Tuesday, February 9


How rich is this? The Democrats (led by John Brennan, who needed his op-ed, "We Need No Lectures," corrected by the editors of USA Today) are now claiming that Obama's opponents are 'serving the goals of al Qaeda.'

Really? The party of pacifism, who urgently gave non-citizens Miranda rights, court dates and attorneys to terrorists... aren't they serving the goals of al Qaeda?

Didn't the Liberal extremists @ the NY Times who purposefully exposed the secret (and successful) wireless wiretapping surveillance program serve the goals of al Qaeda?

The vilification of President Bush by the Democrats and the MSM? That served the goals of al Qaeda.

What about the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid telling schoolchildren that the President of the United States was a 'loser'? Did that help serve the goals of al Qaeda?

Keep in mind that the Republicans have never apologized to terrorists. Republicans support the troops with more than lip service. Republicans know, understand and follow the Constitution. Republicans respect the will of the people.  And Republicans are focused on national security.

Meanwhile, we get lectures all day long from the Democrats.  Their condescension is galling, given their stunning failures.  It's apparent they need multiple lectures on leadership, Constitutionality, Patriotism, national security and humility.


Blogger Jaz said...

In the last week or so, John Brennan has revealed himself to be a total joke.

Every second that he remains in the employment of the US Government makes a mockery of us all.

And yes, I'm aware that he was employed by Bush at some point or another. It was a mistake. And I'm tired of liberals pointing to Bush missteps to justify their own ill conceived policies and recommendations.

9:50 PM  

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