Friday, February 5

a bogus presidency

Astroturfer-in-Chief David Axelrod got ripped by the questionably elected Senator Al Franken (D-MN)?

From Politico:
“There was a lot of frustration in there,” said a Democratic senator who declined to be identified.

“People were hot,” another Democratic senator said.

"Democratic senators are frustrated that the White House hasn’t done more to win over the public on health care reform and other aspects of its ambitious agenda — and angry that, in the wake of Scott Brown’s win in the Massachusetts Senate race, the White House hasn’t done more to chart a course for getting a health care bill to the president’s desk."
Axelturf got Obama elected with bogus rhetoric, but the country has awakened to the fact that this administration doesn't know how to govern or lead. That's another prime example of why Liberals shouldn't be trusted with the Presidency of the United States.


Blogger Jaz said...

My suggestion for a newspaper headline on Inauguration Day, 2013: "Our Long National Nightmare is Over."

8:42 PM  

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