Monday, November 2


I can't wait until tomorrow. It looks like it's good to be a Conservative again.

In Virginia, GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell looks to be a shoe-in, with a 13.8% lead over the inept union thug Creigh Deeds.

In New Jersey, the rotund GOP gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie looks to be edging the failed incumbent Governor Jon Corzine to a slim defeat. But, this is New Jersey we're talking about. Never underestimate what desperate Liberals will do to secure an election victory.

In New York's 23rd Congressional district, Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman has all the momentum after the 'Republican' Scozzafava exited the race over the weekend and endorsed the Liberal Democrat Owens.

It would be great to get all three victories. I have my doubts about New Jersey, but Virginia is no small slap to Obama, especially since the meaningless 'hope and change' mantra carried Old Dominion just a year ago. NY-23 is a huge victory for Conservatives, no matter how you slice it.

Also, Atlanta's new white Mayor? Yep, meet Mary Norwood.

And who is Marco Rubio? He's the guy challenging RINO Charlie Crist for Mel Martinez's Senate seat.


Blogger Chris said...

"good to be conservative again"?

What planet do you actually live on Kent? Like much of the Republican Party, there isn't anything conservative about you or this blog. You even say so yourself, on your very blog, that you aren't.

I searched through your archives again this morning, and I can't find a single instance where you were ever concerned about traditionally conservative items such as spending, size of government or foreign aid (i.e., war without end). Your blog is remiss of anything even alluding to being conservative.

If it's good to be "conservative again," you wouldn't know anything about that. Or maybe, "conservative again" finally means now that Republicans are out of power, it's safe to return to your make-believe inner-core principles. Either way, your consistency with any issue, much less keeping a blog, is on par with the LA Clippers.

9:03 AM  
Blogger Kent said...

I live on the planet Earth. You know that place, right? Where New Jersey and Virginia have new Republican Governors?

12:17 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

And the Democrats picked up two house seats, one of which had not voted Democratic since Reconstruction. None of that, however, even remotely touches upon your inconsistency. The only time you can publicly criticize the president is when Republicans are not in power. And the only time to be "conservative again," is when you were never one to begin with and when Republicans are out of power.

Doesn't bode to well for planet Earth.

Good luck on your Renaissance!. Let me know when you do that Revolution! thing again. I would really like to be part of it next time.

12:29 PM  
Blogger Kent said...

The Democrats picked up ONE seat, NY-23, because of the stupidity of the GOP in endorsing Scozzafava, and the Democrats HELD CA-10, a strongly Liberal district. Big whoop.

Meanwhile, you ignore the seismic shifts in PA, NJ and VA, all Blue states, all +8, +12 and +13, respectively, for the GOP on Tuesday. Way more noteworthy than the Dems one seat in NY.

I'll put you down as agreeing with the idiotic Nancy Pelosi who apparently believes that Tuesday was a big day for the Democrats.

Oh, and btw, I saw Obama's Brain Axelrod on Fox News. WTF? What about the 'war' on Fox News? (They must have seen the huge ratings Fox News had Tuesday night.)

1:05 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

This might come as a shock, but you can't rewrite history to fit your Fantasy World. The Democrats picked up two house seats, not one. They picked up a seat in NY and CA. One of those seats (NY) had not voted Democratic since Reconstruction. Whether or not, in your view, the mighty Repubs screwed it up by their endorsement really doesn't matter, the Dems still won.

In reality, the Democratic Party won two special elections and picked up seats in the House. I would have to say that's a good night. I don't see how picking up two house seats, one in a very strong Republican district, equals an earthquake. Of course I'm part of the reality-based community so it's hard for me to comprehend all the sunny days in your world.

"Meanwhile, you ignore the seismic shifts in PA, NJ and VA, all Blue states, all +8, +12 and +13, respectively, for the GOP on Tuesday."

What does that even mean?

1:46 PM  
Blogger Kent said...

You're part of the reality based community yet you don't know the difference between a pick-up and a hold?

