Monday, January 11

let's fly to copenhagen

Did you hear about all the wasted taxpayer money spent on the Copenhagen trip?

It was the "party of the year. The worst thing that happened was that they ran out of caviar."

Twenty one members of Congress, all expenses paid. Democrats Pelosi, Hoyer, Rangel, Waxman, Miller, Markey, Gordon, Levin, Butterfield, Blumenauer, DeGette, Inslee, Ryan, Cleaver, Giffords and Republicans Barton, Upton, Moore Capito, Sullivan, and Blackburn.

Editor's Note: James Inhofe, a longtime global warming skeptic and a decent, conscientious public servant, went on his own dime, just to give "an opposing view."

From CBS News:
"Our investigation found out that the House delegation was so large, it needed three military jets: two 737's and a Gulfstream Five. Up to 64 passengers -- travelling (sic) in luxurious comfort."
These leeches that call themselves members of the United States Congress, continue to suck us dry, wasting our money, eating, drinking and living it up on OUR tax dollars while accomplishing absolutely nothing. And when they aren't going traveling overseas in first class style, they are in Washington DC wasting our money on needless government spending.

My hat's off to CBS News and reporter Sharyl Attkinsson for doing this expose.


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