Sunday, December 27

unmitigated disaster

Forget partisanship, forget Red states and Blue states, forget polling.

We're nearly a year into the Obama presidency and we can take the measure of the man and his White House by his support of two recent 'triumphs,' as George Will describes them.

1. Copenhagen. Global warming is a myth, a sham. Recent emails proved there is no 'consensus' on climate change. Instead, there is widespread collusion on the subject, with pro-warming scientists blocking the publication of opinions by dissenting scientists. Oh yeah, 'consensus.'

Yet, Obama went to Copenhagen and did... absolutely nothing about climate change. They made a list of stuff to do sometime in the future, but they completely punted on actual action. How is this an achievement? It isn't, in fact, it's testament to just how phony global warming actually is.

2. The Senate health care bill. Wildly unpopular, Obama set an Christmas deadline on passing the bill because he knew that if Senators had gone home for the holidays they would have come back to DC and voted no on the bill. This is an achievement in unconstitutional legislating, nothing more.

Barry's hanging his hat on debunked theories and unpopular, unnecessary legislation. What an unmitigated failure the thoroughly clueless Obama administration has been thus far.


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