Monday, January 11

young turks

I've been going back in my archives to find the post in which I was extremely complimentary of Wisconsin's Republican Rep. Paul Ryan. (Above) I said he'd be a leader to watch in the GOP's future.

Anyway, here's a report that the Congressman paid a visit to New Hampshire in hopes of raising his national profile. He's not running in '12, but he's got plenty of time.

In fact, the Republicans have plenty of rising stars. I call them the Young Turks.

Look at Florida's Marco Rubio, a candidate for the US Senate; Republican Whip Eric Cantor; Scott Brown, the next Senator from Massachusetts; Indiana's Rep. Mike Pence; my Congressman Darrell Issa; Clint Didier, the former Redskins tight end; Danny Tarkanian; Carly Fiorina; staunch Pennsylvania Conservative Pat Toomey; stud Governors Mitch Daniels, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Perry, John Hoeven and Sarah Palin.

Deep bench. All capable, good, decent, quality people. The GOP's future is bright.

Editor's note: My partner Jaz reminded me I left Governor Bobby Jindal off the Young Turks list. Thank you, Buddy.


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Blogger Kent said...

You're right. And North Dakota's John Hoeven, too.

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