Monday, November 9

'tear down this wall'

The symbolism of the fall of the Berlin Wall twenty years ago was something that I will never forget. As a child of the 1970's and 1980's, I remember the cold fear America felt from the Cold War.

President Reagan had everything to do with the Wall coming down but the moment finally came during the presidency of Bush 41. I was in college at the time and the pride and emotion I felt were powerful. I was proud of my country in a way that I had never quite been before. At that moment, watching the video of ebullient Germans celebrating the fall of communism, America stood as the shining example of what a free and democratic republic should be.

Today, President Barack Obama -- the empty, meaningless hope and change guy -- has refused to even travel to Germany for the 20th anniversary celebrations, which is purely ridiculous, uncharitable, cowardly behavior.

Candidate Obama, in his hubris, couldn't stop himself from going to Germany to bask in the glow of 200,000 star-stricken non-voters. President Obama, in his ignorance, can't stop himself from apologizing for America's perceived sins whenever he faces a foreign audience. President Obama, in his arrogance, won't communicate America's military selflessness and sacrifice in the Arab world. President Obama, in his great stupidity, refuses to acknowledge America's greatness and exceptionalism, rather he's busily engaged in making the United States less great and less exceptional.

Something I heard Bush 41 say left an impression on me. He said his military service, his knowledge of combat with a fierce enemy served him well because without that experience 'without American power and without American conviction, good things would not have happened.'

The fluke of 2008 -- Obama, a man without a military background, without any real world experience, doesn't understand the world and how it works. All Barry and his equally clueless egghead Liberal elite friends know is the crap they've read out of revisionist history books and the anti-American garbage they heard from their socialist/communist-loving college professors.

Yes, the failure to go to Berlin is a damning indictment on Barack Obama as a President and as a man. He's certainly no Reagan. He's not a Bush. He's not much of a President.


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