Tuesday, March 9

damn the torpedoes

WaPo's Richard Cohen gets everything wrong about Obamacare:
"The baleful fact is that the country suffers from a surfeit of democracy -- a gazillion interest groups, a gazillion blogs, a gazillion talk shows and all of them insisting on transparency so a gazillion eyes peer over the shoulders of politicians. The black but necessary art of politics shies from the sun. Little gets done. Backrooms have been turned into rec rooms and meetings are seminars. We are doomed. Worse, we are bored."
We're 'bored' so somehow this is justification for "ramming" through Obamacare?  The Founders purposefully made it difficult to pass partisan, transformational types of legislation. They knew in their wisdom that consensus was needed in order to govern successfully.

Yet, the obtuse Cohen opines that 'great Presidents lead.' Yes, they do. TR, FDR, Truman,  Reagan, George W all were great leaders. They all led. But when, these past 13 months, has Obama ever proven himself to be a leader? He has never led anything. And by the way, Obamacare is not the Emancipation Proclamation, or the Civil Rights Act, or the desegregation of the military. Obamacare is a Washington DC power grab, nothing more.

Obamacare has nothing to do with health care reform. It doesn't cut costs, it doesn't cover everybody, it doesn't make insurance more competitive, it doesn't include tort reform and there is no consensus.


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