Wednesday, January 27


When Presidents are introduced and walk out before the State of the Union, they are cheered wildly, regardless of party or person. George W. Bush, Clinton, Bush 41, Reagan, all got huge applause, but...

Barack Obama? It was a muted reaction tonight. Whatever applause he received was tepid and short-lived. There's no great affection for this guy. He's not respected by anybody. And he's just a year into his presidency.

Jobs. Finally he talked about the number one issue facing Americans. Barely talked about were national security, or terrorism, or Guantanamo, or granting civilian trials to terrorists like KSM.

Obama claimed cutting taxes for '95% of Americans,' but there's no evidence he did any such thing. If he's talking about the rebate checks that some American received, he's lying. Rebate checks don't qualify as 'tax cuts.' The government only cuts taxes when they change the tax rates.

Obama did look defiant in the face of multiple failures and election defeats, most recently last week in deep Blue Massachusetts. But he appears not to recognize the extreme opposition to the entirety of his legislative agenda, including government-run health care, cap and trade, card check, climate change and closing Guantanamo. None of these policies are popular.

I'll quote a text I received during Obama's speech: "He (Obama) just buried the Democrats if they choose to follow."


Blogger Jaz said...

The Republican opposition to the Obama agenda has not hurt them at all. In fact it has paid huge dividends. The elections in Virginia, and the liberal bastions of New Jersey and Massachusetts have been a clear message to the administration that the people don't want this Obama agenda now that we've graduated out of the vague platitudinous rhetoric of the campaign and the actual details of what he's trying to do have been unveiled for all to see.

1:27 AM  
Blogger Jaz said...

I laughed out loud in disbelief many times when listening to the speech. His words belie his actions.

1:35 AM  

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