Monday, December 21

blue dogs & global warming

I'm completely disgusted by what's going on in DC. The pathetic Democrats continue to move toward ramming through the 'health care' legislation that is anything other than the 'health care reform' that they are calling it.

Of course, it's the fault of the GOP. Why? Because had old Jackass McCain given a damn and gotten up off his ass he might have fared better as a presidential candidate in 2008. I don't care what anybody says, Obama could have been defeated last year based on his questionable associations. He won because the Republicans didn't lay a glove on him. They were afraid to attack the black guy.

The dumb Democrats now are only doing what they promised to do: Pass a bunch of unconstitutional, anti-American legislation, designed to kill the economy and expand governmental control over every aspect of your life and mine. So much for the Blue Dogs.

Or maybe Rich Lowry is right? Maybe health care won't pass.

Funny that the East Coast is completely snowed under. It's perfect for Christmas. What did they get? Nearly 20 feet of fresh powder? What the hell happened to global warming?


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