Wednesday, February 17



Haven't blogged in a while because so much stuff is happening, keeping up's nearly impossible.

Global warming? I'd say the myth is dead when Caterpillar, Inc., BP and ConocoPhillips pull out of a global warming lobbying group.

Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN) not running for re-election and ensuring the Indiana Democrats won't have to participate in a primary? Sure, why not? He's been advising them the past 12 months to go to the political center.  He's said to be 'influential,' but Obama and Reid haven't heeded his advice. How 'influential' can he be? Who cares? He's still a rabid partisan.

Stimulus? Only 1/3rd has been spent and it's quickly becoming another joke of the incredibly incompetent Obama administration. It hasn't created jobs. It hasn't saved jobs either. In fact, there's a 'rising' homelessness problem.

Here's a freebie for the dim-witted Democrats.  If they really wanted to create jobs, they'd be smart to focus on the nation's badly crumbling infrastructure. And a good place to start would be on suspension bridges across America, all of which were built 60 years ago.

Speaking of crumbling, Zachery Kouwe, a reporter for the most dishonest newspaper in the America, the New York Times, resigned amid charges of plagiarism.

And whatever happened to that 'Permanent Democratic Majority,' anyway?


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