Wednesday, November 11

'...once soared'

Maybe I spoke prematurely. Here's a story from the NYT, "The President Whose Words Once Soared."

I was one of the many who once believed our President was a great orator. But after seeing him fumble around for words without his sidekick, The Teleprompter, I knew otherwise. But still, in his own mind, BO thinks he's great.

Whether Obama is a good orator or not is beside the point. Fact is, he believes he can sell the American people anything. He's done it before. We elected him. But since that time, he's done nothing but communicate ineffectively.

He's failed to explain to us the need for health care reform, he's failed to explain the need for cap and trade legislation, he's failed to explain the need to fight a war in Afghanistan, he's failed to explain why much of the stimulus has yet to be deployed.

Overseas, he's failed to explain to our friends and enemies the depths of American exceptionalism. He's failed to explain correctly America's role in ending the Cold War, he's failed to explain the great American military sacrifices in the Arab world in recent years, he's failed to explain the importance of democracy and freedom in countries like Iran, North Korea and Afghanistan and he's failed to explain the struggle we, as a country, continue to face from radical Muslims who seek to kill us and take down the United States.

In fact, President Obama is a terrible communicator, totally and wholly reliant on a machine to tell him what to say and when to say it. Left purely to his own devices, he says the wrong thing every time. Moral clarity and a knowledge of history are the missing ingredients.


Blogger Chris said...

Isn't publicly disagreeing with the president anti-American? Doesn't it only aid our enemies??

10:53 AM  
Blogger Kent said...

I notice you aren't pointing out where I'm wrong here. Very telling.

Contrast that with me, during the Bush years, pointing out all the areas of criticism in which you were wrong. Hmmm.

Obama is aids our enemies with his ridiculous policies, like bringing KSM to NYC for a criminal trial.

You own this and I own you.

11:45 AM  
Blogger Gramma 2 Many said...

What aids our enemy is trying a war criminal in civil court and disclosing all of our military secrets to the enemy.
When the libs were constantly disagreeing with everything Bush did, were they aiding the enemy?
Oops, Kent, I did not see you already answered the same as I. Oh well, am still going to push the publish button.

6:14 PM  

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