Tuesday, November 17

who's the boss?

The public deference President Obama shows to members of his own Cabinet disturbs me.

He has deferred often to Attorney General Eric Holder, most recently on the decision to grant al Qaeda terrorists criminal trials in New York. And he deferred to former White House counsel Greg Craig on matters relating to Guantanamo.

The President should defer to no one. President Bush never did. When a President defers to an underling, it's a tacit acknowledgment that he's not in charge. No wonder so many people think Obama is an Axelrod/Emanuel bobble-head doll.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney gets it right when he says:
"There is no reason for an American president to bow to anyone. Our friends and allies don't expect it, and our enemies see it as a sign of weakness."
But it doesn't stop there. Deferring to a peer is equally un-Presidential. A US President BOWING to the Japanese Emperor and Saudi King? We've gone from a 'Cowboy diplomacy' to a deferential diplomacy. One signaled strength, the other cowardice.

It isn't, as the administration claims "vigorous engagement." It's the disgraceful, foolish, naive work product of Mr. Hope and Change, the most unqualified man ever to serve as President.


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