Sunday, January 31

obama is no clinton

It's gotten so bad that I am now singing the praises of former President Clinton.

Obama, obviously, is no pragmatist when it comes to governing. He doesn't even understand the definition of the word.

Clinton, after Hillary's health care debacle lost him the Congress in 1994, got smart. He (reluctantly) went (kicking and screaming) bi-partisan and was able to claim that he had successfully balanced the budget (although Newt and GOP policies that accomplished it.)

Lessons learned after losing 'The People's Senate Seat' in Massachusetts? Zero. BO and his bitches Harry and Nancy keep chugging along, at the nation's peril, talking health care reform nobody wants and a new irresponsible and reckless $3.8 trillion budget that will make America a permanent non-power.

Obama is no Bill Clinton.


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