Tuesday, January 5

wasting intelligence

It's mind boggling. Intelligence served up on a silver platter. The father of a terrorist, comes to you and warns you about his radicalized kid. What do you do? Do you welcome the warning? Do you take action or do you do nothing about it because it's not that big of a deal, not that specific?

Obama did nothing.

Then, after the fact, the kid screws up his plans and the crisis is averted, what do you do? Ask him a bunch of questions and find out what he knows, how he knows, what's in the works for the future? Or do you read him his rights and give him a lawyer?

Obama read him his rights (even though he's not an American citizen) and gave him a lawyer.

This is the same type of stuff Clinton did that caused 9/11. Miranda rights, lawyers, criminal trials.

What other conclusion can I draw? Barack Obama is the enemy of the United States.


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