Tuesday, December 29

'soft talk'

Obama and his merry band of ill-equipped advisers and flunkees, led by the twit Janet Napolitano, badly bungled the response to Christmas Terror on Flight 253.

The proof? His full court press on the subject, giving briefings on two successive days after being completely stupid and silent for three successive days.

This administration is accustomed to being caught flat-footed because they never seem to be prepared for anything. Just like Carter and just like Clinton, it's all just a bunch of meaningless talk.

The pattern has been established. Whenever something bad happens, this White House pretends nothing happened on the first day. "No, no. Everything's fine." On the second day, they acknowledge something occurred but they say "Oh, it's no big deal." They finally are forced to trot Barry out on the third day for political reasons and when they do all the leader of the free world can usually muster is, "I'm just cleaning up the mess left behind by the last guy."

And true to form, what's beginning to be used as an excuse in the aftermath of the Christmas Flight 253 (and raised as a defense) is Obama's favorite: Blame Bush. "Hey, this stuff was all set up under the previous administration..."

Yes, but former President Bush invented the current policies fresh, from scratch. It was correctly expected that Bush's successor would IMPROVE on the Bush-era policies and STRENGTHEN them, not weaken them.

Indicting terrorists weakens national security. Interrogating terrorists strengthens national security. It's not hard to figure out. Obama and Holder are are terrorist sympathizers, giving them miranda rights, lawyers and criminal trials.

Holder's law firm even represents a lot of the Gitmo terrorists.


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