Wednesday, November 4


The best evidence that the White House was rocked to the core last night by big GOP gubernatorial victories in New Jersey and Virgina? The assertion that President Obama watched an HBO documentary about himself.

The voters of Maine rejected same sex marriage.

Atlanta now will have a Mayoral run-off between white chick Mary Norwood and black dude Kasim Reed. The MSM is painting this is as a racial thing, even though Norwood won key support in black districts of the city.

Of course, it's a shame that we lost NY-23, but it was a self-inflicted wound from the GOP leadership and blue-blood heavyweights. Anytime you give $900K to a Republican-In-Name-Only you're asking to lose. RNC Chair Michael Steele has failed to impress me.

Also unimpressive was the effort thrown behind GOP challenger David Harmer in California's 10th District. Some of the $900K that went to Scozzafava would have helped Harmer, who lost to the hack John Garamendi, to replace the dishonest Ellen Tauscher, who now works at the State Department.

No wonder Taucher didn't give a damn about her constituents opposing Obamacare... her fat ass was headed out the door to a better job.

No matter how you slice it, it was a big night for the Republican Party and a scary time for the Democrats. They are in trouble. The three morons Obama/Reid/Pelosi have been a complete disaster. They've taken 'incompetency' to new levels.

I'd expect them to tone down their rhetoric and scale back their plans, big time. Or maybe they'll do America a favor, keep doing what they're doing and continue running toward the cliff.


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