is jealous of) America. Always has been. Always will. So much for the magic powers of Obama. Wasn't he supposed to make the world love us again?

The UN (which wouldn't even exist without American financial support) is calling for a new reserve currency to replace the dollar. Apparently, dollar supremacy over the years gave us the 'privilege of huge trade deficits.'

Excuse me if I refuse the UN any claim of moral authority. This is the same UN that refused to enforce their own sanctions against the former regime of Saddam Hussein. This is the same UN that stood by and did nothing about the genocide in Rwanda, yet Barack Obama and squishy Liberals everywhere adore this organization, they idolize it and worship it.

Hey, here's an idea: Let's ditch the US dollar and replace it with the Iraqi dinar.


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