Thursday, February 4


Giving terrorists Miranda rights? Granting the 9/11 planners criminal trials in New York City? What moron is making these decisions?

What the hell is wrong with keeping AND trying these bastards @ Guantanamo? The facility was built for JUST these kinds of things.

From the LA Times:

"Now that the Obama administration's Justice Department appears ready to deny the publicity-seeking self-proclaimed 9/11 mastermind, his alleged cohorts and their defense attorneys the brightly-lit global stage of Broadway and the Big Apple for the trials, the debate begins over where best to hold them.

"Chicago's South Side Hyde Park doesn't seem to be on the list of possibles. Nor Eric Holder's neighborhood.

"Gee, if only the United States had a secure military-type prison 90 miles offshore where it could not only safely house these accused possessed evildoers but try them as well."

It sucks when 2008's empty political rhetoric meets 2010's reality, huh Barry?


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