Wednesday, December 2

'the half-hearted surge'

Let's get one thing straight: I support the President sending an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan, but after inexcusably dithering for three months there are a couple of big problems with his decision.

The first problem is that Obama is sending fewer troops than General McChrystal asked for. The second problem is he seems more concerned with the exit strategy and less committed to victory.

Telling the enemy America will begin to withdraw in July 2011 is self-defeating. It's illogical. Telling the enemy what you're going to do before you do it. That's not how you fight a war. It's tantamount to creating failure, nurturing and fostering a losing environment.

Even Europe is taking notice of Obama's fecklessness, i.e.,amateur hour at the White House and of the extremely cool reception he gets from America's military.


Blogger Jaz said...

Did you see that is in open revolt over this?

They are absolutely seething, gathering signatures for a petition for congress to limit Obama's war plans.

'The Afghanistan Duality Theory' or 'Losing the Left: Obama's war'.

12:16 AM  
Blogger Kent said...

The only relevance the Left had was in electing Obama. They don't matter anymore because America is a Center Right country. They don't even understand that Obama's Afghanistan policy is the best he could give them.

That said, the Obama surge is fundamentally flawed and almost destined to fail due to three months of dithering and the administration's obsessive-compulsion over the July '11 exit strategy.

In other words, we're pretending to go to war for 18 months and after that the tolerant Liberals in the Obama White House will cease to care about freedom and human rights for the Afghan people. They'll be far too busy gearing up for 2012.

2:44 PM  

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