Tuesday, January 5

unverifiable trust

What's this?

Vice President Joe Biden, the guy who has been wrong about every foreign policy challenge America has faced in nearly 40 years, Joe Biden, quite possibly the dumbest man ever, urging the President NOT to modernize the US nuclear arsenal?

Of course, Biden's position is said to be about future leverage over Republican Senators about the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (Start), but, in the meantime, it folds perfectly into the ideology of this administration to wimp out of its Constitutional duty of properly defending the United States, while making concession after concession to Russia.

The White House caved early on with the missile defense shield to protect burgeoning democracies in Poland and the Czech Republic, then the administration agreed to cutting America's nuclear weaponry without getting verifiable numbers from the Russians.

Anybody remember the timeless wisdom of "Trust, but verify"? Those days are long gone.

Barack Obama is the enemy of the United States. He should be impeached for improperly discharging the duties of the Presidency and for choosing Biden as his second in command.


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