Monday, January 4

thank you, nancy pelosi...

... For making a big mess of the country since taking over Congress three years ago.

What happened to the stimulus passed a year ago that was supposed to save everybody and everything? Things are worse.

Case in point: The Democrats set aside $80 billion in stimulus funds for health care for unemployed workers and single workers without kids. But the federal money to pay for those extra million Americans on Medicaid goes away in 2011.

Case in point: Since when do so-called 'stimulus' bills have matching requirements? You're asking cash-strapped states to spend a dollar for every dollar of stimulus they get back? At that point, states are doubly-deep in debt.

Case in point: Federal rules stimulus rules leave many states with one lone option: raise taxes in an economic downturn. Instead of stimulating the economy, putting people back to work and giving them aid during tough times, the Democrats crafted, voted on and passed legislation that does the exact opposite.

Has there ever been a more reckless Congress in our history?

Has there ever been smarter, more visionary Governors than Mitch Daniels (R-IN) and Rick Perry (R-TX)? They refused $7 billion worth of unemployment insurance stimulus dollars, knowing the boondoggle it would become.


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