Friday, March 12

'disechantment with democracy'


Does Iraq understand Democracy better than the United States?

Iraqis expressed their opinions @ the ballot box last weekend (thanks to President Bush) as President Obama and the Congressional Democrats continue in their attempt to ram through unpopular and unnecessary phony 'health care' legislation.

Obamacare is un-Democratic. There is, on the Left, a 'disenchantment with the very idea of democracy.'  

Liberals get really upset really angry when someone challenges their patriotism, but, how can a reasonable person not question the allegiance of a person like Attorney General Eric Holder, who believes granting the privilege of an American criminal trial on a non-citizen terrorist like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is good policy?

How else to explain the Liberal shrillness on Iraq? How else can you explain Obama's inaction on Iran or his interference in Honduras? What about kowtowing to Russia by shelving the missile shield in Eastern Europe (and selling out of Poland and the Czech Republic)? Or pissing off Britain and Israel, our two staunchest allies? Or bowing to Saudi royalty? How can we explain essentially normalizing relations with Cuba? Shaking hands with Hugo Chavez?

The fact that Obama is more popular in the Muslim world than bin Laden speaks volumes.


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