Friday, February 5

30" of snow

Record snowfalls expected in the Northeast. Washington DC is predicted to get 30" of snow from what people are calling a 'powerhouse snowstorm.'

What about all that global warming crap? How about that climate change garbage? It is winter, after all, right? If the climate was changing or getting warmer DC should be 75 degrees today instead of 33 degrees.

Where's Al Gore? Where are all those phony scientists?

(If you bought into the global warming hype, you are stupid.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog offers very good insight on most subjects, but you're opinions on global warming are, to put it politely, questionable. Global warming might be a myth, or it might be true. I doubt that you have a degree in science and I will admit I don't either. One consistent thing I have read is it should be called climate change. Stronger hurricanes, colder winters, drier summers, etc are part of that.

A slight tangent - climate change is part of the history of the world, if we are adding to it or not, speeding up the process or not, is the "global warming" debate.

Again, not taking sides, but this entry to your blog in particular feeds right into their argument. This is what they said was going to happen.

Is climate change the cause? I'd say no. The point is, if you want the rest of your very solid opinions on all things politics respected, I'd stay away from subjects you obviously haven't read up on. Or you've read a very "right" opinion on the subject.

7:34 PM  
Blogger Jaz said...

The science behind global warming is, to put it politely, questionable.

8:40 PM  
Blogger Kent said...

There hasn't been much of a debate about climate change because the alarmists have squelched the skeptics.

Al Gore told us that global warming and climate change were absolute facts, there was scientific consensus and the subject was closed.

How can you have a meaningful debate when one group cooks the books and prohibits the other group from speaking?

Fact is, today's global warming alarmists were ice age alarmists 35 years ago.

Fact is, a bunch of published scientists have created a scientific myth. A myth that has no basis in fact. These published scientists prevented scientists who don't believe in climate change from publishing their opinions.

Fact is, there is no such thing as global warming or climate change. The earth was much warmer 100 years ago than it is now.

Does the earth cool and warm in a cyclical manner? Yes. Is it somehow dangerous to human beings? No.
Have I 'read up on' the subject? Yes.

Thank you for thinking my opinions are 'very solid.' I agree with you.

1:49 PM  

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