Ellen Tauscher resigned her seat in CA-10 to take a State Department job. John Garamendi won the special election on Tuesday to HOLD the seat for the Democrats.

In NY-23, had the GOP backed Hoffman instead of Scozzafava, Hoffman would likely have won. The only reason this was a PICK-UP for the Democrats was because Scozzafava endorsed Owens.

I understand why you seek to downplay the significance of Tuesday. Obama is weak and getting weaker. He campaigned hard for Corzine in NJ and Corzine lost. He campaigned hard for Deeds in VA before two weeks ago and Deeds got killed.

NJ and PA are hard-core Blue states, Obama won both states in 2008, yet NJ now has a Republican Governor and the GOP took six out of seven statewide campaigns in PA.

Obama won VA in 2008, too. And now the GOP owns VA. They swept every statewide office, even winning in Blue counties. Northern VA is essentially DC. If Obama is losing popularity in the DC 'burbs that's a big danger sign for your idiot party.

So, you are the dreamer, and I am living, functioning and thriving in the reality-based community.

+8, +12, +13 are the margins independents went for the GOP in PA, NJ and VA on Tuesday. It is as I said it was. You just suck at reading comprehension.

Maybe you need glasses...

2:05 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

CA-10 was a vacant seat. The Democrats picked it up. It's only a hold if the incumbent or the appointment wins. In this case the seat was vacant.

At the beginning of the 111th Congress, Democrats had a 256-178 majority. They now have a 258 to 177. They gained two seats this week, one of which was in a very strong Republican district. I'd say that's a good week.

It doesn't matter if Hoffman would have likely won if this or that had happened. In reality, Hoffman lost and the Democrats picked up the seat. You can't rewrite history to fit your Fantasy.

Where have I downplayed Republican wins on Tuesday? You can't possibly read my blog or this comment section and say I've downplayed their wins. Talk about reading skills. It's not an earthquake, but it is quite the accomplishment for the GOP.

What seats did the GOP pickup in PA?

You have still yet to explain what you mean by it's good to be "conservative again." You stated yourself you aren't a conservative. What could you possibly know about conservatism? And isn't publicly dissenting against the president anti-American? According to you it is.

6:44 PM  
Blogger Kent said...

Dumb comment #1: "CA-10 was a vacant seat."

CA-10 was already in the Dem column. To say it was 'vacant' is ill-advised and inaccurate given geography.

Dumb comment #2: "It doesn't matter if Hoffman..."

I know you love to write the word 'Fantasy' as it applies to people who disagree with your opinion but I wasn't citing my opinion alone about Hoffman. Everyone in the know believes NY-23 was an anomaly. (You don't matter.)

Dumb comment #3: "You can't possibly read my blog..."

I don't read your bullshit blog. It's crap and not worth my time.

Dumb comment #4: "What seats did the GOP pickup in PA?"

The GOP won six out of seven statewide offices on Tuesday. I never said 'seats,' I said 'statewide campaigns.' Do some research. A great example of how clueless you are.

Dumb question #5: "You still have yet to explain what you mean by it's good to be "conservative again."

As for me being a Conservative, I support smaller government, low taxes and a robust foreign policy. Enough said.

10:28 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

You are a moron. You can't handle anything that doesn't go along with your Fantasy World. To make up for it, you try to talk tough. But we both know your keyboard is about as tough as you get.

You know nothing about small government, low taxes or the slightest bit about foreign policy. You act as if I, out of the blue, said you weren't conservative or that public dissent is anti-American. I never did such a thing. Those are your very words.

You said yourself that you aren't a conservative. And you said yourself that public dissent is anti-American. You get mad when it's brought to your attention because now that Republicans are out of power you want to pretend that you are some big tough guy conservative and that public dissent is patriotic. You kid yourself Kent. Throw your kiddy tantrums all you want but you're only mad at yourself. You will own it.

10:48 AM  
Blogger Kent said...

You have a picture of George W. Bush eating a cat on your blog but somehow I'm a moron?

4:18 PM  

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