Thursday, December 3

pretending to go to war for 18 months

That's what this President and his administration does. They pretend. They pretend jobs have been created. They pretend there is a health care crisis. They pretend global warming exists. It's all very political.

President Obama failed to utter the words 'victory' or 'win' in his speech at West Point on Tuesday night. Instead, he spoke of 'transition' and 'transfer.'

Our troops deserve better than this. They deserve a winnable mission. They also need the manpower to get the job done. That means more, not less.

They don't deserve to be used as pawns in a political struggle. They don't deserve to be led by a dithering Commander-in-Chief who is more concerned with exit strategies than with a full and complete victory.

Is Afghanistan -- it's fair to ask -- 'winnable'? The Russians lost. Will America? That depends.

Can we fight cave-dwelling/hiding guerrilla warriors? Do we have the will to stay, fight and win or will we lose the stomach before the job is complete as we did in Vietnam and like we almost did in Iraq?

I take the Afghanistan war very seriously and it remains an open question to me whether or not it is winnable. It's going to be extremely difficult, if not impossible, given the geographic realities.

That task is made even harder when the President of the United States doesn't talk about winning the war, wastes time and refuses to provide the resources the General wants. It's all symptomatic of a lack of desire to succeed or a lack of understanding of the conflict.


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