Wednesday, February 24

appalling (and illegal)

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Oh, yes, wonderful government-run health care, where patients go neglected, unwashed, soiled in their beds to develop infections.  Many are untreated, malnourished without food or drink.  Some die.  Government-run health care is appalling care.

But this is what President Obama and the so-called 'Democratic' majority in Congress wants for each and every American. Why? Not because they care about your health or well-being, but because they want power over every aspect of our daily lives.  And it starts with medical decisions made for you at the federal level.

What the Democrats are attempting to do with health care 'reform' is unconstitutional.  Read here and here. It's civics 101 but the truth is, the Founders wanted gridlock in Washington. Consensus must be built on the big issues like health care.


Blogger Jason said...

Is healthcare reform a political issue or a human rights issue?

The point is, as I've tried to explain to you many times, is you need to understand the other side's take on it before you hope to win a debate. The Republicans, and you, continually fail to do that.

I think my question, if you think about it for more than 2 seconds, will help you understand the left's opinion on the issue and you can present your side in a much more effective way.

(aren't you happy you told me to come read your blog!)

6:58 PM  
Blogger Kent said...

I'm always happy when you drop by RFL.

Health care is not a right guaranteed by the Constitution. Period.

The problem with 'understanding the other side's take,' is summed up nicely in the word 'reform.'

'Reform' means making something, in this case, health care, better. As I read the various proposals put forth by the Majority and the White House, I see no reforms other than forcing insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions. On that, by the way, EVERYONE agrees.

But the Democrats' plans don't address the two most important reform ingredients: portability and tort reform. So, how serious about reform can Obama, Reid and Pelosi really be?

I say not very. Especially given the fact that the GOP proposal ensures more Americans at a lower cost, while truly reforming health care by capping frivolous lawsuits and encouraging competition between insurance companies.

11:02 PM  

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